Icons of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. What helps the icon of St. Nicholas

Saint Nicholas is one of the most beloved and revered saints in the Christian world. Both Orthodox and Catholics honor him, and churches are built and consecrated in his honor. Icons of St. Nicholas are in every church and in every family believing in Jesus Christ.icon of saint nicholas

What needs helps holy saint Nicholas

St. Nicholas is a saint who helps all who prayerfully turn to him for help. The icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, placed on the place of honor, accompanies sailors sailing. Drivers attach it in their cars as a guardian against trouble on the roads. Ask any believer: “The icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker helps these different categories of people — children and adults, men and women?” Many will respond differently from personal experience. He is approached with problems in his studies, with requests for healing from diseases, he is asked for help in business affairs.The icons of Nicholas the Wonderworker help to cope with difficulties in family life, to fulfill the desire to marry people. Probably, there is no field to which the good power of this saint would not extend. They say that he will soon respond to the most desperate prayers, when you no longer believe in the possibility of deliverance from imminent disaster. What needs this or that icon of St. Nicholas the Wonder of the Miracle Worker helps one can understand if one gets closer acquainted with the life and personality of this person, and it is of great interest both to historians and theologians.

Saint's personality

Early Christian biographers, wishing to emphasize the righteousness of Christian saints, somewhat embellished the facts and stories collected about them, however, regarding Nikolay Mirlikiysky, historians who researched his life unanimously agree that he was truly, simply legendarily generous and compassionate to the poor people by man. There are cases of surprising intervention and healing, even during the earthly life of this saint of God, when he was far away from the one who called to him. After the death of Nicholas, his relics began to flow to the world.This world has wonderful properties of physical and spiritual healing.icon of St. Nicholas how it helps

Short biography of Nicholas the Wonderworker, Bishop of Mirliki

The life of St. Nicholas is well known. As far as possible, of course, since he was born at the beginning of the last millennium, approximately in the year 270, in the ancient great seaside city of Patara, which is located on the territory of modern Turkey. He was the only child in the family of pious and wealthy parents. Both of them died when he was young.

Since childhood, the boy had a lively mind and energetic character. From an early age he had a great craving for knowledge and the study of Holy Scripture. The uncle of Nicholas, the Patar bishop, noticed this and sent his nephew in the path of the priesthood. Unlike the Gospel youth, the wealth of Nicholas did not prevent him from following Christ. From the very beginning, he was known as a generous donor for those who needed it. In the biography of the Holy Giver there are stories about how he became a monk, visited the Holy Land and was elected bishop of the Lycian city of Mira. From the very beginning, he was known as a generous donor for those who needed it.

The active life position of St. Nicholas is confirmed by the stories of his imprisonment during the reign of Emperor Diocletian during the period of persecution of Christians. Some sources mention the violent conflict that occurred at the Nicene Council in 325, when Nikolai struck Arius for seditious statements about the divine origin of Christ. Each icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is directly related to any events in the life of the saint himself or to cases of miraculous salvation with his participation after death.

Attitude of St. Nicholas to his bishopical duties

The modern bishop of the Lycian world, Metropolitan Chrysostomos, explains the phenomenon of Nicholas the Wonderworker by the fact that this man lived his life among people, and not in the solitary desert or outside the monastic walls. He actively participated in the life of his countrymen, helped the poor, the hungry, and those who were threatened with unfair accusation and jail or death. His episcopal dignity Nicholas perceived as a divine call to live not for himself, but for the people entrusted to his care. Nicholas was accessible to all who needed his help, was his friend and protector.The Lord healed and saved people through his faithful slave Nicholas and at his request, that is, prayer.icon of St. Nicholas prayerStories about these miracles began to circulate throughout the world during the life of the saint. One part of them turned into fanciful tales, and the other keeps the memory of genuine incidents. They show why Nikolai became a favorite protector for all kinds of people. In each temple, where there is an icon of St.. Nicholas the Wonderworker, light candles, accompanying them with prayers, this is done by schoolchildren and their parents, the poor and wealthy merchants, those who are in danger, and those who worry for their loved ones.

The miracle of mercy during a storm near Crete

During the pilgrimage to the Holy Land, the ship on which Nicholas sailed, got into a strong storm. Sailors had already begun to say goodbye to life, because the waves were so high that the ship was tossed from side to side like a small chip. With such excitement and hurricane deployed sails - a sure death for travelers. The sailors began to fold them. This is a very difficult job, and with strong swaying and wind, it is also dangerous. One daredevil, who climbed onto the mast, could not help herself and fell down.Nicholas during the trip met this young man. The tragic fall and death of the young man shook him. He knelt down beside the unfortunate and in despair appealed to the Lord. And then a miracle happened - the sailor opened his eyes.Nicholas the Wonderworker icon meaningChristianity was then in its infancy and caused many disputes. Few believed in the power of prayer to Christ. This case turned the team, sailing on the ship with Nicholas, in the true faith. And after returning to the land, many of the eyewitnesses to the amazing incident were baptized. Since then, sailors have a tradition to take the saint's image with them. On the long-distance vessels, a separate cabin is placed where the icon of St. Nicholas is placed. Prayer to the saint helps to cope with the difficulties of long journeys, longing for family and other concerns of navigators.

