"Izh-350" - Russian "Spartak"

Among the modern sport bikes emit a huge number of models that deserve close attention. But not so long ago, during the times of the USSR, to purchase foreign equipment was almost impossible. That is why Izh-Sport-350 has become a legendary motorcycle for Soviet bikers and motorsport enthusiasts.

The birth of a legend

This middle-class sport bike was first rolled off the assembly line in 1973. Above its development worked the best designers of the USSR, who faced a difficult task. It was necessary to create a high-quality unit, superior in characteristics to the Czechoslovak "Java", which has achieved incredible popularity in the domestic market. The end result exceeded even the most daring expectations. "Izh-350" proved to be a reliable motorcycle, easily withstand enormous loads when driving on any surface, while maintaining a high level of comfort. It was perfect for sports competitions and tourist trips, bringing pleasure not only to the driver, but also to the passenger.

History of success

iz 350

For years, Soviet motorists hoarded money to buy their own bike, and then they invested their whole soul in a vehicle. The most popular model was Java, which won the hearts of bikers in many countries. But with the advent of the Izh-350 motorcycle, the situation has changed dramatically.

The first serial sport bike, assembled on Izhmash, had incredible features as well as design. It was often compared to Japanese motorcycles of the 1960s, for example, it vaguely resembles a Suzuki T250 or Kawasaki A1. Izh-350achieved success not only in the USSR, but also far beyond its borders. It was bought by the British, the Finns admired, the Dutch loved to gas too. To buy such a motorcycle, Soviet citizens had to lay out a decent amount - 1050 rubles.


izh planet 350

Technical capabilities "Izh-PS-350" hit. It became the first Soviet motorcycle to receive a separate engine lubrication system developed by the designers of the Izhevsk plant. This know-how got motorcycles collected after 1974, received the marking "M" in the serial number.

Unlike earlier models, this motorcycle was equipped with an engine with a volume of 349 cm3which together with the Japanese carburetor Mikuni produced an incredible 32 l. from. The maximum twisting moment - 6700 rpm. But there were models that were sold with a domestic carburetor (K 62M). It was not as popular as the Japanese counterpart, because the power was reduced by as much as 4 liters. with. that markedly affected the dynamics.

With no gear or fuel, the bike weighed 135 kg. He was able to accelerate to a hundred in just 11 minutes, thanks to a powerful engine that was fixed on rubber pads attached to the frame. Japanese craftsmen supplied optics and electrical equipment for the Izh-Planeta-350 motorcycle, which were safely installed until 1978. Then the bike became completely Soviet assembly, received a new speedometer, electrics and increased diameter of the spokes.


sport 350

From 1975 to 1983, the motorcycle was repeatedly refined by designers. It is because of frequent upgrades that this model does not have a single technical specification. Let's look at the indicators that have remained unchanged:

  • Length - 207 cm, height - 115 cm, width - 79-81.
  • The maximum speed is 140 km / h.
  • Gasoline consumption at an average speed of 60 km / h - 3.5 liters, in the city - 7 liters.
  • Braking distance - 16 m at a speed of 60 km / h.

Impressive technical characteristics of the motorcycle owes its two-stroke single-cylinder engine, which could boast of a forced air cooling system. An important role in the brilliant dynamics of the bike is played by the gearbox, which has received optimal gear ratios. The designers were able to improve the depreciation, a telescopic fork was installed at the front, a pendulum system was located at the back. The available three-phase alternator produced 14 volts. This is quite enough for the device, the on-board network which consumes 12 volts. The first models assembled at Izhmash had imported batteries in their configuration. Also installed were the Italian Magneti-Marelli or NGK spark plugs, which were great for driving at high speeds.

The gas tank could boast a volume of 14 liters, and the oil tank - 1.5 liters. With an average speed of 60 km / h, the fuel reserve was enough for 400 km. Recommended brand of gasoline - "AI-93".

Nationwide recognition

ps 350

After its bright debut, "Izh-350" became a real legend, created by Soviet designers.Incredibly fast, comfortable and unpretentious to maintain, he quickly gathered a multimillion army of fans. Domestic bikers gave him other names: "Dog" or "Spartak". The Americans paid close attention to the motorcycle. After some time, the Russian "Spartacus" could be found in US cities. The Soviet motorcycle could easily overcome more than 60 thousand kilometers without serious damage, then it was necessary to do a major overhaul of the main components.

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