Intangible employee motivation: examples, ways

What amazing examples, ideas of non-material motivation of employees can be found if you study the experience of modern enterprises! And it's not just companies trying to save money without raising wages. Sometimes financial instruments simply do not produce results, and the intangible motivation of the staff of a store, production company, or office comes to the rescue. As experts say, in many respects the originality of this method of increasing interest in the result determines the success of an entrepreneur in working with a team.

non-financial employee motivation examples

Forward to success!

All currently known types of non-financial motivation of employees help an employer to get employees to improve the efficiency of the workflow. Some people call such events "love potions", and not by chance. The classic version, by the way, has been known since the times of the Soviet Union - this is a luxurious Hall of Fame, where photos of the best workers are posted.Of course, it’s nice to see your image on such a stand, but this is far from the only possible option.

Analyzing what non-material motivations of employees happen, it is necessary to mention corporate actions. They increase team spirit, help to build connections between team members. However, the most advanced HR managers and specialists in the development strategy of enterprises say that such approaches are outdated, nowadays we need to try new, more efficient options and tools.

Popular approach

At present, most often in enterprises, non-financial motivation of employees is realized through the peculiarities of corporate culture. However, some believe that this is quite intrusive, so it cannot be defined as the best opportunity. Employees are forced to attend seminars and trainings, and in some companies the methods of non-material motivation of employees even suggest mass cultural events. In some places, memorable dates are celebrated by the whole team.

ways of non-material motivation of employees

On the one hand, such tools of non-material motivation of employees can be useful, but only often in practice they lead to a negative result.People feel obliged to attend events where they are not at all drawn, to communicate with colleagues not only during their working hours, but also their free time, although many would prefer to spend it with their families. Indeed, parties are accompanied by songs, and such a culture of non-material incentives for employees at first glance seems to be effective, but only here the gaiety is often contrived. The task of the entrepreneur is to look for new, more productive approaches, so that the mood of the working team is at its best, the desire to achieve better results is even higher.

Examples of interesting office habits

Intangible employee motivation is especially curious in the implementation of large companies. So, Walt Disney, having organized his own animation studio, invented a unique motivational tool - he made any workplace in his enterprise prestigious. This truly great person understood that even a large salary will not stimulate an employee who is aware that his place is not the best. The Disney employee incentive approachat that time he had no analogs - with his own hands he literally turned all the company's workplaces into really enviable ones, such that the staff proudly talked about his position.

A good example is the laundry at branded amusement parks. It was decided to rename all such departments into textile services, which, both in name and in the internal hierarchical structure, put them on the same level as marketers or customer support service. However, it was definitely easier to get here.

employee non-financial motivation tools

Second Life Approach

The methods of non-material motivation of employees applied at this enterprise are also quite curious. The company specializes in supporting three-dimensional social network. It was decided to launch a software platform inside the company, allowing those who wish to leave feedback on the work activity of their colleagues. This method of non-material motivation of employees gave everyone the opportunity to send a note to the address of another person, encouraging his activity or indicating his gratitude for the help, a job well done.

Information published through the internal system is publicly available.Anyone with access to the network can read the notes. At the same time, such an example of intangible employee motivation provides enough information for managers, allowing them to assess the performance of each individual employed. The system allows you to collect data, set estimates on labor productivity, and based on the information received, you can make management decisions in personnel policy. What is not a perfect example of non-financial motivation of employees?

Option from Hime & Co

The example of non-material motivation of employees developed in this company is rather unusual in its essence. The company declares its strategy as an idea to support any undertakings, mental impulses of workers. If someone needs, a person can easily leave for half a day, explaining to the managers the reason for the action. Even a visit to a seasonal sale can be a good reason!

non-financial motivation of employees

In our country, it is difficult to imagine that such an example of non-financial motivation of employees was implemented in practice, at the same time, the approach is really interesting and unusual.Or, say, you can take time off for a whole day because of a trauma - for example, a quarrel with her husband. However, it is important to control the behavior of employees, so as not to face abuse.

More examples!

A good option in any company, in any conditions, regardless of the scope of the enterprise, will be public recognition of the success of a particular employee. The promotion of merit can be arranged in a different form - not necessarily limited to the classic Hall of Fame. As an additional reward, you can give gifts to employees, not only on the occasion of, but without it, to maintain the working spirit and loyalty of the organization.

If an entrepreneur is looking for options for intangible remuneration due to budget problems, that is, simply speaking, there is no money for bonuses, then you can certainly choose a more economical method of reward - an unscheduled holiday or some other alternative advantage. The most valuable workers can offer the opportunity to move to a free work schedule. It is also not associated with additional costs, but it has a good effect on motivation.Valuable personnel will be satisfied with this opportunity, and other employees - are interested in moving to the category of the most important for the company. This has a positive effect on staff loyalty.

What else to come up with?

