Jacob Gudkin: biography, filmography

Jacob Gudkin is a famous Soviet actor who played in theater and cinema. On the big screen, he performed several dozen roles. Glory brought him roles in the films "Parisian shoemaker", "Fragments of the Empire", "Alien Beach", "The Marriage of Jan Knukke", "Goalkeeper".


Biography of Jacob Gudkin

Jacob Gudkin was born in Smolensk in 1905. He was born on March 19. Leaving his native city, in Leningrad he entered the Institute of Screen Arts. From 1932 he became an actor of the Leningrad Theater of the Young Spectator.

When the Great Patriotic War began, he went to the front, fought against fascism. He was awarded the Order of the Red Star.

Returning to a peaceful life, he entered the position of entertainer in the musical and pop association of Leningrad. From 1962 he worked in the theater studio of film actors at Lenfilm.

He died in 1979 at the age of 76.

Movie debut

Filmography of Jacob Gudkin

Actor Jacob Gudkin played his first role on the big screen in 1924 in the documentary film "Scarlet Fever". A year later, he first played in a feature film.It was a fantastic film by Napoleon-Gaz Seeds Timoshenko.

In 1927, Gudkin played one of the main roles in the social melodrama of Friedrich Ermler and Vladimir Portnov's The Parisian Cobbler. The main character of the ribbon is a Komsomol member Katya Karnakova from a small provincial town. She falls in love with Andrei Komsomol, not hiding it from anyone around. Soon she finds herself in the position, but the young man does not support her, he does not need a child, so he only accuses the girl of inattention.

With his problem, he turns to the famous buzotera Motke Tundelya, who is played by Gudkin. He advises him to disgrace the girl, and after the noise is raised, she will lag behind Andrey.


One of the most famous paintings of Gudkin, in which he played the main role, is the silent black-and-white drama of Mark Donskiy “Alien Shore”. In it, the actor played the sailor Sima Mironov, who carelessly refers to the strict requirements of the ship charter. As a result, a major misunderstanding occurs during the stay in a foreign port. Then the whole team has to take up his re-education.

Before the war, Gudkin appeared in the famous comedy Seeds Timoshenko "Goalkeeper", playing the role of insider Thomas Ruselkin.

In 1945 he played a cameo in the military comedy "Heavenly Slug." He also played in the melodrama of Joseph Kheyfits “The Lady with the Dog”, in the comedy film-tale of Nadezhda Kosheverova and Mikhail Shapiro “Cain VIII”, in the adventure tale of Alexei Batalov and Iosif Shapiro “Three Fat Men”, in the fairy tale of Pavel Kadochnikova “The Snowman”, a snowman in a snowman and a snowman. Herbert Rappaport melodrama "Police Sergeant".

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