How to visually increase the lips: makeup tricks

In the 50s, the plump lips of the Marilyn sex symbolMonroe was a true standard for women. However, today little has changed. Seductive lips are the dream of many girls. Some in pursuit of beauty even resort to the services of plastic surgery. However, if you are not a supporter of such radical methods, but you are still asking the question: "How to visually enlarge the lips?" - then know that you can do this with the help of cosmetics. If you are not too lucky, and nature has not awarded a chubby oral zone, do not despair. From this article you will learn the secrets of make-up, allowing you to perform to visually enlarge the upper lip

What do we need?

To create a sexual image with an emphasis onlips need to have a certain set of tools. After the list, follow the step-by-step instructions on how to visually enlarge the lips with make-up. Photos are attached.

So, you need to have:

- feather brush

- corrector

- Lip pencil of white color

- a contour pencil of bright or flesh tinge

- brush for applying cosmetic powder

- a napkin (cotton pad)

- 2 lipsticks of different shades (dark and lighter)

- white powder

- lip gloss

Having with you everything you need and carefully studying the materials of the article, you will understand how to make your lips visually enlighten.

Step one: moisturizing and peeling

It is important to remember that from any make-up (eventhe highest quality) the natural beauty of the lips, albeit a little, but still suffers. The main element of care for the oral zone is its systematic moistening. Without it, the lips dry and become weathered, there is itching and unpleasant peeling. Of course, this can not look beautiful. Blame can be not only cosmetics. Weather conditions also affect the delicate skin, however it's worthwhile to hedge. Therefore, before visually increasing the lips, be sure to put a little bit of balm on them. There is one more secret - this is a peeling. You can do it yourself using an ordinary toothbrush. A gentle massage of her soft pile will help to get rid of dead cells, and will also increase blood circulation, which in itself will make the lips a little more plump. Now we can proceed to the question of how to visually increase the volume of the to visually increase the lips

Step Two: Toning

The next step on the way to the long-awaited effect -toning. Apply on the skin of the lips a foundation or powder with the help of a brush. This is necessary in order to slightly blur the contours, because in the future will have to go beyond the natural boundaries of the oral zone. Remember that it is important to choose the corrector correctly - it should be in harmony with the general shade of the face and be invisible. Probably, many of you have seen the girls, whose pretty face is a little darker or lighter than the neck? All this is due to mistakes in choosing a foundation or powder. Of course, it looks ridiculous and certainly not attractive, so approach this issue seriously. Be sure to try to apply a little corrector on the skin of the hand before buying, rub it and evaluate the compatibility with the natural shade of your skin.

Step Three: High Level Driver

The most accurate approach is tohow to visually enlarge the upper lip so that it looks as natural as possible. Nobody wants to be like a painted clown, is not it? Many girls are too zealous with various cosmetics, and as a result, their lips are more like two huge uneven pelmeni. It is to achieve the natural effect that we need a white pencil. With it, paint a hole over your upper lip. Then gently shade it haylayterom. Then the bottom line of the outline is drawn in the same to visually enlarge the lips at home

Step Four: a contour pencil

And now we are half way to theLearn how to visually increase your lips. Take a darker contour pencil (it is important that it is well sharpened) and carefully draw the contour, starting from the middle of the upper sponge and gradually moving to the bottom. Keep the corners untouched. The line between the tick of the upper lip and the corners can be slightly raised, but corners should be painted without exaggerating their natural data. As you can see, it is not necessary to chop Botox: your best assistant is makeup. How to increase the lips, and make the eyelashes longer, and the eyes can be more expressive with to make your lips visually enlarged

Step Five - Lipstick

Using a brush, duplicate a darker onea shade of lipstick on the contours, and then shade it gently inward movements. It is not necessary to completely paint the surface of the lips. Next, take a light lipstick and apply it with your finger on the central part of the lips. Now we need to make the transition from one color to another as smooth as possible. To do this, we thoroughly shade the boundaries of color. Note that if you have chosen a pencil of a saturated hue to guide the contour, then before visually increasing the lips with lipstick, it should be shaded separately. Thus, makeup will look more natural. If you are a little out of the contours, do not worry - all the shortcomings are easily eliminated by the to visually enlarge the lips using makeup photos


Every girl is worthy of attention and enthusiasticviews of others. Fashion, of course, is changing very quickly, but beautiful juicy lips remain relevant all the time. To achieve such an effect is not difficult, if you have the patience and learn how to use cosmetics properly. Now you know the secret of the beauty of Marilyn Monroe and many other famous women around the world. In no case do not go on about their complexes and do not resort to radical methods. To address to the surgeon you always will be in time, and here possible or probable unpleasant consequences to not turn. Specialists in the field of beauty know how to visually enlarge the lips at home, and are ready to share the accumulated experience for the benefit of all women in the world. It remains only to use the tips of makeup artists and enjoy the incredible effect of succulent and plump lips that will be a perfect addition to any fashionable image of a modern girl.

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