Kifara - what is it? Tool history

Kifara - what is it? Music occupied a significant place in the life of the ancient Greeks. The heroic odes inspired the warriors before the battle, iridescent melodies delighted the ears of lovers in the gardens, and energetic chants cheered and dragged people on the streets. Free Greeks were required to study music. It is not surprising that one of the most popular healers of the human soul was kifara -musical instrument, which is a kind of Greek lira.

what does kithara look like

Tool description

What does Kithara look like? Few of us can now visualize it, the description below will help.

Kifara consisted of a rectangular or trapezoidal body, two straight long handles extending from it, and a crossbar connecting the top of the handle. In the case there were resonator holes to enhance the sound. The tool was made mostly of wood.In the lower part of the case there was a fastening of the strings, which were fixed on the upper crossbar. Their number was uncertain and changed over time. On average, there were from 4 to 12 strings, which symbolized the number of levels of the universe.

Where used

From the material above we have disassembled what is kifara. It is an ancient Greek instrument, an integral attribute of any Hellenic events and festivities. Despite the fact that every citizen was necessarily trained to play the lyre or kithar, it was very difficult to master this art perfectly. To achieve a high level of craftsmanship, one had to possess inborn dexterity of fingers, hearing, voice, and also remarkable physical strength: due to the integrity of his body, the cythar weighed quite a lot. Usually, this instrument was played while standing, therefore women were not noticed in ancient Greece, since it was very tiring to keep the kyfaru for a long time.

cithara what is it

Playing technique

According to legend, for the first time Kifaru made the god of music and art Apollo. Not all the ancient Greek gods played the lyre or kithara - the patron of winemaking and fun Dionysus played on the avlos - a wooden wind musical instrument with 3-5 holes carved in it.

The sounds from the strings were extracted with a bone or metal plate - a mediator, since the strong tension did not allow doing it with your fingers. Kifara's melodies could accompany both singing of Kifared and his oral narration. Masters of the game passed on these tales and songs from word of mouth, therefore, no documents or written sources with lyrics or notes have been preserved. Odes and poems of the Kifared were devoted to brave warriors, defenders of the motherland, Greek deities, Olympic champions and natural forces. Kifared musicians were honored and invited to all important events so that they would decorate the holiday with the melody of their instrument.

cithara musical instrument

What songs played on the kifar? At that time, such art had its own professional standards. A whole set of melodies and motifs was created - nomovs, in the manner of which it was possible to chant any poems and poems of ancient Greek poets.

Kifara in our day

Over time, the appearance of the instrument gradually transformed. It can be said that Kithara is a reference point that marked the beginning of almost all stringed plucked musical instruments.Gradually, the word "Kifara" underwent changes and metamorphosis, until it was transformed into our usual "guitar". It was the ancient Greek citharah that served as the prototype for the most popular musical instrument in the world today. Lute, zither, harp, balalaika, domra and many others also arose on the basis of the kithara device.

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