Iriklinskaya GRES: business economics, creation history and development prospects

Iriklinskaya GRES is one of the largest thermal power plants in the Urals. They began to build it in early 1963, finished and handed over to permanent operation in 1970. Many people are interested in where Iriklinskaya TPP is located. A massive structure was erected in the Novoorsky district of the Orenburg region near the village of Energetik. It is an integral part of IGRES.

Start of construction

The history of the construction of the Iriklinskaya GRES began with the construction of the Iriklinskaya HPP. It was launched at full capacity in 1959 and produced a modest 30 thousand kW.

On April 17, 1958, the filling of the Iriklinsky reservoir began, and the crater was completely filled with water on May 8, 1966. It became the largest body of water in the Orenburg region.

Designing GRES

In the 60s, a project was developed for the construction of the Buruktalsky Nickel Plant, as well as the Gai mining and processing plant.In addition, the USSR government hoped to increase the production capacity of other large enterprises in the Orenburg region. For the normal functioning of enterprises requires a powerful source of electricity. Since the capacity of the hydroelectric power station was not enough, specialists in the field of construction and geodesy were instructed to find a place for the construction of a thermal power plant. The basis for the commencement of work was the resolution of the USSR Council of Ministers No. 379 of 1959, as well as the order of N. S. Kazakov of the Orenburg Economic Council of 1959 under the number 8.

Many Russians ask the question how the address was chosen from Iriklinskaya GRES and why it was built in that place. As a result of the site survey, a commission consisting of employees of the Kiev Institute Teploelektroproekt, as well as surveyors, builders and government officials from the Orenburg Region, carefully examined the banks on the Ural River. As a result of the work carried out, several sites were allocated for the construction of a state district power station.

After a preliminary calculation and comparison of technical and economic indicators, the most suitable territory for construction was selected.It is located on the left bank of the reservoir, at a distance of 20 km from the hydroelectric station.

The new power plant was built in the central highly developed economic region. Not far from the place of construction there are places rich in natural minerals, such as sand, stone and gravel, which are necessary for grandiose construction. In addition, a railroad was laid near the village of Novoorsk, which served to supply equipment and fuel. The railway station is located between the settlements of Kartaly and Orsk. To the east of it, 288 km is the city of Orenburg.

The first stage of construction

In the early summer of 1962, the USSR government at the highest level decided to build the Iriklinskaya GRES, as well as a residential complex located in the immediate vicinity of a large-scale construction project. Already in the early winter of 1963, the builders set about building a village, which was named Energetik. And on January 25, 1963, workers came from Troitskaya GRES, who set about the first stage of building a future thermal power plant. The workers' brigade was headed by the head of the section D. Kiperman, the head of supply Danilevsky G. F., the foreman Krupichev E. I.

In the spring of the same year, builders began building the first apartment building in the village, and in the summer of 1969, the installation of a boiler, a turbine and other additional equipment was started in the main building of the SDPP.

Builders settled in Novoorsk. In order for the workers' brigades to get to the construction site in a short time, bulldozer driver A. Pilipchuk and one of the local residents named Vazhenin P. began to make a road fifty kilometers long. In those places, snow drifts reached 1.5 meters in height, besides, a strong wind raged in the steppe. One of the workers named V. Goncharov wrote a poem about the difficulties of the first days of construction:

In the fierce cold of the Ural winter,

On the road, towards a blizzard,

Amid the impenetrable darkened darkness

They walked the steppe to the intended goal.

In 1966, fifteen large organizations participated in the construction of a hydropower plant. In the same year, the government assigned IGRES the status of the most important object of the Eighth Five-Year Plan. In addition, the construction of the power plant was discussed at the 23rd Congress of the CPSU in the first quarter of 1966.

Trial run

In the production area of ​​the power plant

On November 7, 1970, the first power unit was launched with a capacity of 300 MW.Completion of construction and launch of the first part of the state district power station was timed to the 57th anniversary of the October Revolution.

The second power unit was launched at its full capacity on the eve of the new 1971. This construction was a serious advancement of the domestic energy construction, because in such a short time two powerful power plant units generating several hundred MW of electricity were built and put into operation from scratch.

The construction of the first phase lasted until the end of 1975. On December 8 of this year, it was commissioned to power engineers. The power generation capacity was 1,800 MW.

At first, the station was used as fuel oil, but a year later the power plant was switched to more environmentally friendly and cheaper natural gas. For this, we had to connect the facility to the Ural-Bukhara gas pipeline.

Second stage of construction

In November 1979, it was successfully commissioned by the builders and the eighth power unit was launched. At this construction was fully completed. The power plant generated electricity with a capacity of 2400 MW.

Commissioning of state district power station

The road leading to the station

After the construction was completed, the specialists turned on the power plant in stages.First, the first and second blocks were launched; they were switched on at full capacity in 1970. Convinced of their normal operation, the engineers launched six more units together with K-300-240 turbines, which were ordered and produced by the Leningrad Metal Plant. Also boilers PK-41 on the first and second power units were put into operation.

