IZH-60 RSR rifle: characteristics, reviews of owners

A large assortment is presented to the attention of fans of sports and recreational shooting. Judging by the reviews, the IZH-60 RSR rifle is very popular with consumers. Constantly high rating of the model is provided by its relatively low cost, the presence of the original design ideas, availability and attractive appearance. The article provides a description and technical characteristics of the pneumatic IZH-60 RSR.



From the traditional air rifles manufactured at the Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant, the IL-60 RSR is distinguished by the presence of a special side-platoon lever. It is located under the right hand arrow. Butt and bed of this model are separate designs. For their manufacture uses high-strength plastic. Fixing the box with the forearm is made with screws.

For the IZH-60 RSR rifle, a fairly comfortable and ergonomic handle has been developed.The stock is fastened to the coupling of the charging lever by means of an adjusting screw. It allows you to adjust the length of the butt, due to which the use of IL-60 PCP can arrows of different build. The small dimensions of the rifle make it easy to transport.


The maximum compactness of the IZH-60 RSR rifles is ensured by transferring their mechanisms to butts. Installed mechanisms at a certain angle. Due to this arrangement, the total length indicator has been minimalized. In the manufacture of the rifle is not used material such as wood. In order to facilitate its weight, the designers decided to use plastic.

rifle izh 60 pcr

Reviews of owners of IL-60 PCP indicate that this model has a small weight, due to which it is convenient to use even small shooters. A special rammer has been developed for the rifle, which, by longitudinal sliding, brings the lead pellet ready for shooting. Judging by the reviews, IL-60 RSR has a soft and comfortable descent, providing maximum comfort when using weapons.

What is unique?

The uniqueness of the design solution of this model lies in equipping it with a side lever. This led to the rejection of the use of mobile barrels. The function of cocking performs the side lever. Arrow, in order to carry out reloading, it is not necessary to "break" the rifle.


The rifle is equipped with a metal front and completely. Wanting to prevent the appearance of backlash or crashes of sights, the designers are very firmly attached to the pillars muzzle devices. A place for mounting the aiming plate was the barrel base. Its fastener is performed using a special locking screw. Adjustable sighting device by adjusting it in a horizontal plane. For adjustment in the vertical plane, the owner can use a conventional screwdriver. If necessary, collimator and optical sights can be installed on pneumatics.

iz 60 pcr reviews


IL-60 PCP is an effective pneumatic sports model that beginners can use during initial training to acquire skills in small arms.

This pneumatic is also used for entertaining shooting at fixed targets. Due to the insignificant muzzle energy (7.5 J), this rifle is practically not used for hunting. However, the model can be upgraded by equipping it with an additional balloon.

Factory samples have a low rate of fire - only 150 m / s. This parameter is much higher in the modernized rifle. When firing from it, the speed of the lead bullet exceeds the speed of sound. With a modified rifle, you can easily hunt small game.

Performance characteristics

The IL-60 RSR rifle has the following parameters:

  • Manufacturer - Russia.
  • The rifle is a type of piston-spring pneumatics.
  • The length of the weapon is 79 cm.
  • The size of the barrel is 45 cm.
  • The rifle weighs 2.7 kg.
  • The weapon is equipped with a steel rifled barrel, a plastic box and a butt.
  • A spring is used as an energy source.
  • It shoots a rifle with lead bullets of 4.5 mm caliber.
  • Power - 7.5 j.
  • Pneumatic equipped with an automatic fuse.
  • The rate of fire of the model is 110-150 m / s.
  • For the rifle provided single-shot replenishment.
  • Price - 3500 rubles.

Basic equipment

IL-60 PCP is completed with a technical passport and a certificate of quality. In addition, when buying an air rifle, the owner is provided with a warranty card, which gives the opportunity, if necessary, to eliminate factory defects. The weapon is also equipped with a spare cuff.


