In a dream, drink vodka: the interpretation of sleep

Scientists believe that in a dream the brain processes the information received during the day. Psychologists clarify that the subconscious includes information displaced from the conscious in the plot of sleep. Esoterics believe that dreams are traveling in the subtle body to other worlds. Thousands of fans of Castaneda are trying to understand what lucid dreams are, and start managing these incredible scenes that we see every night.

From time immemorial, people have sought to unravel the meaning of unexpected images, unthinkable actions, extraordinary scenery in which films unfold on the inner screen of a person. Many would like to establish a link between what they saw in a dream and the events of real life.

In a dream, drink vodka

Search for meanings: a psychic's look

The winner of the TNT program “Battle of Psychics”, popular on the TNT channel, a former border guard, and now a consultant in difficult situations and the author of two books about intuition - Alexander Litvin, says that the interpretation of dreams is a skill that can be learned.According to the psychic, he himself does not go to bed without a pen and paper in the headboard, but starts the day by fixing what he had dreamed. This thoughtful and painstaking process can take about an hour of time, and during the day it becomes clear to him why this or that information had a dream. Lytvyn refers to Vernadsky's teaching about the noosphere and is convinced of the existence of the energy-information field of the Universe, by connecting to which you can get an answer to your question through a dream.
Drinking vodka in a dream which means

How to order a prophetic dream

In his interviews, Litvin recommends the following algorithm for answering important questions through dreams. First, you need to finish all the current affairs, lay clean bedding, ventilate the room well and make sure that its temperature does not exceed 21 degrees, and the humidity is 65-70 percent. Secondly, it should be as accurate as possible to remember in your memory the sensations of your contact with water: stand under a shower, tune in to the memories of walking in the rain, and steps along squeaky snow. Finally, without anyone else talking, you need to loudly ask the universe your question and go to the kingdom of Morpheus. The answer is not long in coming.

Read the dream book?

In the meantime, the skill of interpreting and managing dreams has not yet been fully mastered, you can turn to dream books for the interpretation of dreams. Dream books, as signs, proverbs and sayings, summarize the long-term popular experience of attempts to interpret the most common scenes of dreams. It should, however, be taken into account that dream books often offer opposite interpretations of the same details, and it is only necessary to take the tips of dream books as a starting point for one’s own research. This is an auxiliary material, and not the ultimate truth.

Let us consider what this dream plot, which is not far from everyday life, in which the dreamer drinks vodka in a dream, can mean.

Why dream of drinking vodka in a dream

The most common interpretations

In general, drinking vodka in a dream means in the near future to make an impulsive act caused by the influence of emotions. Such actions rashly capable of knocking out of a rut, and their consequences can be quite serious.

Some compilers of dream books interpret this plot directly: drinking vodka in a dream foreshadows troubles from riotous lifestyle and alcohol abuse in reality.

The most optimistic interpretations of the plot suggest the possibility of replenishing the family, and for unmarried people they predict an invitation to a family celebration, in particular a wedding or christening.

For those who are concerned about financial issues, such a dream can predict the need for serious cash expenditures, which will later turn into monetary gain.

Caring wives, who see a husband drinking vodka in a dream, dream books can scare, foreshadowing the possibility of divorce.

Good company

In order to most adequately interpret the dream of vodka, you need to take into account all the nuances of the situation of drinking an alcoholic beverage, answering yourself the questions who is drinking, what exactly, where, from what, with whom, and so on.
Dream to drink vodka

If in a dream a man alone drinks vodka from a glass, it can mean that he is emotionally and physically exhausted, and he needs to take care of his condition. For married and married people, such a dream can foreshadow family quarrels, from which, however, it will be easy to get out, recalling mutual respect in time.

And what does drinking vodka mean in a dream with your enemy? This is a very promising plot. Such a dream foreshadows that in the near future ugly information about the counterpart will be opened, which can be used in their own interests.

Dream books claim to see in a dream how you drink vodka with friends can mean a quick quarrel with them. If you dream that you are only watching someone else's feast, you should reconsider your goals in life, reduce the attention paid to other people, and by all means devote it to yourself.

Glass? Best of throat

The presence in the plot of such a small detail as a glass, somewhat changes the interpretation. Drinking vodka in a dream from a glass means facing conflict. A dreamer pouring vodka into someone's glass intentionally or unintentionally creates a problem for the one he was courting in his sleep. Similarly, you should expect trouble from someone who in a dream poured you a strong drink into a glass. According to the claims of dream-books, to see in a dream those who drink vodka from a large number of glasses may portend a large number of forthcoming quarrels and conflicts. It should pay attention to an important detail: if the dreamer remained in a dream after an alcoholic feast balanced and calm, most likely, he will be able to get out of the trouble without loss.

dream vodka drink vodka in a dream

Feast with the dead

A special case is the presence in the plot of a deceased person's sleep.On such dreams, you should pay special attention and try not to lose from the memory of what the interlocutor could say. When you wake up, you should, without delay, remember the person by the rite most suitable for the dreamer. For example, church members may order a prayer service. Why dream, how do you drink vodka in a dream with a deceased loved one? Often dream books emphasize that the appearance of the departed in a dream suggests that they feel forgotten or, more rarely, warn of some danger.

Do dreams speak of career growth?

Some details of the dream of vodka collections of interpretations of dreams associated with career development. For example, it is mentioned that drinking vodka directly from a bottle means that soon you will increase your professional level. A good bottle of alcohol is also a dream for good changes and promotion at work. And if he bought a bottle and drink vodka in a dream? Dream Interpretation predicts negative consequences for career.
Sleep husband drinks vodka

The connection of dreams with the state of health

Doctors believe that many common scenes of nightmares may be associated with health problems that have already appeared or are about to become obvious.For example, a common story about strangulation in a dream may simply be the result of nasal congestion. Folk dream books also pay attention to the connection of dreams with physical health. So, intoxication, weakness from drinking in a dream can warn about the general weakness of the body, ready to manifest in the form of a cold.

Let's sum up

Some of the dream books in connection with the story of vodka mention the danger of slow behavior. In general, if we sometimes sum up contradictory interpretations of various compilers, we can say that the story of vodka warns about the need to pay attention to your own health, relationships with friends and colleagues, and then any possible troubles will pass on a tangent, almost without causing frustration. .

Sleep drinking vodka with friends

Dream books can be taken seriously at the beginning of the journey to study their own symbolic system, manifested in dreams. You can perceive them only as entertaining reading. In any case, do not underestimate your own intuition. Listening to it, learning how to mark your feelings and feelings, and not just falling into experiences - this is the first step to getting important signs not only in a dream, but literally at every step.

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