How to understand what a man wants?

They say that women are from Venus, and men are from Mars. Whatever it was, we still need to learn to understand each other, because a woman does not live without a man, and a man - without a woman. Often, building relationships, we come to a standstill, we can not understand the partner. How to cope with this situation? How to understand what a man wants? Today we will talk about this and disclose a few female tricks that will help "read" men.

How to understand the intentions of men

Unlike women, men are not soemotional, and sometimes it's hard to understand that a man wants a relationship. The best way to find out is to talk frankly with a man. Nevertheless, there are situations when direct conversation is impossible or undesirable, for example, if a woman is afraid of refusal. In this case, pay attention to his behavior, and then it will be easy to find out what a man thinks about you.

Signs of a man's location

  • A man seeks to spend a lot of time with you - he goes with you to a cafe, a movie, a walk, sees off, appoints appointments, etc.
  • He can arrange for you "casual" meetings - he tries to go where you usually go, get into the company of your friends, go with you one way home.
  • Compliments, gifts, surprises - all thisindicates that the man is not indifferent to you. However, remember that men are not so eloquent, so do not expect that your chosen one will sing to you praises. If he said that "you have a beautiful dress" - this is the highest praise. Beware of those men who lavish compliments to the right and to the left: they are, as a rule, impermanent.

Nonverbal signals

  • Casual touches. A man tries to accidentally touch your hand, hair or hug. He tries to establish physical contact by any means.
  • In your presence, he carefully watches his appearance: straightens his clothes, tie. His suit is always carefully ironed, and as you approach him, you feel the pleasant scent of perfume.
  • Passionate looks. Sometimes you catch the gaze of a man who is full of passion. You notice that a man delays looking at you for much longer than it is common for just acquaintances.
  • Uses open gestures. He holds his hands on his waist, on his hips, and shows his open palms. So he shows his strength and his readiness to become your defender.

If you do not observe these signs, this should alert you. If a man is cold and alienated, perhaps he makes it clear that he does not want a relationship.

How to understand that a man wants to marry

This question often tortures many women. Let's try to figure out the signs by which you can understand that your wedding is just around the corner.

  • A man introduces you to his parents, relatives, close friends. This is a sure sign that a man is aimed at marriage.
  • He presents you all as his chosen one and the companion of life.
  • He accepts you, as is, with all the shortcomings and virtues and does not try to remake.
  • He talks about your joint future, plans for the future, for example, how you build a new house together, buy an apartment, a car. Well, the surest sign is a conversation about future children.

By these signs, you can understand that a man wants to get married, but this, of course, is not necessary.

Another question often interests women: how to understand that a man wants to part? The most obvious signs of close separation are:

  • a sharp loss of interest in you;
  • cooling of sexual life;
  • unwillingness to spend time with you.

This behavior makes a man clearly understand that he does not want to communicate with you. But do not worry! Surely you will meet a more suitable man for you.

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