Kill a cat in a dream. Dream interpretation

Cats for many millennia coexist with man, but unlike dogs, completely attached to people, these animals are more independent. They managed to save wild instincts and remain great hunters. Their image hides in itself something mystical. In many countries, mainly Eastern, purrs are considered sacred, in others, on the contrary, they are harbingers of trouble and servants of dark forces. No matter how you treat these pets, a dream in which you had to see a dead cat can cause serious fears.

Beat the cat in a dream. What is such a vision in a dream? In order to properly interpret it, try to recall the smallest details, on which much will depend. Let's turn to the most popular dream books.

Kill a cat in a dream

The signal that a white stripe will soon come in life is a dream in which the dreamer saw a cat being drowned or beaten to death. A dead cat (in a dream) is a symbol of good luck, the end of a difficult life period.However, you should not relax, because such a dream may indicate a quick break with the second half or a very close person.

In order to correctly determine the nature of sleep, it is necessary to take into account the age of the killed cat. If you have deprived the life of a kitten - ahead of you will be disappointed. Perhaps you will miss the perfect chance to make your life happier, more prosperous and diverse. There is also a risk that your health will deteriorate dramatically.

kill a cat in a dream

According to many dream books, the black cat (dead or alive) is a symbol of success even in the most difficult cases. You can trick your enemies, and later completely get rid of them.

To kill an adult cat in a dream - it will be possible to avoid serious troubles. You will be lucky.

Dream Miller

More detailed information can be obtained from the pages of Miller's interpreter. Killing a white cat in a dream is a rather naive person. Take off your rose-colored glasses and take a good look at the faces of those nearby. Flatter and a liar who uses you for personal gain will quickly be able to identify.

If a black cat has dreamed up, the dream book claims that you will be able to cope with the most difficult difficulties and defeat all the enemies who plot.

dead cat

Striped and spotty purrs who died in a dream from your hands - a good sign. Soon you will be able to complete the work, seemingly hopeless, having received a solid profit.

To dream of a red cat trying to penetrate your apartment or house — your enemies have already bit their elbows, watching you conquer one mountain after another.

A dream in which you managed to get rid of an aggressive cat, foreshadows the successful completion of all undertakings. Practically everything that you take up for will be brought to the end, and the result will exceed all expectations. Your positive reputation will greatly strengthen.

If you failed to fight off the attacking animal or the dead cat came to life, sleepwarns that the number of your enemies will soon increase. They will look for all sorts of ways to tarnish your reputation or ruin your business. Also, a dream may indicate that problems from the past will remind you of yourself.

In the dream, you were scratched by a cat - the detractors will cross your path and will not let you get a result from the case, the implementation of which took a lot of time.

sleep dead cat came to life

If a white cat was killed in a dream, but it scratched you - you should not be afraid of enemies.They will not be able to carry out their plans, and you will receive a profit, perhaps even more than you expect.

Killing a cat in a dream, while the animal squeals strongly - it is worth a closer look at the people you consider to be friends. As a rule, such a dream suggests that your friends are capable of betrayal.

Freund's Dream

Referring to this dream book, you can find the following information. The cat never comes to our dream just like that. It reflects the level of the dreamer's sexuality, his sex life, with which, perhaps, a person is not completely satisfied, as well as sexual fantasies. This graceful animal indicates excessive internal arousal.

dream cat black cat

What does it mean to kill a cat in a dream according to Freud's dream book? You have sexual desires with sadistic inclinations. If a cat scratched you before you killed him - you are prone to masochism during intercourse.

Dream dream Hasse

This source also has information that will help in the interpretation of sleep. Killing cats and being bitten by them at the same time - on your way there will be difficulties that will be created by ill-wishers. Eat a dead cat - you will be betrayed by a close person.

Seeing someone familiar kill your pet - a signal that you should pay attention to this person. Perhaps he does too much for you, but you absolutely do not appreciate his effort.

Dreaming longo

If you believe this dream book, the black cat that you killed in the night vision is an ominous and mystical symbol foreshadowing a life situation that will fundamentally change the fate of the dreamer. Perhaps you will open some kind of ability, the existence of which you did not even guess.

Dream Medea

As the notes of the witch say - a cat killed in a dream warns the dreamer about the difficult choice that awaits him ahead. We'll have to decide what is your priority, personal happiness or untold wealth.

Red cats

If a red cat appeared in your dream that you killed for one reason or another, an English dream book warns you should not be tempted in the near future. It is very likely that you will burn yourself very badly.

The dream of a wanderer believes that such a night vision is an excellent sign, especially if you are going to go on a trip, a trip.

Killing a red cat in a dream foreshadows positive changes in the girl's personal life. If the dreamer herself dealt with the animal, then she will be able to marry a loved one. Even rivals will not interfere. See how the man killed the purr - most likely, it will be he who will be chosen by the dreamer.which means in a dream to kill a cat


If it dreamed that you killed a small and defenseless kitten, then in the opinion of the Eastern Dream Book, you are an overly confident person. Perhaps you face great difficulties, the scale of which should not be underestimated.

To drown the kitten - soon old problems will pop up, which have been shelved.

Burn the kitten - the dreamer will be able to rethink some moments from his life, draw conclusions and fully realize the mistakes. This will help not only get on the right path, but also achieve your goals.

interpretation of dreams kill cats

Traditional Dream Books

If the dreamer saw himself in the role of a murderer, who took the life of a cat that belongs to his friend, then such a dream suggests that the sleeping man is at a loss, looking for a reason to end any relationship with this woman. To kill an ordinary cat is dissatisfaction with oneself.Perhaps the one to whom such a vision has dreamed is seriously concerned about his own imperfections and fighting with himself.

Watching in a dream how a cat dies at the threshold of your house is a good omen. As a rule, this means that you can avoid health problems or get around the trouble. To stop a dog, tormenting a cat - to unexpected help from the outside, thanks to which it will be possible to save its reputation and get rid of envious people spinning intrigue behind their backs. Stumble upon a skeleton of a cat in a dream - in the near future the past will remind of itself. Get ready to solve the questions you once hid in the back box. To see the dead body of a cat in a shoebox is to be answered for bad deeds that everyone has long forgotten about.

See yourself fleeing from an aggressive cat - in real life you have enough ill-wishers from whom you cannot hide. If the attacking cat was killed, then the dreamer will be able to overcome all the trials. The cat you met in a dream was peeling and dirty - get ready to receive unpleasant news. Probably, someone from close friends or relatives will be in trouble.

The meowing cat - a similar dream is a warning. You need to look at who you think is your friend. It is possible that a person with whom you have a good relationship, only pretends to be your comrade, pursuing his own selfish goals. Failing to kill a cat in a dream that scratched you - competitors will be able to get around, depriving you of the main profit.sleep kill white cat

Traditional dream books can interpret, which means killing a cat in a dream, trying to drown her. If you managed to bring the case to the end - ahead waiting for trouble in his personal life, misunderstanding on the part of a loved one. If you failed to drown - get ready for a difficult situation that can be shameful for you, spoiling your reputation among your friends.

To see a dead black cat - dream books consider it a good sign. You can not only get rid of rivals, but also strengthen relationships at work, as well as in the family.


Often, killing animals is a dream of people who have mental problems or have a tendency to cruelty. It would not be superfluous to seek the help of a professional psychologist, especially if you are in a state of depression or apathy.

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