Judging by the numerous reviews of the owners of IL-60 RSR, these rifles have:

  • Small dimensions.
  • Relatively low weight.
  • Reliable assembly and strong design.
  • High ergonomic performance.
  • Equipped with a very comfortable and pliable trigger.
  • Long service life.
  • Resistant to corrosive processes.

The device rifle easily allows you to improve the model, necessary for this special sets. Modified pneumatics can turn into a weapon of a higher class.


Weak parties are:

  • Included with these rifles are not sufficiently accurate and, according to consumers, coarse sights.
  • Inconvenience when charging pneuma.
  • The external surfaces of these rifles, according to the owners,processed insufficiently qualitatively (this disadvantage is inherent in the majority of rifles made at Izhevsk engineering plant).
  • For IL-60 PCP there is a short working area of ​​the piston cylinder, which adversely affected the power of the pneuma.

Some reviews of owners of a subjective nature relate to the low accuracy of shooting and the unreliability of fuses.

KIT from Kruger

IL-60 PCP can be upgraded with a special set. The attention of weapons lovers presented several different kits. Mostly, this model will be improved by whales from the master under the nickname Kruger. Accordingly, kruggerkami is also called IL-60 PCP containing these KITs. Owner reviews indicate that the kits are commercially available. Anyone who has reached the age of majority can buy them, as there is no need to present a license for the purchase of wind weapons.

After the acquisition of KIT, the owner of the pneuma can return his brass weapon and a set to a special workshop, where he will be able to upgrade the rifle for a certain price. If the owner of IL-60 RSR has fitting skills, then with the help of a drill, several screwdrivers and a hammer you can cope with this work yourself.


Completed KIT from Kruger:

  • Special tank containing pressure gauge. Pipe dimensions can be 36 cm or 43 cm.

 iz 60 pcr whales owner reviews

  • Drummer with cocking handle.
  • The trunk bar allows you to mount a dovetail type optical sight on the rifle.
  • Integrated moderator.
  • Filling fitting with G1 / 8 thread.
  • Rubber products (spare parts).

pneumatics ij 60 pcr

  • Spare combat valve.
  • Special nozzle for the handle rammer.
  • HP pump.

IL 60 RSR reviews of owners

Assembly disassembly

The disassembly procedure of the IL-60 RSR is not difficult if the work is carried out in stages:

  • Remove the butt. To do this, you need to unscrew the fastening screws with a screwdriver.
  • Dismantle handguard. It is fastened with rear screws.
  • Remove standard sights. It is performed by loosening the nut of the base of the front sight and loosening at the base of the screw with which the sight is attached. After completing this step, you must first remove the lock axis of the platoon lever, and then the lever itself. It is desirable that the rear cork retainer does not fall into the recess in the compressor tube. The spring for the pusher and the piston rod are taken out of it.
  • Knock the pin.
  • Remove the sear and trigger.

Pneumatic guns are assembled in the reverse order.


If any part of the rifle is out of order, it is recommended to contact a specialist. You can fix the pneumatic and at home. To increase the piston stroke and increase the initial speed of the bullet, it is necessary to remove the lock of the platoon lever. In this way more space is freed up for the mainspring. It is also possible to equip the piston with an additional metal insert. So that its edges do not damage the working area of ​​the cylinder, they should be carefully ground with a file. Attach the plate to anything not needed. It is located in such a way that it is the sear that rests on it, and not on the piston face.

Pneumatic Care

Thanks to the bluing technology that the IZH-60 PCP undergoes with a rifle, its internal metal surfaces are not subject to corrosive processes. When moisture enters, only barely visible signs of rust appear, which are easily eliminated with a regular sponge. Nevertheless, the owner must always treat the weapon with care, maintain its functional state.

 izh 60 pcr whale from kruger

To do this, it is necessary to remove dirt, dust, small debris and lead chips from the barrel, as well as periodically process the mechanisms using special gun oil. During the operation of the rifle, it is necessary to follow the generally accepted rules for handling bovine weapons.

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