Hurricane Katrina: The Effects of Destruction

Hurricanes are a natural elemental phenomenon. They have different categories that are assigned to them depending on the wind speed. The strongest belong to the fifth. It was such a hurricane "Katrina" in the United States that claimed thousands of lives, deprived people of their homes and almost completely destroyed New Orleans. It is at such moments that a person with particular urgency realizes that, like thousands of years ago, he is powerless against the forces of nature. Hurricane Katrina, the photo of the effects of which can be seen in this article, was in the last, fifth category on the Saffir-Simpson scale. He hit the coast of the United States on August 27, 2005 and raged for two days, which seemed endless to people in the disaster zone. Wind speed reached almost 300 km / h.

Chronology of events

Hurricane Katrina was born near the Bahamas. Walked along the coast of Florida and turned to the Gulf of Mexico. Began to form on August 23, and the 24th was already known as Hurricane Katrina. On the 27th, people with horror learned that he is of the fifth category - the strongest of all.The day after the warning meteorologists began mass evacuation. The hurricane reached its peak in the USA on August 29.Hurricane Katrina

Scale of disaster

Burst dam. Rivers and lakes overflowed their banks, and the city was almost completely in the water. Residents tried to escape from alligators on the roofs. Reptiles swam in the water, tearing to pieces everyone who was within their reach, both dead and alive. Everything is mixed together - chemicals, wastewater, gasoline, wreckage of houses. And in the water floated countless corpses.

Hurricane Katrina was such a force that huge vessels were thrown onto the land like matchboxes. Oil platforms collapsed in minutes, large buildings crumbled in seconds, and small ones simply wiped off the face of the earth. People who did not have time to leave the city found themselves in their own cars, as if in traps, and tried to escape from the crocodiles on the roofs, which were full of water.Hurricane Katrina

Affected cities and states

The state of Louisiana suffered the most. The brunt of the elements fell on New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina claimed the lives of 1,600 people. Almost 80% of the city was completely flooded. This is exactly the part that was below sea level.New Orleans was between two fires. On the one side of the city is the Gulf of Mexico, where the hurricane came from. On the other - the bed of the Mississippi and the largest lake Ponchartrain.

In addition to Louisiana, other states have suffered. In Mississippi, 238 people died. In Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Ohio and Florida, the total number of deaths is 21.


When it became known that on August 28, on Sunday, Hurricane Katrin was stillcollapse on the coast of the United States, in New Orleans, was declared a mass evacuation. People rushed to leave the city. As a result, huge traffic jams formed on the roads. At gas stations - the queue.Hurricane Katrina photo

Public transport did not work, and many residents did not have the opportunity to leave the city, as they did not have their cars, money for the road or the hotel. People tried to stock up on food and water. There are long lines at the stores.

As a result, almost 150 thousand people remained in the city. They were mostly residents of poor areas. The authorities provided them with shelter at the Superdome Indoor Stadium, where, as a result, almost 30,000 people had accumulated. Anyone who did not have time or did not want to come to the shelter provided, felt the arrival of the hurricane in an hour. And at the stadium, the electricity went off at about 6 o'clock in the morning.


Almost all police personnel participated in rescue work. As a result - New Orleans captured a wave of crime. Residents robbed, raped. Looters broke into the shops. From the buildings of jewelry and expensive boutiques they simply broke the bars from the windows, and the robbers got inside with impunity. The city imposed a state of emergency. The police and the National Guard received orders to shoot at looters to orleans hurricane katrina

Hurricane effects

Hurricane "Catherine" left behind almost a city razed to the ground. In addition to the many dead, 1900 residents of New Orleans were missing. Thousands of people lost their homes, houses were completely destroyed. Particularly affected were those who lived directly on the coast. Damage from Katrina amounted to almost $ 125 billion. Approximately half of this amount was lost by insurance companies.

Nearly 150 thousand people did not want to return to New Orleans after the hurricane. The US Congress has allocated 110 billion dollars for the restoration of states. For the restoration work involved all the forces: the police, the coast guard, the army and the National Guard.

Most of the buildings were destroyed. People lost their homes.Crocodiles and dolphins swam freely in the hotel’s surviving pools. Underground garages were completely flooded. Cars, pieces of houses, land and dirt, corpses and wounded - all mixed up in one pile. The blockages were huge. Rescuers worked for days. The survivors were evacuated from the roofs of houses in helicopters and boats.

Simultaneously with the floods, fires began in the cities, which destroyed the remaining buildings. Many power lines were damaged. Thousands of people had to leave the cities after the hurricane, as they lost their homes. At the airport of New Orleans, a temporary mobile hospital was established, which received hundreds of people. The corpses of people lay a few days after the water slept. They were buried in common, hastily built graves.Hurricane Katrina in the USA

Hurricane Katrina collected a deadly harvest after the end. In the hospitals there was no light and oxygen masks. Wounded and crippled people simply died. There was not enough food and water in the temporary shelters. The humanitarian aid that other countries expelled was not enough for everyone. And people who could survive the horrors of Katrina died when the city was already quiet.The destruction brought by Hurricane Katrina could only be eliminated by 2006, and even then not completely. But most of the buildings and houses were restored. The whole earth has finally dried up.

After those tragic events like this has not yet repeated. Hurricanes flew, but weaker, with less damage. Perhaps it was “Katrina” that became the most deadly in the last few decades. Hopefully, people will learn a lesson for the future and in the future will try to prevent such a large number of victims.

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