"Kareprost": reviews. "Kareprost" - means for eyelashes

Thick long eyelashes - the secret dream of women. A huge number of cosmetic products, capacity, tattoo - you can achieve the desired effect in any way. How to find a safe tool? How not to harm the eyes?

With age, eyelashes lose their former thickness. They become thin, rare. Kareprost will help to restore fluffy eyelashes. ReviewsConsumers agree that fast effects are guaranteed. Eyelashes and eyebrows become much brighter, thicker.

Careprost is considered a drug. Therefore, doctors advise to pre-read the instructions before using it. Kareprost has passed clinical trials and is approved for sale.

Long eyelashes - a dream or a reality?

Beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows give the look expressiveness. Their slow growth, loss is a real disaster for women. Regular plucking of the eyebrows may cause the bulbs to become weaker.Applying mascara on the eyelashes, their curls weaken hairs.

kareprost reviews

Nervous experiences, genetic features, eye injury, diseases can lead to the fact that the hairs on the eyebrows and eyelashes become rare, whitish.

Cosmetic products will help fix the problem. But you should be careful - the cornea is very sensitive. Contact with her cosmetics can lead to irreversible changes.

It will help to increase the growth rate and volume of Kareprost eyelashes. Reviewsconsumers indicate that the remedy is harmless. If the drug gets into the eyes, the mucous membrane will not be harmed. It is an ophthalmologic, so there is no need to rinse the eyes with water.

Causes of poor growth of eyelashes and eyebrows

Lash loss is not only an aesthetic problem. It indicates the state of the body, possible violations in his work.

  1. Allergy.
  2. Poor cosmetics.
  3. Regular eyelash extensions.
  4. Cosmetics that you forgot to wash off in the evening.
  5. Diseases of the endocrine system.
  6. Deficiency of vitamins and microelements.
  7. Genetic predisposition.
  8. Metabolic disease.
  9. Inflammatory processes of the membranes of the eyeball.
  10. Stressful situations.

In order not to aggravate the situation, you should consult a doctor. Find out the real cause of hair loss eyelashes, eyebrows. Comprehensive treatment will help solve the problem: taking vitamins, eliminating stressful situations, proper nutrition, the use of Kareprost drops. Doctors reviewsagree that the nutrients of the drug contribute to the growth of eyelashes, but we should not forget about the side effects.

Means "Kareprost"

Careprost (or "Kareprost") began to develop about a century ago. The drug has been repeatedly tested in America and European countries. Since 2002, Kareprost began to go on sale. Ophthalmologist reviewsnote that the drug not only contributes to the rapid growth of eyelashes. It eliminates the very cause of their loss - the disease hypotrichosis.

kareprost for eyelashes reviews

The basis for the drug is bimatoprost. It used to be used to treat glaucoma. But even then, patients pointed to the growth of eyelashes during therapy. Bimatoprost increases the phase of hair growth (its duration) and the number of hairs itself.It nourishes the bulbs of eyelashes, eyebrows, improves blood circulation in the tissues.

It is important to observe personal hygiene while using the drug. Carefully read the instructions and hold it until the end of treatment.

Indications for use

"Kareprost" is indicated for the treatment of hypotrichosis. The drug eliminates the problem of massive hair loss. Increases the activity of the eyelash bulbs and the number of new hairs.

kareprost ophthalmologists reviews

Thin weakened eyelashes will become longer and thicker. "Kareprost" contributes to the maximum volume. The drug by blocking suspends hair loss. This increases their pomp and length.

3 weeks after the start of use of the drug may improve the appearance of the eyelashes and eyebrows. Can not be used as a mascara "Kareprost". ReviewsDoctors warn that the medicinal product is intended only for the restoration of damaged hairs.


Individual intolerance, the appearance of itching is a reason to stop using this pharmacological drug. Although there have been cases when itching has passed after repeated application of “Kareprost”. Also consider the following:

  • Intraocular pressure - you should consult an ophthalmologist before using the drug.
  • Contact lenses - they should be removed before applying the product.
  • Pregnancy, lactation - there is no exact data on this subject, but one should not risk the health of the mother and child.
  • Treatment with other ophthalmologic drugs - if the doctor has prescribed a treatment, you should warn him about the use of Kareprost, and find out about the compatibility of medicines.
  • Ximiotherapy, ophthalmologic diseases, operations - in this case, consult with your doctor first.

You should know that the drug is intended only for the upper eyelid. It is forbidden to apply "Kareprost" on the bottom. This can contribute to excessive hair growth in an unnecessary area.

It is possible to change the pigmentation of the upper eyelid during the use of the drug "Kareprost" (means for eyelashes), reviews about him report that the upper epidermis may turn brown. This effect will pass with time.

Hygiene when using the drug

In order to prevent bacterial contamination of the eyes, you should act strictly according to the instructions.You can not reuse the applicator - it is disposable. Eye hygiene means using one applicator per eyelid.

You also need to clean your face from makeup before using Kareprost for eyelash growth. Reviews of doctors recommend applying the drug on a dry, clean eyelid. Do not give your eye care products to strangers.

Clean hands, eyes, disposable applicators - these are the main points when applying any ophthalmic agent. If the hygiene rules are not followed, eyelid swelling, bacterial infection, burning and redness of the white of the eye are possible.

How to apply "Kareprost"

Be sure to clean your face and eyes from makeup, wash before applying drops “Kareprost” for eyelashes. Customer reviews remind that the lenses must be removed. Even with clean hands do not touch the open neck of the bottle.

