"Kate and Leo": actors, film crew, plot

The romantic film "Kate and Leo" was released in2001 and immediately won the hearts of the audience. A masterful play of actors and a fairytale plot did their job. This film has been popular and loved for already fifteen years.


The action begins in 1876 in New York. Leopold, Earl of Albany, is forced to seek a wife, as his family has long been ruined. Uncle, on whose subsidy the young man lived, was going to arrange a magnificent ball to declare the name of the chosen one.kate and leo actors

Leopold was not too successful in businesshe was fond of science and inventions. One day he meets a strange man who fears Leopold's attention. The young count, puzzled by this man's behavior, decides to follow him.

In the heat of the pursuit, he runs to the Brooklyn Bridge and, in an attempt to grab a stranger, falls with him into the abyss.

The next morning Leopold opens his eyes, but can not understand where he is. A stranger named Stuart Besser explains to the count that he is resting in his apartment in New York in 2001.

Stewart told Leopold that he had found a way to travel in time and would necessarily send the count back, but only after a week, when the portal was once again open.

A few hours later, with an ambitious amateur physicist, an accident occurs and he enters the hospital. To look after Leopold was entrusted to the neighbor Kate, a very busy business lady.

And although it was Kate who was called to help the Count, everything happened the other way around. Leopold, a man from 1876, showed the girl what a real life is.


In the movie "Kate and Leo" the actors were chosen very successfully, their ensemble became one of the reasons for the success of this picture.film kate and leo

The actress, who played the role of Miss Mackay, began her career back in 1981, that is, the work experience in the cinema was at that time about twenty years.

Among the most successful and famous paintings of Meg Ryan of that period, you can undoubtedly identify such tapes as:

  • "Best shooter".
  • "When Harry Met Sally."
  • "Sleepless in Seattle."
  • "City of Angels".
  • "To you the letter", etc.

Almost every film in which it was shotMeg, was commercially successful. Yes the very name of the actress on the playbill aroused interest in the viewer. Therefore, the producers of the tape "Kate and Leo" should not be worried about the box office of the picture. With a budget of forty-eight million, they amounted to just over seventy-six million dollars.

But, of course, Meg Ryan was not the only component of success.


For a long time, actor Hugh Jackman did not fall undersightings of the eyes of the Hollywood filmmakers, although he worked very hard. True, at first it was theatrical performances in the Australian theater. And since 1998, after moving to London, Hugh began to play on the stage of the Royal Dramatic Theater.meg rayan

After his nomination for the Lawrence Olivier prize, the actor whispered in Hollywood. And in 2000 he performed one of his starring roles - Wolverine in the movie "X-Men."

It was an incredible leap in his career. Huge fees, millions of fans did not take long. I must say that all this earned Hugh Jackman. "Kate and Leo" became for him, in fact, only the second Hollywood film.

The peak of his career continues to this day. Over the years, the actor has played in such films as "Van Helsing", "Australia", "Living Steel", "Les Miserables".

Jackman is known in the actor's environment by the fact that he always understands the character of his character in the circumstances surrounding him, even to the smallest detail. The film "Kate and Leo" was no exception.

Especially for the sake of this project, Hugh studied in London in good manners, riding and dancing, in order to realistically portray the image of a young nobleman on the screen.

In the movie "Kate and Leo" the actors surprisingly complemented each other, which allowed to create one of the most successful projects in the cinema.


First of all, the American actor Lev Schreiber became known for his works in independent cinema. In the big movie, he also played, but it was low-profile and low-budget roles.

lion schreiber

Everything changed when in 1996 he played in the horror film "Scream". This brought him success and the opportunity to work with leading film studios in America.

He played with actors such as Ethan Hawke, DenzelWashington, Ben Affleck, Meryl Streep, Edward Norton. On the set of the film "The Painted Veil", Leo met his future wife - Naomi Watts, also a well-known and talented actress.

In addition to acting, Lev doesproducing. He also became a screenwriter and director of the film "Everything lit up", released in 2005. This debut was enthusiastically received by critics, the film received several prestigious awards, including the prize of the Venice Film Festival.

In the same year, Schreiber himself was awarded the Tony Award.

Film crew

Now it is clear that for the movie "Kate and Leo" the actors picked up first-class. The same can be said about the crew.

hugh jackman kate and leo

The author of the script and directed by James Mangold. He started as a director of independent films. In general, the picture in question was the fourth in his career.

Two years before her release Mangold released the film "Interrupted Life", for the game in which Angelina Jolie was awarded the "Oscar".

The most successful work to date is the film "Cross the Line" about country performer Johnny Cash and his wife, whose role was performed by Reese Witherspoon.

In the movie "Kate and Leo" the actors were incamera lens of such a master as Stuart Dryberg. He worked on the oscar-winning film "Piano", as well as on such films as "The Bridget Jones Diary", "The Runaway Bride".

Interesting Facts

  • The film "Kate and Leo" was nominated for "Golden Globe" and "Oscar" for the best song.
  • The painting draws a parallel between Leopold and the inventor Elisa Otis, who invented the first elevator.

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