Irina Metlitskaya: biography and cause of death of the actress

There are people who see it, it's hard to forget, that's it.- Irina Metlitskaya. Biography, the cause of death, the funeral of the actress is still a subject of interest for many viewers. She lived a short life, only 35 years, but, despite the fact that it is not there for almost 20 years, the memory of her has not gone away. Remained her role, preserved memories and still live fans of her beauty and talent. Let's talk about how Irina Metlitskaya lived. Biography, the cause of death, her children will be the subject of our narrative.

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Future actress Irina Metlitskaya, biographywhich at first did not foretell anything outstanding, was born in the northern city of Severodvinsk on October 5, 1961. Raised by her mother. Even in her early childhood, the girl saw how difficult it was for her mother's money, and realized that success can only be achieved through work. She grew up to be a calm and problem-free child. Mom's unfortunate personal life affected her character, it was a patient, submissive woman, not expecting miracles from life. In such a realistic way, Irina was brought up. But her natural dreaminess did not allow her to come to terms with the upcoming usual and, perhaps, dull life. Since her early childhood, Metlitskaya has formed her own image, such a closed, cold queen. She did not want to tell anyone about her family life and built a protective barrier in the form of inaccessibility. She wanted everyone to think that her life was successful and prosperous, and from the superfluous questions she fenced off with a cold, arrogant look.

irina metlitskaya biography cause of death


Irina grew up as a beautiful girl. People instantly fell under the charm of her huge, sad eyes. It is worth noting that she did not think about the profession of an actress until, in the final grade, fate did not present her with a gift. Director Igor Dobrolyubov came to their city. He was just about to shoot a film about the physics and mathematics school and came to the class of Metlitskaya, to look at the situation. There he saw a beautiful girl with sad eyes. So Irina Metlitskaya, the biography, whose cause of death will be the subject of close attention of the whole country in twenty years, first came to the cinema. Dobrolyubov offered her an episodic role in the tape "Schedule for the day after tomorrow". Where she happened to visit one set with actors such as Margarita Terekhova and Oleg Dal. Suddenly it turned out that Irina has an unquestionable actor's talent. So the case helped her to find her calling.

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At the school Irina Metlitskaya, whose biography wasup to 17 years typical of those times, studied very well. Despite the fact that she had to study at the Physics and Mathematics School, where the program was not at all simple, Irina was always among the first students. She understood that success in her life depends only on her diligence and diligence and worked with all her might. At the end of the school, she easily entered the Faculty of Physics at Minsk University. She tried to become a physicist for a year, and then she took the documents and, surprisingly, went to Moscow and from the first time entered the theater school. B. Shchukin, on the course of ABBurov. At the school, Irina immediately became one of the first beauties, but her ability to keep people at a distance led to the fact that not a single student romance with her happened. Yes, and very close friends, she did not wind. She did not want to live in the hostel and rented a room. Although the money for living was sorely lacking, despite the fact that she received an increased scholarship as an excellent student. For a while she lived with Elena Kazarinova's only friend, where she gradually began to discard her image of the Snow Queen. Metlitskaya studied very well, showed great hopes, and it was quickly noticed in the cinema and the theater.

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First roles

Even while studying at the school Irina Metlitskaya,whose career was swiftly going up into the air, was noticed by the directors. Oleg Tabakov, then working in one of the most fashionable theaters in Moscow, Sovremennik, recalled that when he caught a glimpse of the actress on stage, long then he could not forget her: "like a sun-atom swallowed." Irina made such a sunny impression almost at all, she had an incredible actor's magnetism. Already in the fourth year Metlitskaya enlisted in the troupe of "Contemporary", where she began to play her first roles. It was a loud production of "The Little Devil" based on the novel by Fyodor Sologub. Irina in those days saw the filmmakers primarily in the role of fatal beauties, breaking men's hearts and lives. Also she was invited to the cinema, while on small, almost invisible roles. In Shchukinsky school was very disliked when students are shot in the movies and not one student for it was even expelled. But Irina easily received permission from the rector for the shooting, again her magical charm was working again. Almost no one could deny her anything.


