Inhalation with a dry cough nebulizer. Nebulizer inhalants

Before making inhalation with a nebulizer, you should definitely visit a therapist. After all, if you have serious diseases of the lungs or bronchi, then they must be treated with radical methods, and not with conventional steam procedures.inhalation with a dry cough nebulizer

general information

Before you tell you how to make inhalation with a nebulizer, you should tell what this disease is.

Cough - this reflex response of the human body to the presence in the airways of foreign objects, sputum or mucus. This deviation can be divided into the following types:

  • dry cough;
  • wet.

The greatest danger to humans is the first option. After all, it is characterized by the absence of sputum. In connection with this, the predecessor of dry cough is very often a strong sore throat,which brings a huge discomfort to the patient. To get rid of this disease should be with the help of medical devices.

What is the best treatment?

Inhalation with a dry cough nebulizer are very popular among patients. After all, using this device, a person can in a short time get rid of unpleasant tickle in the throat and cause sputum separation.

how to make inhalation with a nebulizer

However, it should be noted that there are a great many ways to combat dry cough. Someone prefers to use natural products such as pills “Mukaltin” or breast herb collection, someone is more comfortable to use radical antibiotics, and someone trusts exclusively popular recipes.

But despite all the existing methods of treatment, adherents of all these methods certainly will not deny that inhalation with a dry cough with a nebulizer also bring a positive effect.

Features and types of devices

To understand how to do inhalation through a nebulizer, you should learn about its features and existing types.

Nebulizer is a modern device for carrying out inhalation procedures.Using it to treat the respiratory tract, a person can easily transform any drug solution into the smallest particles that are able to penetrate deep into the lungs. Thanks to these properties, the nebulizer can cure a dry cough much faster than other medicines taken orally.

Currently, commercially available compression and ultrasonic types of devices. The latter device is notable for noiseless operation and small size. Due to this fact, it can be easily applied to treat small children.

how much to do inhalation nebulizer

The only significant disadvantage of such neibularesis is that it cannot be used to cure a dry cough with antibiotics and hormones. This is due to the fact that ultrasound simply destroys them.

As for compression nebulizers, they create quite a lot of noise. However, such a device is able to produce very small particles and allow the use of almost all medical preparations.

Nebulizer inhalants

Due to the effectiveness of the treatment with this device, pharmaceutical companies are producing more and more appropriate drugs.They can be purchased at almost any pharmacy.

So what medications are needed to make inhalation with a dry cough nebulizer? With this disease, doctors usually prescribe drugs that can soften the sore throat, lower the viscosity of mucus, and also remove it from the lungs or bronchi. As a rule, the following means are used for this purpose:

  • Medication "Berodual." Typically, such a drug is prescribed for inhalation with a nebulizer to children. In this case, for 1 procedure, you should use 0.5 ml (up to 6 years old) or 2 ml of product (from 12 years old). By the way, this medication must be pre-diluted with 3 ml of saline.
  • Drug "Berotek." For the first inhalation you will need 0.5 ml (for a child over 12 years old). In advanced cases, you can use 1 ml.

nebulizer inhalation for children

  • Means "Salgim." For one procedure, you must apply 2.5 ml. It is recommended to carry out treatment up to 4 times a day with an interval of 6 hours, without using saline.
  • Medication "Atrovent". Inhalation of this drug is recommended for children older than 12 years in an amount of 0.5 ml, from 6 to 12 - 0.25 ml, and up to 6 - 0.1 ml. Pre-agent should be diluted with saline.

Other remedies for the treatment of dry cough

Nebulizer inhalation, reviews of which are only positive, can be done not only by means of the above preparations. Indeed, along with bronchodilators, it is quite possible to cure a dry cough with the help of immunomodulators (for example, Interferon), anti-inflammatory herbal remedies (for example, Rotocan), as well as antibiotic drugs (for example, Dioxidine, Furacilin, Fluimucil ") etc.

In addition, dry cough is often cured with hormones. If you need to cause a rapid dilution of sputum, we recommend using such mucolytic drugs such as Pulmozim or Lasolvan. They are inexpensive and sold in all pharmacies.

It is impossible not to say that many experts recommend their patients to carry out therapy for dry cough, using regular and mineral water or saline.

Carrying out the procedure

How and how much to do inhalation with a nebulizer? These questions arise in almost all people who first encountered this procedure. That is why in this section of the article we decided to tell you aboutWhat rules must be followed in order to independently conduct inhalation measures.

nebulizer inhalation

The basic rules of treatment with a nebulizer

So, for the treatment of dry cough nebulizer, you must follow the rules described below:

  • Nebulizer should be inhaled only in a sitting position.
  • During the procedures can not talk.
  • For inhalation should be used only fresh drug.
  • Prepare a solution for inhalation measures or open a vial of medication, preferably immediately before the procedure.
  • The maximum shelf life of the drug for inhalation in the refrigerator is 14 days.
  • As a solvent for the nebulizer, only sterile saline or distilled liquid should be used. It is strictly forbidden to use tap water, even if it has been boiled several times or passed through all sorts of filters.

How to exercise?

For proper inhalation procedures, you should know:

  • To fill the nebulizer with inhalation solution, it is necessary to use only sterile needles or syringes.
  • When treating cough, which was caused by abnormalities in the work of the upper respiratory tract (for example, with laryngitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, etc.), it is recommended to breathe slowly and deeply through the oral cavity.

after inhalation with a nebulizer

  • When treating cough, which was caused by the pathology of the lower respiratory tract (for example, with bronchitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia), you should inhale the vapors deeply with your mouth, and then hold the air in the chest for 2 seconds and exhale it evenly through the nose.
  • For diseases of the nasopharynx and nasal sinuses should superficially and quietly inhale the vapors with the nose.

How much to spend and what to do after?

As a rule, inhalation with a nebulizer spend about 6-12 minutes. Moreover, it is recommended to carry out these procedures no earlier than 1.5 hours after a meal or intense physical exertion.

So what to do after the treatment is completed?

  • After inhalation with a nebulizer, the patient is advised to rinse the mouth and nose well, as well as wash the face with clean water.
  • After treatment, it is strictly forbidden to rinse your mouth and nose with antiseptic solutions.
  • After inhalation with a nebulizer it is forbidden to smoke for 1 hour.

In addition, by carrying out these measures for the treatment of dry cough, you can not eat for 30 minutes. By the way, if you use several different medications for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract, they should be used strictly in a certain sequence. So, at first it is recommended to inhale a pair of bronchodilator drugs (bronchodilators), and after hours - expectorant or mucolytic medications.

If these procedures have contributed to sputum discharge, then the nebulizer should be filled with antiseptics or anti-inflammatory drugs.nebulizer inhalants

Alternative devices

It is not a secret for anyone that the nebulizer is a rather expensive device. In this regard, not everyone is able to purchase it for the treatment of dry cough. In this case, experts recommend a regular steam inhalation using a kettle or a pot of boiled water. Of course, such treatment is less effective, but with the right choice of remedies (herbal preparations), the patient will still be able to get rid of a sore throat or severe nasal congestion.

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