Tattoo "Indians": meaning and interpretation

New World gave the world a separate culture, filled with hidden meaning and secrets. These are colorful peoples with their own traditions and customs, unique rituals and original symbolism. It is not surprising that the “Indians” tattoo is as popular as the oriental motifs.

Native American tribes still exist. These nations still pay tribute to their ancestors, honor sacred spirits and honor traditions. By the way, the spiritual component of human essence is the basis of the whole culture of pre-Columbian America. The animals, whose image, according to the Indians, was adopted by ancestors after death, are also sacred in it.

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Indian tattoo: meaning

Overseas culture is known for its unique drawings and colorful ornaments, which are used for carrying out shamanic rituals and rituals. But this does not mean that the Indian category of tattoo is a continuous ornament, intertwining images of animals. Strange as it may seem, but the Indians themselves put images of people of their own kind on their bodies.It is worth noting that the “Indians” tattoo could be applied to their bodies exclusively by the leaders of the tribe or those close to them. A simple man had no right to wear such an image on his body.

However, it is not about that now. It is important to understand what the tattoo “Indians” means for a modern person living in the civilized world. What comes to mind? First of all, something related to magic and rituals, belonging to nature and its mighty power. Love is another meaning of Native American tattoo. All this is correct, but generalized. It's time to get acquainted with a more accurate and capacious value of the picture.

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Who would suit the tattoo "Indians"?

There is no specific answer to this question. The image of the Indian himself can be chosen by men who honor their traditions, respect their ancestors and remain true to their principles. The image of an Indian is the personification of loyalty, valor and courage. This is the picture that eloquently testifies to wisdom and fearlessness.

Often, the tattoo "Indians" serves as a talisman or talisman. The trend is rooted in the distant past, when the redskins put this image on their body.Men chose a girl in feathers as a symbol of love and faith, and representatives of Indian culture chose a warrior man.

Modern interpretation

Today, the image of the Indians is not so common. Among the stellar representatives can be noted only Justin Bieber, on the shoulder of which flaunts the image of the leader of the tribe of the Redskins. The picture is not random. The Indian was a symbol of one of the hockey teams in the United States, the fan of which was the grandfather of the young singer. In memory of his progenitor, Justin and stuffed a skull with feathers. If we consider the classical interpretation, then this is the number of victories over the enemies. One feather symbolizes one fallen enemy.

Currently, Indian images can be on the body in both men and women. Considering that the image of the red man requires detailed drawing, an extensive body area is selected. Men prefer to put a tattoo on the shoulder, back or shoulder. Girls choose typically "female" places: hips or belly.

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The value of tattoo with Indian motifs

Native American tattoos are not only images of people with feathers on their heads.It can be various ornaments, images of animals and natural drawings. Often there is a tattoo of an Indian on a horse - this is the quintessence of courage, courage and courage.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude: the tattoo with the image of an Indian acts as a talisman. Qualitatively traced the picture will certainly attract the attention of all others. It is only important to choose a professional master who will be able to embody in the picture all the qualities of a brave warrior and his character.

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