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British celebrity Jane Seymour - actress, writer and producer - was born in London in 1951 as Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg (in fact, her name was Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina, and her name was Frankenberg). Subsequently, a sonorous and shorter pseudonym was taken, with which he became famous). She was most famous for her role as Agent 007 girl James Bond in the 1973 film “Live and Let Die”, as well as the audience loved the image of Dr. Queen from the same series. Repeatedly, Jane Seymour (actress) became the prize-winner and nominee of the prestigious American awards "Emmy" and "Golden Globe".

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A family

Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina, the future celebrity, was the first seventeen years old when she lived in a small, cozy town of Hayes, on the road to Heathrow Airport, in the suburbs of London.Her father enjoyed great fame among the local population and was greatly respected as a professional obstetrician-gynecologist. John Benjamin Frankenberg was undoubtedly British, but he had a Jewish background, and among his ancestors there are people from Germany and Poland.

Her future mother Jane Seymour (actress) loved dearly, only she was known to be called Mike van Trey, and she was from Holland and worked as a nurse with her husband. Probably, it is necessary to clarify two more very important characteristics of this woman: firstly, she was a Protestant, and secondly, she went to a concentration camp during World War II.

Parents gave their daughter an excellent education, and in addition, she brilliantly graduated from the Hertfordshire School of Art.

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Career Jane Seymour - actress talented and famous - began very early. Already in 1969, she had to invent herself a pseudonym, and she settled on a name that was worn by one of the wives of the king of England, Henry the Eighth. In addition, her participation in the picture of the living classic director Attenborough "This Beautiful War" prompted her, where she played her first, albeit episodic, role seventeen-year-old Jane Seymour. The actress loved her films so much that she identified them with love for a particular person.They made friends with the director, and soon the girl married his son, Michael Attenborough.

At nineteen, Jane got the role that made her visible in the film world of Great Britain. She played a Jewish girl, Lilian, who was sheltered from the Nazis by a Christian family. The film The Only Way, which appeared on the screens in 1970, strongly linked the war that had long passed and the people who had not seen it, so plausibly conveyed the image entrusted to it by Jane Seymour. The actress, in which she starred in films, was often associated with the feelings of her close relatives, especially if they were stories about wartime.

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The path to recognition

The TV project of the Air Force channel - the costumed drama "The Fate of Onedin", which was shown from 1972 to 1973 - brought Jane already nationwide fame. At the same time she starred in the mini-series about Frankenstein, playing the bride of the protagonist, then in the film “Young Winston” Churchill's mistress also superbly played Jane Seymour, the actress, whose filmography had just begun to be compiled. But the greatest fame and love of viewers of all ages brought her the role of Bond girl, who appeared on the screens almost simultaneously with the above works.

The success was so deafening that since 1973 she has been “resting” on television for almost seven years, and it was only in 1980 that she returned to the big screen. The "rest" was quite active. “Captains and Kings,” a television series that was filmed in 1977, brought her an Emmy nomination, and several more television awards, but for the fantastic Star Cruiser television series, also received Jane Seymour. Filmography and in these years she actively replenished. After returning to the roles of the first plan on the big screen, the actress played in the comedy "The Divine Dog" with actor Chevy Chase on one film set, which was the next huge step forward in her career. In the same year, it turned out to play with Christopher Reeve in the romantic fantasy "Somewhere in time."

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The mini-series on Steinbeck's famous novel East of Paradise was filmed in 1982, and then the Golden Globe award went to Seymour. Actress Jane, all of whose films gradually led to more and more skill and audience recognition, gained stage experience, the game became more and more insightful. To the actress came real glory with the title of best actress and the first prize in the category of mini-series. The second Golden Globe Jane received for the series, where she played a female doctor - Dr. Queen.

The year 1988 brought her television awards for all three projects in which she participated. First of all, this is “War and Remembrance” - a film about the Holocaust, then television films about Aristotle Onassis, where she played opera singer Maria Callas (the first award of Emmy), and about King Edward the Eighth. 1989 was no less generous with rewards. A multi-part film was released on the bicentennial of the French Revolution, where Marie-Antoinette was superbly played by Jane Seymour, an actress whose children next to her took part in the film, playing the roles of a prince and princess. Both Catherine and Sean coped with their responsibilities just fine, that's what blood means! In 2005, fame for the film “Unwelcome Guests”, recognized as the best comedy of the year, along with Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Christopher Walken shared and Jane Seymour, an actress.

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Biography: marriages, children

About the son of director Michael Attenborough, whom the actress married in 1971, it was said above. Marriage was short-lived. In 1973, the couple separated childless. Four years later, Jane married again, but the separation was even faster. If the director, an unrecognized genius, failed to understand the actress, then what about a businessman! The third marriage lasted eleven years.It was in marriage with the handsome David Flynn that the daughter Katherine Jane (in 1982) and son Sean Michael (in 1986) were born. In 1992, the couple still divorced. And it was very hard for Jane. Today, she sometimes refuses to recognize the person with whom she lived for so long. But for the sake of older children still have to communicate. And to pay the ex-husband very generous alimony.

The fourth attempt to create a family was more successful. Actors James Keach and Jane Seymour were married in 1993, and only divorced in 2015. For the twenty-two years spent nearby, there was a joint work, twin sons Christopher Stephen and John Stace were born, the star Jane was lit on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1999, then she received the title of officer in the Order of the British Empire from Queen Elizabeth. Business partnership, despite the divorce, the couple intend to continue their lives.

jane seymour actress filmography biography


The eightieth years awakened writing talent in the actress. This coincided with the birth of her children. Naturally, the artistic career of Jane Seymour is not interrupted.

Her first book entitled The Guide to Romantic Life was published in 1986, and she described in detail all the adversities, obstacles and surprises she encountered on the way to love relationships.In 2002, the actress pleased her readers with the book "Twins", here she shared her experience in raising sons.

Children are a source of inspiration

In 2003, Jane continued the topic with the book “Wonderful Changes”, and in 2010 she wrote again about unhappy love - “If your heart is ...” Besides these very personal works, she wrote several books for children, and co-authored her Became husband - James Keach. Perhaps Jane will write and memoirs someday, and this will be an exciting reading for her fans.

Her syllable is extremely frank, and the book pages are interspersed with playful plots and good humor. Especially good is the book “That and This”, where we also speak about little twins (“You will carry this, and I will take that”). Children and adults really like her stories.

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Actor's and writer's talent nature's generosity was not limited. Life of Jane Seymour was not very simple, especially in the personal sphere, and therefore it was not without depression. However, instead of crying, she remembered the lessons of the School of Art and took up the brushes and paints. At forty she started painting again.

Yes, so successfully that even in the coming period of happiness it was impossible to stop.Suffice it to say that the famous fashion house Escada began to produce scarves, where silk was one of her paintings, written after a tropical fever picked up on the set, which almost took the life of an actress.


Jane Seymour - actress, filmography, whose biography is very interested in fans. The fact that absolutely all the money obtained from the sale of expensive silk scarves with her sketches was given to the actress for the treatment of low-income seriously ill children can not fail to command respect.

Jane Seymour is the ambassador for Childhelp, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children who have been abused. Charitable events for her - a way of life. The actress founded and maintained the Open Heart Foundation. Very wisely, she calls on all her associates to take care of themselves first and foremost, because it is then that the opportunity for good deeds will appear for the people around.

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