Kanabinol - what is it: a drug or a drug?

Scientific Definition of Canabinol

cannabinol what is itThe main active ingredient of marijuana, hemp, or simply "weed" - cannabinol. What is a psychotropic drug, few know. Its peculiarity is that when it is consumed, the active substance directly affects the brain, which is why the drug begins to act almost instantly. Kanabinol has a relaxing, soothing and analgesic effect on the human body. However, it consists of harmful substances that are excreted from the body within 40 days, which is the main disadvantage of cannabinol.

Use in medicine

Previously, cannabinol was very often used in medicine as a remedy for pain and convulsions, but at the moment the harm of cannabinol has been fully studied, it is recognized as a narcotic substance and is banned in most states. And yet in some places (the Netherlands, Australia, the Czech Republic) they continue to use cannabinol for medical purposes.What are these diseases in the treatment of which this substance is used? You can list several specific cases of legalized use of the drug.what cannabinol is dangerous

  • Cancer. Cancer patients often cannabinol is prescribed as a painkiller. It also helps patients to overcome nausea after chemotherapy and increases appetite. But this auxiliary cancer treatment is not suitable for everyone, because there are side effects (slight dizziness, hallucinations and memory loss) that older people do not tolerate well.

  • Glaucoma. With this disease, a person increases the pressure in the eyeball, and after a while it can lead to a weakening of vision, and after that, to its loss. It turns out that marijuana contains substances that affect the CB1 receptors present in the eyeball. Thus, when smoking marijuana, eye pressure decreases. However, this is an extreme measure to combat glaucoma, which is rarely used.

  • Diseases of the nervous system, namely: trembling in the body, muscle spasms, multiple sclerosis. Basically, cannabinol is used in these cases as an anesthetic, but in the future it is planned to develop a sclerosis drug based on it that will treat the disease, and not dull the pain.

cannabinol damage

Effects of cannabinol

It is not by chance that cannabinol is banned in most countries of the world (in the majority). That this drug is known for a long time, so even its use in medicine is harmful. The fact is that the drug penetrates very deeply into the body and the blood of a person, therefore it takes 40 whole days! Most often, people who use kanabinol-containing drugs do not take such a long pause, as a result of which harmful substances begin to accumulate in the brain cells (where the drug goes when used). The more harmful substances accumulate in the brain, the more stupid the person becomes, as the efficiency of the brain and its activity decrease. By the way, this is what cannabinol is dangerous when smoking marijuana: in addition to the main harm, the damage from smoking itself (sediment on the lungs from the smoke) is added. In addition, smoking "weed" still causes some kind of dependence, since during the effects of cannabinol on the body, a person experiences a slight euphoria and therefore seeks to get more "share of joy" after the effect.

The result

In general, there are pros and cons in the use of cannabinol.What it does and how it works is also understandable, and then the choice is left to the person.

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