I am no longer in Dauria

I am no longer in

The important period in my life, connected with the private space company Dauria Aerospace, has ended. Since April 2013, I worked there as a specialist in public relations. We went to Baikonur to launch our satellite, held press conferences, organized meetings with journalists, met interesting people from the rocket and space industry, participated in MAKS ... It was a fantastic job in a great team, thanks to her I first touched space and it became much better to know him. Specialists of the company never refused to help, so I always knew to whom to go for advice on a particular issue related to space technology, which arose while working on blog materials.
I am no longer in

And I am grateful to the founders of the company, Mikhail Kokorich and Sergey Ivanov, for their support of my promotional activities. To some extent I was a press secretary there, and to some extent, the company sponsored a blogger.
I am no longer in
zelenyikot, so without Dauria this blog would be incomplete.
I can’t talk about the reasons for leaving the company, I’ll just say that there was no internal conflict, and Dauria was the best employer I have ever met.
I am no longer in

Now I have to choose where to go next. I want to continue to talk about space: write in the blog and the media, lead the community in social networks, write books, give lectures, but this activity has not yet been possible for self-sufficiency. The competition in the space tourism market has not yet reached the earthly level, which allows some travel bloggers to live well. With other advertising, I still did not find a compromise between extracting income and telling readers of incomprehensible products and services. For five years, just a few times came across things worthy of the story.
It goes a little better with popular science lectures that I give, but it’s not a regular source of income.
So far I had a relatively free time I was able to concentrate on one more thing - work on a book. If we have time, it should come out by the end of the summer. And the plans immediately to do the next, materials have already accumulated a lot.
I am now looking for a job in the space industry, and there are already some pretty interesting proposals.But I don’t want it to interfere with the main business - the popularization of space, and I don’t want to lose an important feature of my work - the desire for objectivity and independence of opinion.
There is hope to rely on those who read the blog and believe that my work is worth the continuation. With the help of the Patreon service, it is possible to arrange a monthly sponsorship of 60 rubles, which will be automatically deducted after a single registration. Via Facebook it's pretty simple: Become a Patron button.
Separately, you can also support the development of my community Open Space, which is based in different social networks, but in the future we plan a separate website: https://www.patreon.com/ruspacelive
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