  • Apply “Kareprost” (on the tip) to the sterile applicator.
  • To hold the applicator with the drug on the upper eyelid, as close as possible to the eyelash growth line.
  • For the other eye, be sure to use a new applicator.
  • Do not apply Kareprost on the lower eyelid.
  • If the drug gets on the skin - remove it with a cotton pad.
  • To use means once a day, it is better for the night.
  • After applying the drug does not use cosmetics.
  • Lenses can be worn no earlier than 30 minutes.

kareprost for eyelash growth reviews

It is forbidden to interrupt the course of treatment. If you have problems - be sure to consult a doctor.

In the same way is used "Kareprost" for eyebrows. Reviews of those who used the drug, it is recommended with a brush from the mascara (clean) to put it on his eyebrows. It is best to do this at night, so that the tool is absorbed as much as possible. It is not recommended to go beyond the eyebrows when applying the drug, otherwise the hairs will begin to grow in unwanted places.

Drug efficacy

We have already reviewed the above drug"Kareprost" composition. Reviewsdoctors show that such a substance as bimatoprost can be used in the treatment of glaucoma, hypotrichosis of the eyelashes. Bimatoprost is a special pharmaceutical development, the tool was created to improve the growth of eyelashes, stop their loss. Therefore, the effectiveness of Kareprost directly depends on the correctness of compliance with the instructions.

drops kareprost reviews

Within a month, an improvement in the appearance of the eyelashes and eyebrows can be observed. The hairs are much longer and thicker. The drug is best kept away from children.

Night cream should be applied to the face in advance. Wait until it is absorbed. And only after that use the Kareprost facility. Reviews of doctors and consumers are unanimous that the effect of the drug is visible to the naked eye. If Kareprost is used daily for 2 months, the result will be amazing. Lush, long, healthy eyelashes and eyebrows, which without mascara will look amazing.

Price and Delivery

Before ordering a drug, you should pay attention to the certificate - what it looks like, you can look at the official site of Kareprost. Representatives of the company are available in many large cities of Russia. It:

  • Moscow.
  • St. Petersburg.
  • Ryazan.
  • Nizhny Novgorod.
  • Vladimir.
  • Voronezh.
  • Krasnoyarsk.

You should discuss the delivery method with the operator - couriers work only in 10 cities. It is possible to agree on free shipping if there is an order for 3 or more bottles.

The price varies from 850 to 16 500 rubles. It depends on the ordered volume.One bottle (3 ml) costs 850 rubles. The final cost and delivery zone is specified by the consultant.

It should not be purchased for too low price Kareprost. Reviewsmanufacturers themselves indicate that bimatoprost (1 g) costs just over $ 3000 USD. Therefore, the drug, which is part of bimatoprost, can not be cheap.

"Kareprost": reviews by ophthalmologists

Doctors point out that Kareporost is a medicinal drug, therefore complications and side effects are quite possible, although not all of them can show up.

eyebrow brows reviews

The composition of the tool itself is such that when it comes into contact with the mucous membrane, the drug can intensify a sluggish inflammatory process. Therefore, it is necessary to consult with a specialist before using the “Kareprost” product for eyelash growth. Reviewsophthalmologists pay attention to the fact that in such a situation the following side effects are possible:

Ophthalmologists warn that the drops can not be applied only on the eyelid. They still, albeit in smaller quantities, fall into the eye.

"Kareprost" reduces eye pressure. That also needs to be considered when deciding whether to use this drug.

For eyebrows "Kareprost" is safe.

"Kareprost" for eyelashes: consumer reviews

Consumers by a majority vote stand for Kareprost drops. Reviewspositive, indicate that the growth of eyelashes exceeds all expectations. They really are getting longer, thicker.

Buyers of the drug pay attention that “Kareprost” should be applied only on the lash line. Otherwise, the hairs begin to grow in inappropriate places.

kareprost eyelashes reviews

Positive feedback from women is based on the fact that regular use of the drug restores eyebrows and eyelashes. They are made brighter, more expressive. In some cases, there is a darkening of the eyelid skin. But rave reviews (no side effects and long eyelashes) are much more.

Negative reviews are that after the abolition of the drug eyelashes become the same. That is, only when using "Kareprost" hairs grow, do not fall out. In the next month after applying the drops, the eyelashes fall out and the “hemp” remains, which grow for a very long time. Therefore, some buyers are advised not to stop using the drug.

There are reviews in which girls complained of redness of the eyelids, allergic reactions. But they are much smaller. Everybody notes that Kareprost fits perfectly for eyebrows.

Advantages of the drug

  1. The drug is simple and easy to use.
  2. An obvious effect is noticeable after 3 weeks.
  3. Eyelashes become longer, thicker, thicker.
  4. Refusal from ink as superfluous.
  5. The drug can not flush.
  6. After eye contact do not rinse with water.
  7. After achieving the effect of the drug can be used less frequently.

Cons of the drug

  1. The condition of eyelashes worsens after the complete abolition of the drug
  2. The vascular grid on the white of the eye becomes brighter.
  3. Darkening of the iris of the eye.
  4. The need for long-term regular use.
  5. Allergic reactions are possible.
  6. Decreased visual acuity.
  7. Bacterial infection of the eye is possible.
  8. Pigmentation of the eyelids during use of the drug.

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