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Actress Irina Byakova ascended the theatrical stage immediately after receiving the diploma of GITIS. And in the Theater. A.S. Pushkin immediately began to offer her main roles. The first - the role of Zamaraški from the play “Scum” - brought her the “Theater Spring” award. Then there were other equally interesting ones - Elena from “A Midsummer Night's Dream”, Dasha from “The Demons”, Olga from “The Broken Happiness”, Marie from “Blaise” ...

Her childhood

The actress, who today know, if not all, then many, was born in early December 1963. In those years, Byakov's family lived in the North, so the girl tasted all the pleasures of life there - instead of the usual children's sandbox, she played in huge snowdrifts.

When the girl celebrated her fifth anniversary, the family moved to Nizhny Novgorod, where her mother’s parents lived. Life turned upside down. Little Irina Byakova became Oktyabrenko. Everything was just amazing. And suddenly she was stunned by the news that she had never expected to hear: her parents were divorcing.

Irina Byakova

From that moment the girl began to have hard days. She constantly felt that she had been abandoned (as it seemed to her because mom and dad no longer live together), that she no longer needed her parents.

All these events contributed to the fact that the girl grew up a closed person. She hardly consulted with her parents. That is why they did not know where their daughter would go after receiving the school certificate.

Life after school

Irina Byakova, already at such a young age, clearly understood that on a saucer with a blue border no one would bring anything to her. Therefore, she tried to achieve the desired independently. Since she had “not very much” with money, she decided to become a student at the most well-paid college. First, she received a scholarship, and then began working as an operator in a chemical research institute.

While the future actress was working at the institute, she managed to save up some money to buy something from clothes. Now she could go to the capital to conquer her. After all, only one thought was spinning in her head that she would only do an acting. True, the first attempt was unsuccessful.Irina Byakova, whose photos will be published in many magazines in just a few years, decided to try her luck at other universities and in other cities. This time she was unlucky. But the next year, she still became a student of GITIS.

Theatrical way

Now it seems very strange that Byakova’s talent and charisma was not immediately noticed. Everything happened only at the graduation performance, where Levertov himself saw it. He suggested that Irina enter the troupe of the theater named after A.S. Pushkin. Of course, the girl could not refuse.

Irina Byakova photo

Her first role was already mentioned above. Later she played a lot of equally interesting characters. What are her Khoristka in "Cabaret Beauties", Lyuba in "The Family of Ivanova", Matryona in "Where is my dear?" The years went by, the main roles were less common now. But this is not very upset the actress. After all, in some incomprehensible way, she managed to remain bright and unforgettable even going out on stage for only a few minutes. The theater-goers admired her Julia in “Lend a tenor”, ​​Mrs. Banks in “Barefoot in the park”, Pamela in “Bullets over Broadway” ... By the way, Julia Byakova sings very well, and with opera voice

Cinema work

Irina Byakova, whose films with pleasure are watched by viewers of different ages, began to appear on the set in the late eighties. It was on the set of the movie "Joy of the Earth" in 1988. Then the beginning actress had only an episode, but next year in the film “And all the love” she was offered the main role already - tractor driver Valentina Didenko. In the difficult nineties work she had not so much - only six films. But she remembers them with special warmth, especially “I am free, I am nobody’s” (the role of Gulyaev’s daughter-in-law) and the TV series “DDD. Dossier detective Dubrovsky "(the role of Svetlana).

Irina Byakova films

But since 2003, Irina Byakova, an actress of amazing talent, began to act almost without interruption. She was also the secretary of Colonel Degtyarev in the series about Dasha Vasilyeva, and the saleswoman in Narrow Bridge, and Tancha 1 in the series about Viola Tarakanova, and Iraida Semenovna in Doctor Tyrsa. And to those viewers who are closely following her work in the cinema, two more of her images came to mind - Valentina Shuchkaya in The Hunt for the Gauleiter and Tamara in The Keys of the Past.

Simple female happiness

With her future husband, Sergei Gabrielyan, Irina Byakova met while still a student. Then they were both engaged in the play "Little Pie." Then there was a break for a year. But Sergey is back.Young people realized that for each other - they are fateful people. Soon they began to live as one family.

 Irina Byakova actress

Their marriage is twenty-six years old. Irina admits that living with your loved one is also a special work. They have a son, whom parents called Sergei. The young man repeats the fate of his parents, while studying at the actor. He is considered a promising artist. As a joke, parents say that in vain they called their only son that way, because often there is confusion with names. But this is nonsense, because they have a really strong family.

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