The story of the three girls

Nicholas, having received a great inheritance after the death of his parents, used it to help people. So, we know the story of the girls, who thanks to him were able to arrange their lives. One of Nikolai’s fellow countrymen had three daughters. Beautiful girls were well educated, mastered the technique of female crafts, were modest, kind, honest and obedient.My father loved them, but since in those days women were not able to earn their living by themselves, they were forced to be on someone’s content. The circumstances were such that the father of these girls was not able to continue to support their daughters, but could not marry them, as he did not provide dowry.icon of St. Nicholas the Miracle-workerParents who found themselves in a similar position usually transferred their adult daughters to the service and maintenance, practically into slavery. Nikolay, having learned about the fate that awaited three beautiful girls, decided to intervene and save them. After waiting for the night, he threw a bag of gold into the house as a dowry for the eldest of them. After a while, he did the same for the middle daughter. When Nikolai brought the third bag, the father of the girls saw him. He kept this story for posterity, telling his acquaintances about the nobility and generosity of Nicholas. The icon painter, whose name has sunk into oblivion, captured this case in the form of a picture. The icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker helps girls marry safely.

The case of a drowned child

If you find yourself in such a situation when misfortune happened, and the image is far away, then you can imagine that there is an icon in front of you: Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker looks at you, sees and hears.Ask him for help. In the annals preserved such a case. Once a ship on which a married couple sailed with a child fell into a storm. These people did not have time to hide in the hold, and a strong wave that swept the deck washed the baby into the deep. The grief of parents is difficult to convey. They prayed to St. Nicholas for help. Maddened by grief, unhappy people could not think of anything except their lost child. Their prayers to Saint Nicholas were simply desperate. When the ship arrived at the port, the couple, hoping for a miracle, went to church, because they did not see the child dead. They dreamed that dolphins or a passing ship saved him. Imagine their surprise when they saw their baby in the temple, on the floor, and Nicholas the Wonderworker (the icon) was in front of him. The significance of this great man, who is revered in the Christian world above other saints, cannot be overestimated. After all, in addition to the voiced and described stories, there are those that are stored within families as tribal legends, not intended for outsiders.

Nicholas the Wonderworker and Santa Claus

Some sources explain that Nikolai threw money into the house through a pipe from the chimney, and the falling bag flew into the girl's stocking, which she hung up near the fire to dry.From here, on the eve of Christmas, the tradition began to hang socks near the fireplace or just in an empty room socks in the hope that the holy Runner would put gifts on them on the occasion of the Great Holiday. Catholic New Year character Santa Claus invented in memory of his beloved saint. True, Santa Claus comes to homes just before Christmas, and the miraculous icon of St. Nicholas helps all year round.icons of St. Nicholas

Saint Nicholas died in the year 345. December 6, lived almost 70 years. A liquid appeared on its remains, which had a wonderful ability to stop pain and stop disease. This is holy mira. Not everyone can come to the resting place of the remains of the saint, in the city of Bari, but live and ambulance comes to us through the icons of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. In Russia, there have been many miracles associated with this saint and his icons.

Miracle in Samara

In 1956 in the city of Kuybyshev (now Samara) the following story took place. On the holiday on the occasion of the New Year's celebration, a group of friends gathered in the house of a certain citizen Claudia Bolonkina and her son. Girls and boys had fun, joked, and then divided into couples and began to dance. The girl Zoe couple did not get.Her friend, Nikolai, the son of the hostess, was away somewhere. Zoe looked around. She came across an icon. St. Nicholas the Wonderworker seemed to the girl a suitable gentleman. She took the image in her hands and announced with a laugh that he would be her pair, since there was no other. The guys began to conscience her, they say, it’s a sin to dance with the icon. Zoya boldly retorted that, they say, if there is a God, and he will not like her act, he will punish her.icon of saint nicholas the miracle worker

This girl grew up an atheist. Zoe was not very guilty in her disbelief. In those times, children in the USSR were not allowed to baptize, and if they saw that a person went to church, they were reported to employees of the State Security Committee, and later on the person and his family would face all sorts of harassment at work, at school and everywhere. After Zoya’s loud statement about the girl, she found a stupor in which she stayed until the Holy Resurrection of Christ. During his standing, the unfortunate shouted the words: “Repent!”, “The whole world is in sins!” And others. This is how Nikolai the Wonderworker punished the girl (the icon). The meaning and meaning of the words that we refer to the shrines do not remain unanswered. This case confirms that Saint Nicholas always very quickly reacts to the appeal to him.

The appearance of St. Nicholas

According to the remains of the saint, modern scholars have managed to establish the true image of the saint. It turned out that the icons of Nicholas the Wonderworker correspond to his appearance. He was a man of short stature, about 168 cm, of stocky build. Now it could be taken for a boxer or a fighter. He had a broken nose, and judging by the state of the joints of the hands, he may have been tortured on the rack. He probably suffered during the reign of Diocletian, the persecutor of Christians. Nicholas the Wonderworker had a dark skin, his face radiated affection and was very soulful, and his biography tells of his character.

Reverence of holy priest

Some people ask in the church: “Is the icon of St. Nicholas the Miracle-Maker, ancient and modern, of equal strength? Or does the age of the shrine matter?” If the icon is consecrated according to the Christian tradition, and the petitioner is a baptized person, then Nicholas will hear it, no matter what image of saint you would turn to. The icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker will help even if she is at your home, in a car or in a purse, and not only in the church.

A special veneration of St. Nicholas in the Christian world occurs twice a year - in the summer of July 29, the day of his birth, and in the winter - December 6, the day of his death.In the Italian city of Bari, where the relics of the saint are kept, there is a Russian compound. This land for the construction of a temple and a hotel for pilgrims shortly before the 1917 revolution was bought by the Russian emperor Nicholas II. In the years 1913-1917 designed by the architect Shchusev, a temple was erected there in honor of Nikolai the Great Man and the compound. Every year on May 9, the Russian Orthodox Church solemnly celebrates the transfer of the relics of the saint from the city of Mira to Bari.

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