Colleagues and classmates have always noted that IrinaMetlitskaya, the biography, whose cause of death was a real mystery to many, has always been a very closed person. It began with a childhood, and the image of an aristocratic, impregnable beauty became the second nature of an actress. Only very close people knew her as a very vulnerable and intelligent person. She was never the soul of the company, but she always had something to talk about. She's used to counting on herself all her life and hiding everything from her problems. That's why many did not know about her illness until her death. She always tried to show only the successful side of her life. And she succeeded. At spectators and colleagues there was an impression, that - she the present darling of destiny, that to her all goes in hands. But in reality she was incredibly hardworking and able-bodied.

irina metlitskaya actress biography


Since 1984, Irina Metlitskaya, whose biographywas filled with acting, began to work in the theater "Contemporary". For seven years she played several good, notable roles, which helped her to establish herself on the list of the best young actresses of the capital of that period. Her most prominent roles were the performances of the "Cool Route" based on the play by E. Ginzburg, "The Small Devil" and "Stars in the Morning Sky" by A. Galina. In the late 80-ies Metlitskaya invited in his performances R. Viktyuk. Acquaintance was held in the canteen of Sovremennik, where the director was shocked by the beauty and energy of Irina. It was he who brought her to the play "The Little Devil." Later, he offered her a role in the play "Madame Butterfly". Metlitskaya was in love with the creative start of Viktyuk, she was ready for him for everything, along with him wandered around the theaters. When he proposed to her, an adult woman, the role of Lolita, she agreed without hesitation. But Viktyuk - a man of unexpected and paradoxical. Once Irina found out that Roman Grigorievich introduces other actresses to her role. She could not understand such a betrayal. The third theater Metlitskaya became the Theater of the Moon Sergey Prokhanov. Here the actress played the role of Theodora in the play "Byzantium". The theater mostly used the external texture of the actress, offering her the roles of a single plan. Much better it was realized in the cinema.

Working in a movie

Irina Metlitskaya, an actress whose biography is full ofbeautiful roles, played in only 23 films. Her talent of reincarnation, dramatic experience was poorly claimed in the cinema. She did not have time to realize her creative potential, but in her filmography there are really successful works. So, in the picture "Doll" there is a 10-minute monologue scene, which is the top of the acting and a kind of world record. Also, to its best works in the cinema, the specialists include tapes "The Executioner", "The Black Veil" and Alla russa. Many directors would like to work with Metlitskaya, but in recent years she began to refuse filming, because she did not want to play templated roles. In addition, in the cinema in the late nineties a financial crisis came, which prevented some projects from being realized. So, Sergey Soloviev dreamed of removing Irina as Anna Karenina, but the film could not find funding for a long time, so the role did not work out.

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Personal life

Private life of actors is of great interest forviewers, was not an exception and Irina Metlitskaya. Biography, photo actresses have always provided great circulation for tabloids. But journalists could not find scandalous information. Because Metlitskaya was very serious and constant in her feelings. With her future husband, she met in 1984 on tour of the Sovremennik Theater. Sergei Gazarov and Metlitskaya played in one play. He almost at first glance fell under her spell, and she somehow immediately reached for him. They were a very beautiful, harmonious couple. They were connected by a real, deep love. Their feelings were so authentic that even the journalists did not dare to disturb the couple with any gossip. Their very happy marriage lasted 14 years, the family had two sons: Nikita and Peter.

irina metlitskaya biography cause of death of the funeral


In the early 90's, the actress Metlitskaya was veryin demand. She successfully acted in films, played in the theater, she was invited to festivals, interviewed. And no one had any idea that such a person as Irina Metlitskaya could disappear. Biography, the cause of the death of the actress will soon become the object of universal reflection. But during life, almost no one knew that she has at least some health problems. The diagnosis of "leukemia" was known to a very narrow circle of people. In 1995, she played two great roles. The opening ceremony of the Moscow Film Festival in 1995 was led by Irina, who was already seriously ill. Everyone admired the way she looked, she just laughed back. Sergei Gazarov until the last day struggled for the life of his beloved wife, he drove her to Paris for treatment, was next to her after two difficult operations, helped her to endure all the pangs of chemotherapy. At the time of remission Metlitskaya played in the movies. At some point, it seemed that the disease had receded, the doctors began to express timid optimism. But the appeal to the healer, who used non-traditional methods of healing, led to a new round of illness, which led to the demise.


The death of the actress was for most peoplesheer surprise. Irina Metlitskaya, a biography whose funeral was the news number 1 for a long time, died on June 5, 1997, she was 35 years old. She was buried at the Troekurovsky cemetery in Moscow. At the funeral came a large number of colleagues who were simply stunned by this tragedy.

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Memories of friends

When Irina Metlitskaya passed away, her biography,funeral (photo above) which suddenly became the main topic for the media, many colleagues began to remember what kind of person was an actress. Everyone celebrated her incredible dignity, her royal bearing and grace. Also, many talked about its closure, Irina almost did not share her experiences or problems with anyone. The main friend of her life was a husband who always spoke and speaks of his wife only in superlatives. Colleagues and friends note that Metlitskaya lived a happy life: she took place as an actress, wife, woman. Although also all without exception, they said that she did not have time to fully reveal her potential, that a brilliant future awaited her. The children of Metlitskaya and Gazarova did not follow in the footsteps of their parents. One of them became a financier, the second is looking for his way in music. Neither the children nor the husband give an interview about Irina Metlitskaya, protecting her memory.

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