Interactive toy "puppy scientist" (Fisher-Price): description

The toy world for kids today is an amazing variety of choices in which even the most experienced parent can easily get lost. Often, moms and dads helps out a limited budget, which greatly narrows the search, but at the expense of quality and functionality. Other parents prefer proven toy brands, one of which is Fisher Price. The puppy scientist of their production is a very popular interactive toy of recent times. More about her talk today in the article.

Toy interactive puppy

A bit about the manufacturer

Fisher-Price owes its existence to Herman. J. Fisher, Irving L. Price and Helen M. Schell, who founded it in 1930 in the United States of America. The fundamental principles of the brand state that a toy should be a real game value: to be original, durable, and consumer demand for an adequate value and functionality.

Safety comes first

As the world leader in toys for preschoolers, Fisher-Price provides the implementation of the six "no":

  • toxicity;
  • maintaining burning and smoking;
  • loss of color;
  • electrification;
  • heating batteries in toys;
  • loss of gaming properties of soft toys when washing in automatic machines.

Production of children's goods, the company carries out with the participation of families with children, and the game laboratory for the development of puppy scientist Fisher-Price regularly tests the world's advanced toy designs and authoring in conjunction with designers, engineers, pediatricians and psychologists. Every year from more than six thousand ideas proposed by engineers at least a hundred are embodied in the form of new ready-made toys.

Puppy "Fisher Price"

Due to the high degree of quality and safety, the products of this company breathes with charm and warmth. For example, the Fisher Price “Learning puppy” educational toy always provides the kid with positive impressions, the joy of “friendship” and first knowledge. Each product brand is developed on the basis of expensive research conducted by teachers, pediatricians, hygienists and psychologists.

Age categories

Toys of this world leader are created for babies from birth to six months and older. They are represented by smiling, charming characters, whose main functions are the development of sensations and visual-motor coordination. We are talking about a variety of rattles, molds, gaming complexes, transformers, toys with light and audio effects.

They, in turn, are subdivided into five subgroups:

1. For newborns - such products are designed to enhance and stimulate visual functions, which is facilitated by black and white graphics and colorful drawings that “catch” the baby’s gaze. And the development of hearing contributes to the presence of unobtrusive melodies and sounds.

2. For children from three months - during this period they begin to get acquainted with the outside world with the help of touch, so the toys of this category are diverse in configuration and texture, color and type of drawing. They are aimed at stimulating the development of visual and auditory functions by listening to a tiny crumb of songs and observing light changes.

3. For children from six months - in this subgroup, toys are focused on the “increased” mobility and skill of the child, as well as his understanding of the possibility of influencing things.Therefore, they have simple functions, leading the crumb to the first achievements, the reward for which are all sorts of surprises.

4. Interactive toy Fisher Price for one-year-old children - here the child develops, learning to count, recognize colors and identify body parts, as well as constantly moving. And toys, respectively, are aimed at the development of these abilities.

5. At the age of 1.5 years and older, children develop imagination and expression of feelings. Thus, the functionality of toys becomes wider.

Often, one toy falls into several categories. For example, the puppy "Fisher Price" includes 3, 4 and 5 of the presented subgroups.

Developmental toy puppy

Little scientist friend

Dogs - the first in the ranking of favorite animals in young children. And if a living dog is not in every family, then a half-year-old baby can be provided with a toy friend. The Fisher Price “Puppy Scientist” toy is a real companion for a baby. With his usual politeness and fun, he is able to teach a child the Russian alphabet. With it, the crumb can learn numbers and counting, colors, names of body parts, as well as learn the first manifestations of feelings. Logic, vision, hearing and fine motor skills - this puppy was created to assist in their development.The musical arsenal of a toy with ten melodies and the heart of a dog blinking in time to the song will amuse the baby in the intervals between study. In the configuration with a puppy are three AA batteries. In this case, the parents are happy, and the baby is happy.

Customer Reviews

The owners of the puppy "Fisher Price" note that this is a soft-touch toy with high-quality pleasant sound. The box in which the dog is packed has an open access, which is very convenient for demonstrating its functions before purchase. Interactive buttons on the chest and other parts of the body (ears, handles, legs, tummy) are activated without effort, by pressing lightly. It is possible to adjust the volume of the puppy, which undoubtedly can be attributed to the benefits. The detailed instruction is attached to the toy.

Interactive puppy with technology "Smart"

Fisher Price puppy scientist with Smart technology

This more advanced version of the previous toy due to the innovation “Smart Stages” allows you to change the educational content depending on the degree of development of the baby, thus adapting to the individual characteristics of each child.

SmartStages includes 3 levels:

  1. Study (from 6 months). Clicking on different parts of the body of a puppy scientist leads to listening to funny sounds, first words and songs. The kid will be able to study the parts of the dog’s body and find them.
  2. Promotion (from 12 months).Provides for the study of the tiny account, the recognition of colors and the definition of body parts. The toy calls for action with questions and simple tips.
  3. Imagination (from 18 months). At this level, entertainment is provided by fun songs, sounds and phrases that encourage the child to play a creative role-playing game, as well as the concept of friendship and the expression of feelings through embraces. The light blue foot is equipped with a toggle switch, which by pressing and holding the button allows you to switch between the first, second and third levels.
    Fisher-Price puppy (smart toy)

Thesis about the main thing

In the arsenal of the popular interactive toys Fisher Price has the following set of features:

  • more than fifty learning phrases, songs and melodies;
  • seven interactive points on the paws, tummy, ear and puppy's heart, sensitive to the touch of the baby;
  • availability of technology Smart Stages, which allows you to change the level of training (from 1 to 3) according to the age of the crumbs;
  • acquaintance of the child with parts of the body and learning letters, colors, numbers and not only;
  • assistance in the development of the senses and fine motor skills.
    Interactive Developmental Puppy

Doggy girl

The brand "Fisher Price" also released the sister of his popular puppy scientist.This blue-eyed beauty has an identical set of functions, but the babies look even nicer and surely will like it. Six interactive buttons are located on different parts of the dog's body, and when you click on the heart, you can hear how it knocks. And although the toy is focused on age from six months to 3 years, customer reviews say that even seven-year-old children like to play with her, sing and dance to her songs. In addition, the quality of the dog, like all Fisher Price products, ensures that it will remain in good condition after the older child and the younger ones can play with it in the future.

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