Laminate or linoleum - which is better? Expert opinion

When choosing a flooring, of course, I want to prefer something more reliable, durable, natural and pleasant. But the price of natural stone, cork, as well as parquet gives the consumer a desire to find a more economical alternative. This is especially true for those owners who plan only short-term cosmetic transformations. In these situations, you can compare two options of materials, namely linoleum and laminate. It would be better to consider these two floor coverings, taking into account several indicators that are most important for the modern consumer, among such characteristics - cost and shelf life.

The most important selection criteria

laminate or linoleum

If you are faced with the task of solving the question of whether it is better to use laminate or linoleum in an apartment, then you need to pay attention to the material price, external indicators, ease of installation, and safety. It is important to note that you will most likely be doing the installation yourself so that the budget floor is not more expensive due to the use of professional assistance.It is also important to pay attention to how each of the varieties of material transfers the effects of water, since you will occasionally have to do wet cleaning. Important qualities are also soundproof, as well as thermal performance.

Comparison of materials on the external characteristics

linoleum or laminate

If you think that it is better - laminate or linoleum in the apartment, then you need to pay attention to the aesthetic characteristics of both coatings. For the reason that the described finishing materials have a relatively low price, they both enjoy popularity with consumers. Before the buyer in the store appear numerous options that have all sorts of colors and textures. You can choose linoleum and laminate in the imitation of natural materials such as granite, wood, marble and even leather. In this struggle, the winner cannot be determined by appearance, since linoleum and laminate today are produced in very attractive design solutions.

Comparison of materials at cost

laminate or linoleum is better than expert opinion

If you still haven't decided which is better - linoleum or laminate, consumer reviews should be considered.Initially, the advantage in price is on the side of PVC coating, which refers to linoleum. It is worth noting that his expensive natural prototype loses in this race. Laminated coating will be 2.5 times more expensive than PVC material. This indicates that linoleum is by all measures much cheaper than laminate. If you compare the average price, then linoleum, of course, will be cheaper.

Comparison of safety materials

what is better laminate or linoleum in the apartment

If you are faced with the question of whether linoleum or laminate is better, reviews on this parameter should be examined. The issue of safety is very interesting for consumers, it is divided into several criteria, one of which is environmental friendliness. Both materials are synthetic. Despite the fact that the laminate contains lumber in the amount of 80 percent, their connection is carried out artificially, using polymeric binders, as well as chemical components. If we consider the budget linoleum, then it can be classified as vinyl coatings. It is made as a laminate in the issue of the balance of the environmental situation, but it will be quite simple to dispose of laminate coatings, which cannot be said about linoleum.

Consumers often pay attention to this when they think about laminate or linoleum, which is better for the bedroom. The last version of the material does not decompose on its own, but when it is exposed to fire, it starts smoking. He has the ability to develop allergies in humans. In both cases, before buying you need to familiarize yourself with the certificate, which should indicate the possibility of using the coating for the arrangement of residential premises and public institutions. These documents should indicate the amount of formaldehyde. Experts say that this indicator should be close to zero. In extreme cases, this number should be small. If the product does not have a certificate, then it is advisable to refuse to purchase it.

Risk of injury

what is better linoleum or laminate reviews

If you think about what to lay on the floor - laminate or linoleum, then you need to pay attention to the ability of each material to the fact that a person may be in danger during its operation. So, there is a risk of injury when moving on the surface. In order to eliminate such an unpleasant property, the manufacturer imparts a relief to the surface of the coating, which, at the same time, enhances the realism of the simulated structure.

If a cheap laminated coating turned out to be flooded with oil or water, you can slip on it, but you need to consider that such a topcoat does not withstand the effects of oil or water, so this case can be attributed only to the category of conversations. It should also be noted that both types of materials described are classified as combustible. That is why, finding out which material is more environmentally friendly and safer, there is no possibility to identify the winner in this field.

Styling Features

laminate or linoleum which is better for the bedroom

If you think before purchasing - laminate or linoleum, what to choose, then you need to take into account that the deviations in the control of the rough substrate should not exceed 2 millimeters, as regards the laminated and PVC coatings. Otherwise, the linoleum may be deformed, break in poor quality areas, and as for the laminate, its locking system may require complete replacement.

The substrate must be laid under both coverings; however, such manipulations are not necessary for laying linoleum. Moreover, the reverse side of the coating is equipped with a layer of foamed polystyrene or felt.Based on this, and also taking into account your own experience, you can choose a coating that is right for you.

Economic benefits

what to lay on the floor laminate or linoleumConsidering for the purchase of linoleum or laminate, the pros and cons of each coating will certainly need to be studied. It is important to compare the technological features. Thus, if you want to complete the work in a shorter time and spend a smaller amount of power, it is preferable to choose large-sized linoleum. After all, it will be much easier, because the laminated boards need to be customized in size and connect them together. But experts argue that laying laminate is not such a difficult and time-consuming task, it will only be necessary to follow the instructions and follow the rules. However, it still takes more time, which is why you should think about what to choose - laminate or linoleum.

What is better, expert opinion will help to understand. Experts say that linoleum can be fixed to the surface with glue or using double-sided adhesive tape. This can be considered an additional item of expenditure. Laminated floors rarely equip,joining elements with glue. When laying laminate technology, which is called floating, attachment to the base is not made. Whereas if linoleum is laid on glue, then the error can no longer be corrected. Laminated coatings after installation can be disassembled and laid again. It is not necessary to do this in the same place, it is permissible to use the boards in any other room. Often enough consumers think what to choose - linoleum or laminate, when they want to install a heating system in a dwelling. Both coatings are compatible with warm floor, whether it is electric or water. In the fight on this criterion, none of the coatings does not break out to the first position.

