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Previously, the IBM laptop was probably the only choice of professional users. However, even now this rule remains relevant. The most popular series now produced by Lenovo is the T Series. The IBM T43 and earlier notebook model is an example of a balance between excellent performance and compactness. This device has many features that distinguish it favorably.

About brand

IBM is an American company that has had a significant impact on the production of modern computers. The story of IBM begins in 1911, then three different companies were combined into one CTR. She was engaged in the production of electrical engineering. Later began to produce tabulation machines. In 1924, the company changed its name to IBM (International Business Machines). In 1943, it released the first computer, Marc I, in 1952, the IBM 701 appeared.

ibm thinkpad laptop

In 1981, the IBM PC was created - it marked the beginning of the PC architecture era. Then the company began to sell production licenses.In 2004, she sold her business for the production of desktops and laptops "Lenovo". Today, IBM is developing supercomputers, high-performance processors and software.


The IBM R40 laptop belongs to the low-cost series R. The processor is built on the basis of Intel Pentium 4-M 2 GHz, with a RAM size from 256 MB to 1 GB, a hard disk up to 40 GB. There are optical drives CD-RW / DVD-ROM, graphics subsystem ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 with 32 MB. The screen model is 15.1 inches, with a resolution of 1024 x 768 px. The sound system is an integrated 16-bit sound card, compatible with Sound Blaster Pro, integrated stereo speakers and microphone, external volume control, stereo headphone output, microphone input.

What are the interfaces?

  1. Two PC Card Slots.
  2. Connectors for the monitor.
  3. Audioport.
  4. Connector for modem.
  5. Network connector
  6. Infrared port.
  7. Two USB 2.0 ports.
  8. One port IEEE 394.
  9. S-video.

Among the communication capabilities are a 56K modem and an integrated network controller. The dimensions of the laptop are 31.2 x 25.4 x 3.8 cm, and the weight is 2.8 kg. The laptop is an average operating configuration.

A series of notebooks T can be called a compromise, and R is considered budget.For example, the IBM T30 is a working device with excellent portability and durability. It belongs to the fashion models, so it will be appreciated only by users who like old-fashioned design in conjunction with good technical characteristics.

ibm laptop

Notebook IBM ThinkPad Lenovo T61 - one of the most reliable in the line. The advantages of the model include a powerful processor and a professional video card. In addition, a high-resolution matrix, a heavy-duty casing made of composite materials, and a display frame reinforced are installed here. Many users call IBM models impenetrable, as they have faithfully served for many years. Even outdated models work at the highest level.

To buy or not such a device is everyone’s business. On the one hand, this is a bargain (buy classics), on the other - waste, given the huge selection of budget and modern models on the market of computer technologies. A significant drawback, perhaps, of all models is low autonomy and a poor camera. The simple and old-fashioned laptop design of many users can also scare off.


The IBM ThinkPad laptop is reliability that can be seen in the appearance of the device. Its dimensions are 329 x 268 x 31 mm and weight 2.7 kg. The manufacturer here installed a 15-inch matrix. IBM laptop is a large number of different modifications that come to the aid of the user. The distinguishing feature of IBM is external modesty. The design is simple, if not more. The body is made in the classic black color. The peculiarity of the laptop is that its upper and lower covers are made of titanium composite, and the hinge mechanism is made of a metal alloy.

In terms of their strength characteristics, IBM models are between conventional and secure devices. The IBM ThinkPad Lenovo Notebook is the ultimate comfort designed for the user. The manufacturer uses the internal space to the maximum. The display is fifteen inches, with a minimum border around the edges. Image quality is also excellent. The color of the picture is juicy and saturated. The keyboard is comfortable, on the working surface a lot of space for hands. Above the keyboard there are additional buttons. The keys are illuminated by LEDs. The device implements the UltraNav system, which includes TrankPoint and a touch panel, that is, users can work as they like.

ibm t43 laptop


The IBM laptop is distinguished not only by its solid corporate design.It is equipped with modern components, has wide capabilities. It has an Intel Pentium M745 processor with 512 MB RAM and expandable up to 2 GB. A clock speed of 1.8 GHz and a hard disk of up to 80 GB provide the notebook with excellent performance. It provides the IBM Active Protection System hard drive protection system. The video card also contributes to the fast operation of the Mobility RADEON 9600 laptop with 64 MB of memory. It allows you to work with the heaviest graphics packages.


If you look at an IBM laptop, then we have a typical representative of strict design. Its body is made of soft-touch and high-quality plastic. All models of IBM laptops have an additional compartment in which an optical drive is installed. It allows you to write discs of all formats and read. Wireless communications include Wi-Fi and infrared. There are other wireless interfaces:

  • two USB 2.0 ports;
  • audio connectors;
  • two PCMCIA slots;
  • parallel port for printer;
  • VGA port (external monitor).

However, the laptop is missing a card reader and FireWire, and this is a significant drawback. The disadvantages of the device include a short battery life.If you turn off all wireless interfaces, a laptop without additional charge will last about four hours.

ibm laptop specifications

Advantages and disadvantages

The IBM laptop is a reliable device that is appreciated by professionals. Its main advantages include:

  • excellent build quality;
  • a good screen that transmits a clear and vivid picture;
  • comfortable keyboard plus additional keys;
  • high performance.

By cons:

  • inconvenient to carry because of the large weight;
  • autonomous work time is small;
  • the design is simple and fairly typical;
  • high price.
ibm r40 laptop


One of the main disadvantages of IBM laptops is the price. Not everyone can afford such a device. Now sell some stores decommissioned laptops. You can buy one of the budget models of the line for nine thousand rubles. However, the standard price of a simple classic IBM laptop is from 37,000 rubles. It is reasonable to acquire it, if we are talking about image, you need high performance and stable operation of the device.

ibm thinkpad lenovo laptop


What do users think about IBM laptops? Actually, as the manufacturer positions the device, it is a reliable laptop, an excellent assistant in business. Among the advantages noted by users:

  • titanium coating;
  • comfortable mouse;
  • the presence of night lights;
  • bright screen;
  • there is voice acting labels, documents and other files;
  • good loops;
  • high-quality plastic;
  • strong.

The disadvantages include:

  • big weight;
  • there is no Russian keyboard;
  • very low resolution camera;
  • it costs expensive;
  • produces a lot of noise during operation.

IBM notebooks are characterized by high performance, large screen. However, due to these qualities, the weight of the device is large and the dimensions are impressive. In addition, it is running out of time with a charged battery. However, among IBM laptops, there are also superportable devices that weigh a little, but have a small keyboard and screen. They have no drive, performance suffers.

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