A cash bonus is, of course, good, but what do employees usually spend on it? If we are talking about a fairly well-paid position, they are likely to attend gym or sports, fitness rooms, swimming pools and cinemas, as well as other entertainment complexes. You can pay them a premium, and you can offer a subscription or a gift certificate - by the way, it will probably cost less for the company, since you can make an agreement at special prices, a sort of wholesale purchase.

non-financial incentives for employees

Another good option is sports events, where everyone is invited. An important motivational point: you should not force everyone to come, threatening punishment in the absence. This not only does not increase motivation, but will reduce it. But to properly advertise the event so that all employees want to take part is a great opportunity. In addition, the staff will feel relaxed, perhaps a new friendship will be established, which will then have a positive impact on the work process.The most fashionable world trends - yachting, karting, football matches, dance evenings. Well, the winner can offer a special gift.

Motivation: a versatile approach

If we recall the times of the Soviet Socialist Republic, in addition to honor rolls, the boards of shame will surely come, where they placed photos of drunks, truants and other personalities who distinguished themselves by a violation of discipline. Being on such a board was extremely unpleasant, and everyone around was immediately aware of the misconduct. Nowadays this is a thing of the past, but some companies use a similar tool of motivation: the guilty workers are punished, albeit playfully. For example, they can come up with a special title that this or that employee receives every month. Say, “The best turtle of the month,” which is assigned to the slowest worker. The main thing is a comic, fun form so that it does not become a reason for insults and conflicts.

But the positive motivation can apply not only to the team, but also their loved ones. Some companies offer trips to a sanatorium, where both employees and their children can go. In other companies, medical insurance is practiced not only for all staff, but also for close relatives.

Work and have fun: one does not interfere

Many large modern companies, especially American and European, not only open offices and arrange workplaces, but also create a fairly large recreation area with a variety of opportunities for spending time. It is a pleasure to work here, but it is equally good to have fun. And this is not just a familiar area with coffee and buns, but also playgrounds, staff recreation rooms. You can play console video games, ride a hoverboard or skateboard, read a book or watch a movie.

The peculiarity of this approach is in the recently actively promoted idea that working hours are the more productive the better a person can rest during breaks. Switching attention, changing the task to a fundamentally different one, the opportunity to choose a way for one’s liking is all possible for those who work in an advanced modern organization. Relaxation is the key to success, since the organization of a recreation area benefits primarily the enterprise itself. Yes, and people are pleased to have the opportunity to change the situation to a relaxed, especially during the stressful deadlines.

Alternative approach to the problem

The listed motivational ways and ways are quite good, although they are associated with certain costs. But companies where they pay decent wages, where work is stable and prestigious, and the management system is built in a dictatorial form, may not invest anything at all in motivational aspects. At such enterprises, workers are happy to have a lack of criticism from the authorities. No comments - that's your motivation. However, only a stress-resistant person can work at such an enterprise, therefore the option is not suitable for everyone and not always. For a small company, the path is hardly intelligent, and large organizations, monopolists in their own field may well resort to this option.

culture intangible incentives for employees

An equally important aspect that helps motivate staff is career opportunities. Development is not always associated with an increase in wages or at a new position the payment will be slightly higher than it was at the previous one, but it ideally satisfies ambitious people. In addition, a person understands that he is valued, his efforts are not in vain.

With people - like people

One of the good motivational tools is attentive attitude to the staff. This is not about relationships with the team as a whole, but about a simple human participation in the fate of each employee. You can help and give advice to those who have a difficult life situation, and also go forward in various requests within a reasonable framework. A leader who calls the staff with warm, friendly feelings is a guarantee of team loyalty, which means motivation and success of the activity.

Why do you need it?

Any modern entrepreneur is forced to work in the conditions of an economic crisis, a difficult market situation. This means that you need to look for all possible ways to reduce the costs associated with the workflow. Naturally, cash incentives, wage increases do not tally with the desire to save. In addition, not always only money can give the desired positive result. So you have to combine different techniques in order to achieve a positive result.

As the experience of many enterprises shows, the positive attitude of workers, provoked by the employer's motivational tools, helps to improve results.This is most noticeable in the sales department, that is, the work of managers interacting with customers. If a person is not just interested in preserving the workplace, but he is in a good mood, it is easier for him to work with customers, to resolve any issues promptly and constructively.

Combine for profit

Intangible rewards are a system that will work only in the enterprise, where employees receive a decent salary. With the low cost of labor in the company, no motivational tools will help - except, of course, bonuses. Symbolic gratitude is appreciated only by employees who are fully satisfied with the financial component. The responsible entrepreneur, interested in the success of his business, must combine monetary and non-material methods, so that each of his employees feels part of the team and understands that he has a personal interest in solving all work tasks.

methods of intangible employee motivation

Summing up

When developing a system of intangible rewards in an enterprise, it is necessary to find out which of the company's personnel is interested in what, which has difficult life situations, and features.You need to be aware of marital status, the availability of credit programs and other important aspects that allow you to understand how you can motivate an employee. It would not be superfluous to accurately identify the employee’s positioning with respect to the company, and already on the basis of this information to develop a workflow incentive program.

Intangible stimulation is a double-edged sword, and really works as one of the methods of activating the workflow, but it does not show itself as the only approach. Choosing a suitable option, you need to take into account the particularities of a particular enterprise, introduce only relevant, relevant to the spirit of the time methods.

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