Shelf life

If you do not know what to choose - linoleum or laminate, then you can pay attention to another criterion, which is expressed in the duration of the life. In this matter, primacy can be given to linoleum. The owners will not have to think about replacing it for 10 years, some manufacturers guarantee the possibility of operating such a floor for 30 years.

If you get a cheap laminate, it will last for about 5 years, and after that it will begin to lose its quality characteristics and appearance.Such coverage quite often attracts those buyers who are used to changing the situation every three years. If you choose a laminated floor, which belongs to expensive options, then its shelf life will be equal to 10 years. If you take good care of such a floor, its quality characteristics will be better compared to cheap linoleum.

Practical component

When thinking about what to choose - laminate or linoleum, it is necessary to pay attention also to the features of operation of each coating. Wash laminate, for example, as it is impossible to fill it with water, as it can warp. With such a coating after exposure to water will have to part. The maximum that you can afford with this floor - processing well wrung out rags. But the impact of heavy objects such coating does not stand. However, acrylic or melamine coating will not allow the formation of dents, protect against cigarette burns, and will not allow scratches to occur. Care with the use of chemical and abrasive products behind the laminate is unacceptable. If you are thinking about what to choose - laminate or linoleum, you need to consider that the latter option may be subject to decking.This is true for the case, if the laying was made a solid carpet.

This cleaning can be carried out in the case of a coating, which is composed of individual canvases welded with seams. If the seams have not been welded, then this method of care must be forgotten, since the substrate will be soaked and will become a breeding ground for mold and fungi. Burn such a coating can be quite easy, which can not be said about the heat-resistant variety of the brand. Linoleum simply suffers blows, but the heels and thin legs of pieces of furniture, as well as the sharp claws of domestic animals for it will be disastrous. Thinking about what is better - laminate or linoleum in the matter of practicality, you should award the victory to the material based on vinyl, as it lasts longer.

Sound insulation and thermal performance

If you still have not decided for yourself what is better - laminate or linoleum, then you need to pay attention also to sound and heat insulation. The insulating properties of both materials leave much to be desired. These figures are directly dependent on the thickness of the laminated boards and the presence of the substrate on the back of linoleum.

If we talk about vinyl and chipboard basis, they do not prevent the passage of noise and heat. These tasks should be performed for them by felt, composite layer, as well as polystyrene foam. Due to the fact that the laminate is laid using floating technology and is not fixed to the rough substrate, the use of the substrate acts as a necessary step. Otherwise, he will clap under his feet.

Choosing a laminate or linoleum, which is better for the kitchen, you need to think in advance. If we talk about soft linoleum, then it is not so loudly responsive to the noise at the step. But if it was laid on the cement floor without using insulating linings, the coating will be very cold. In this matter, none of the materials can also be awarded primacy.

Application area

Many consumers do not know what to choose - laminate or linoleum. What's better? Expert opinion can help determine. Experts say that you should definitely consider the appearance of the coating. For example, the laminate looks a little nobler than linoleum, but it is more capricious and sensitive to the effects of moisture.This indicates that it is less commonly used in kitchens and hygienic areas. It is most often used where there is an occasional need for repairs (this applies to hallways, nurseries, bedrooms and living rooms). But linoleum doesn’t worry all the problems. It is possible to scrub it from dirt as much as you like, using any means (except for abrasives). The vinyl covering keeps within anywhere, however rather seldom it is possible to meet consumers who wish to lay linoleum in nurseries, drawing rooms, and also bedrooms. Quite often, its installation is carried out in bathrooms or hallways. As a conclusion, it can be said with confidence that none of the materials is complete without restrictions, therefore, in this matter, no one will be able to award primacy.

Features of transportation

If you think that it is better to lay a laminate or linoleum, then initially you need to pay attention to the features of transportation. It is enough just to deliver the place exactly the laminate, which is carefully packed by the manufacturer in separate packs. You can even carry material in the trunk of your car, but an elevator will help in the delivery to the apartment.

In this issue with linoleum, everything is more complicated.If you need to repair the kitchen, laminate or linoleum can be laid on the floor. However, before this, you need to select some one material. It should be borne in mind that with the delivery of linoleum will be quite difficult to handle, since it is sold in overall rolls. The larger the floor space, the more the material will weigh, and the roll will be too bulky to drag it into the elevator. It will be necessary to spend additional money for delivery and services of loaders. In terms of ease of transportation, it is the laminate flooring of your house that wins.


If you think what material to lay - laminate or linoleum in the apartment, then you need to consider all the parameters of each coating. If we take into account the above circumstances, then linoleum with a score of 3: 1 wins in this race. But the durability and practicality of the vinyl coating will not convince the consumer that it is necessary to use it, and not a noble laminate in appearance, which is based on the material of the woodworking industry.

Quite often for the consumer the important points are not all, but only a few criteria that are expressed in value and appearance. Buyers pay attention to whether the material is environmentally friendly.But not many know how to make sure the words of the seller. Quite often, certificates and other documentation are simply hidden from the consumer. In no case should you put up with this if you are concerned about the health of your loved ones.

Many consider laminate not comfortable enough for living space, as it is rather difficult to move through it, for example, in slippers on a rubber solid basis, without creating strong noise. This can be a real problem for families with small children. That is why before purchasing it is necessary to carefully consider all the most important criteria for choosing flooring, taking into account the interests of all households, financial capabilities, interior features, etc.

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