Participants of the construction

A huge number of specialists took part in the construction of the decade. Among them are the heads leading the construction of the village and the state district power station:

  1. Kayhanov A.I.
  2. Krymsky I.M.
  3. Poddubsky A.P.

Especially distinguished simple builders, who took an active part in the construction:

  1. Rudakov A.S.
  2. Krauyalis Z.I.
  3. Kuzmenko I.S.

From the memoirs of the employees of GRES

Start of construction of Iriklinskaya GRES

Former Chief Engineer and Director of Iriklinskaya GRES, E. Chernyshev, recalls that on November 7, 1970, before the first turbine was directly launched, clean fresh snow began to fall. This is a good sign for builders. When steam was supplied to the turbine, it slowly began to move. After a few seconds, the number of revolutions of the installation rose to 500. At this solemn moment, several dozen engineers, like doctors, listened to the unit for extraneous sounds and noises.When the experts were convinced that the installation was operating normally, the turbine was dispersed to operating speed.

At the nominal speed of rotation, the specialists checked all the operating parameters of the power plant, then, having made sure that the machine was fully operational, the shift manager gave the command to connect the station to the network. The operation was successful, the hum of the turbine under load has changed, it has become more powerful and thorough.

After the shift supervisor reported on the flawless operation of the state district power station, all the people present at this solemn event shouted “Hurray! Victory!". Joy people had no limits. This is really a bright and important event, with which Energy Minister Neporozhniy P. and Secretary of the Central Committee Tyazhelnikov E. congratulated all builders, station workers and residents of the Energetik village.

The work of the power plant

In mid-1980, the State Commission allowed the Iriklinskaya GRES to operate at full capacity. By that time, high-voltage lines, designed for voltages of 500, 220 and 110 kV, were connected to the building. Overhead lines of 500 kV were connected to the Orenburg processing plant and the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant.

In the winter of 2011, a large-scale repair was carried out, which affected the cooling system of one of the eight power units. HOBAS DN 1500 fiberglass pipe was laid in the inlet and outlet of the pipeline with a diameter of 2 meters. It was mounted using the method of relining. This repair was necessary to restore the bearing capacity of a huge station.

Due to timely service and experienced personnel, there were no accidents on it for the whole period of existence of Iriklinskaya GRES.

GRES management

Archival photo Iriklinskaya GRES

In 2005, as a result of reforms (initiated by RAO UES of Russia), the station was separated from Orenburgenergo OJSC.

On October 1, 2006, Iriklinskaya GRES and JSC Inter RAO Electric Power Plants merged. As a result of the merger of enterprises, energy management has become more rational.

In 2006, the branch of Iriklinskaya TPP was joined to the company JSC OGK-1, which is engaged in the wholesale supply of electricity.

Awards to employees of the power plant

In the process of many years of work, many employees of the enterprise were awarded for conscientious work, among them 3 chiefs, namely Kashtanova I. G., Rumyantseva Yu. V., Chernysheva E. V.

Government awards were given to power engineers at Iriklinskaya GRES Verbina N. N., Shimanovsky V. E. and Degtyarev S. I. The title “Honored Worker” was awarded to Klyushin V. A., Vorobev S. T., Laneev E. A. Several dozen people were presented to awards and medals of the USSR, namely:

  • Stepanov P.S.,
  • Alexandrov M.M.,
  • Neverov P.T.


The maximum electric power generated at Inter RAO Iriklinskaya TPP is 2430 MW, while it is also capable of generating heat (up to 121 Gcal / h). Natural gas is used to generate electricity and heat.

At Iriklinskaya GRES installed boiler units of the brand TGMP-314, PK-41 and TGMP-114, as well as the turbine K-300-240.

Chimneys at the station perform a dual role: they are assigned the role of power transmission lines. The same design feature is on Konakovskaya TPP.

Contact details

Iriklinskaya GRES in winter

Many power engineers are interested in what is the address of Iriklinskaya TPP? The power plant is located in the Orenburg region, Novoorsky district, in the village of Energetik. Contact Iriklinskaya GRES (telephone and fax) can be seen on the official website of the company.

The value of IGRES for the country

The electricity generated by the Iriklinskaya GRES in the village of Energetik feeds Orenburg region and nearby regions, as well as part of the territories of Kazakhstan and Bashkortostan. On November 7, 1970, the IGRES was launched for the first time. The power generated at that time was 300 MW. In the same year, on December 31, the second unit of the power station was launched. Four years later, four more large power units were launched in stages.

In 1975, the first stage of the power plant was commissioned, which was capable of generating 1800 MW.

In 1979, when the last power unit was launched, the capacity of Iriklinskaya GRES was 2400 MW.

When construction, colossal in scale and speed, was completed, the workers exulted. The shock work of several thousand workers was crowned with success. The USSR became the first country to manage the simultaneous launch of two power units with a total capacity of 600 MW, built from scratch.

Built the whole country

Pipes and transmission lines

The Komsomol members from the Orenburg region provided enormous help to the builders. About 1,500 boys and girls came to the construction site from Orsk, Novotroitsk, Novoorsk and Gai to develop the territory in the village of Energetik. They planted trees and shrubs, helped load and unload building materials.

Who manages the power plant today

View of Iriklinskaya GRES

In early 2017, the management of JSC Inter RAO - Electric Power Generation reported on the departure of Rifat Rakhmatulin, director of a state district power station, on a well-deserved rest. He left of his own accord, and in his place a new director, Mitin Sergey, was already appointed. At the previous job he worked as a chief engineer at a thermal power plant in the city of Sochi.

Economic development of the enterprise

Recently, Iriklinskaya GRES has received alarming messages about the reduction of experienced employees of the enterprise. Given the complex technology of power generation at the station, the reduction of staff who worked for several years, will lead to personnel hunger. If the cuts continue, it can hit the economy of the enterprise a lot.

Meanwhile, the new director Sergey Mitin assured that the company will implement a program to improve the efficiency and reliability of work at the power plant.

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