How to treat prostatitis in men? Prostatitis: treatment, medications

The presence of any disease knocks us out of the usual rut. There are such diseases that become a sentence for a person, there are lungs, they can be quickly cured, and sometimes illnesses come to us that are not spoken about. Such diseases include paraproctitis, AIDS and various venereal diseases, hemorrhoids, prostatitis. On the latter and will be discussed in this article.

Such a shameful disease - prostatitis.

how to treat prostatitis in menNot everyone knows what prostatitis is. But those men who once had to treat this disease experienced all the pain and psychological, physiological discomfort. In Greek, the word translates as "standing ahead." Drawing an analogy with the frequency of urological diseases in men, one can affirmatively say that this disease is really the very first, compared to others. The whole complex of problems that appear with the onset of this disease causes serious difficulties in the life of the patient. It is safe to say that the disease is not dangerous, but for the sex of a man it carries a threat.What is this disease, and how to treat prostatitis in men?

The prostate, the prostate gland of a strong half of humanity, is a muscular-glandular organ. Here everything is arranged very difficult and accurate, in order to fully fulfill the reproductive function of a man. The glandular part of the prostate produces a very important and specific secret, in turn, the muscular component of this organ with its contraction helps to connect sperm and secret during ejaculation. The secret of the prostate is a fluid, otherwise known as juice, which is very complex in its composition. It contains various trace elements, amino acids, proteolytic enzymes. Such complex content is due to the special purpose of the secret - the dilution of sperm and the promotion of sperm in the female genital organs. There is scientific evidence that 95% of seminal fluid is the secret of the prostate gland. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to your health as soon as the first symptoms of prostatitis appear in men.

How does this disease manifest?

chronic prostatitis in menThere are certain conditions in which you should seek medical help and advice.These are conditions in which even an unknowing person in medicine can safely declare the presence of prostatitis. Most often, the disease manifests itself as dysuria and nocturia. The first means painful and frequent urination. They usually occur in small portions. The second is urination at night. Where does pain come at the height of the disease?

Most often, pain occurs when urinating already when the disease has become chronic. It is very important that a man does not bring her to such a state. Chronic prostatitis in men is dangerous because of the accumulation and sensitivity of nerve endings. They are located in the prostate itself and in its bed. Depending on what kind of nerve endings are inflamed, the nature and intensity of the pain sensations change. The specific stage of the disease does not affect the sensation of pain. Here the number of nerve endings involved is important. In any case, the symptoms of prostatitis in men are characterized as dull pain in the genital area, perineum, external genital organs, rectum, lower back and sacrum. A neglected disease can subsequently be retrained into diagnoses of infertility and impotence.

What are the forms of prostate disease?

acute prostatitisIn order to understand the problem, you need to know all the nuances. So with the disease - to know when you need to resort to the help of specialists, you need to be aware of its features. Prostatitis can be of several types:

  1. Acute bacterial prostatitis - to an uninformed person in the medical field and without explanation it is clear that when an illness is called acute, it must be urgently treated. Acute diseases arise suddenly, cause pain and limit the normal functioning of the body. Acute prostatitis is manifested through an infectious process in the tissues of the prostate. Most often, this process is caused by microorganisms, which are actually very much enters the male body. Such microorganisms as Klebsiella, Escherichia coli, protozoa, pyocyanic sticks, amoeba protei, and enterococci, can cause severe inflammation of the prostate gland. The paradox is that most of them are permanent inhabitants of the microflora of the male body, but with a decrease in immunity, their number increases dramatically, causing harm to men's health and contributing to the occurrence of prostatitis in men.Signs of acute prostatitis can be recognized by general malaise, pain in the groin and anus, frequent and difficult urination, some problems in intimate life.
  2. Nonbacterial prostatitis.
  3. Chronic bacterial prostatitis is an insidious form of the disease, as it sneaks up unnoticed. This type of disease can be triggered either by infection and microorganisms, or other causes. It is especially common in older men, as age-related changes occur, also in cases of stagnation. The danger of chronic prostatitis is that the symptoms are not immediately expressed, there is no acute pain, so the condition is perceived by a man normally. But in the process of development, such a condition can lead to prostate adenoma. Most often, it manifests as difficulty urinating, burning sensation or pain in the groin, discomfort in the perineum, decreased sexual desire, weakness in the body, nervousness, and apathy to everything. When an exacerbation of prostatitis occurs, the person feels the same as with acute inflammation of the prostate gland.In no case should the treatment be delayed in order to prevent the further spread of the infection to the kidneys, testicles, as well as the appearance of more serious prostate diseases such as cancer or adenoma.
  4. Calculous prostatitis is a type of disease when prostate tissue is inflamed due to prostate stones. This species is very rare, most often it occurs in older men. Calculous prostatitis appears due to the neglect of a man treatment of chronic inflammation of the prostate gland. Stones may consist of inflammatory substances, phosphates, calcium salts and prostate secretion. Such stones can be long in the prostate, not denoting themselves by any sensations. But there are large stones - more than 5 mm, which are caused by chronic prostatitis and prostate adenoma. Most often, this type of disease is manifested by the following symptoms: pain in the pelvic area, sometimes giving to the sacral spine, there may be a drop of blood in the semen and other symptoms that abound in prostatitis in men. Treatment, medications are prescribed only by a doctor.
  5. Congestive prostatitis. The name of this type of disease speaks for itself.Here it is not an infection, but a pathology that develops as a result of stagnation of blood or secretion of the gland. In the first case, this is due to the disruption of the functioning of the venous system, in the second, due to inferior or lack of sex life. Symptoms develop gradually, at first unnoticed. A man may have a fever, depression or anxiety. There is also a deterioration in sperm quality and a weak orgasm.
  6. Sclerosis of the prostate gland is a complex disease, as the result of its development is very deplorable. It lies in the fact that due to the long course of chronic prostatitis on the tissues of the prostate there are scars. They gradually replace healthy tissue, and then the gland shrinks, shrinks. In the end, the organ ceases to function. This process adversely affects the male bladder - when the prostate is deformed, the bottom of the bladder changes, leading to chronic urinary retention. This, in turn, is fraught with the formation of stones in the bladder, and then the inflammatory process can spread to the kidneys, which will adversely affect their functioning.The symptoms of this type of disease are similar to those of other types. Young men can also get sick, ignoring the recommendations given by the doctor.
  7. Atony of the prostate gland, varieties such as neurosis and prostate.

A particular danger to the male body, is a chronic prostatitis. It is of two types: infectious and non-infectious.

Who is affected?

prostatitis men reviewsAt risk - men with reduced immunity. Even some diseases that are absolutely not related to the genital and excretory system, can provoke prostatitis. These include untreated caries, various hormonal disorders in the body, the presence of sinusitis, sinusitis or tonsillitis, pathology of internal organs, as well as recent surgical interventions can lead to prostate disease. In addition to reduced immunity, such factors as a sedentary lifestyle affect the probability of getting prostatitis, there are some professions whose working conditions directly threaten the health of a man. Also, stress can produce an immune breakdown in the body, and prostatitis can often occur in men.Reviews of the latter about the disease are non-optimistic. In any case, everyone is trying to monitor their health in order to avoid this disease. Maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle, such as smoking or unhealthy diets, is one of the first causes of prostate vulnerability. Also here, important factors are hypothermia and prostate injuries.

Diagnosis and treatment of the disease

The correct diagnosis is 80% success in treating the disease. In order for sure to diagnose any form of prostatitis, and indeed to be sure that this is a specific disease, the doctor prescribes a series of examinations and tests. First of all, it can be biological fluid tests that determine the presence of PSA-antigen - a specific protein that appears in prostatitis. It is also necessary to make a test for genital infections, as there is a big risk against the background of prostatitis to transfer a venereal disease. Some experts prescribe a pelvic ultrasound. In some cases, palpation of the prostate is informative. When the doctor makes a specific diagnosis, the first question that arises is: "How to treat prostatitis in men?" There are many ways to help a strong half of humanity get rid of this unpleasant disease.Naturally, treatment depends on exactly what form of prostatitis a patient has.

So, the diagnosis of the disease and its forms is as follows:

  • collection of data on the patient's well-being;
  • Examination and palpation of the prostate gland is a rather unpleasant action, when prostatitis is determined in men, the testimony about this stage of diagnosis is pessimistic, although with the right approach, palpation should be painless;
  • laboratory tests: blood sugar and its general analysis, urine analysis, consisting of three portions, the study of prostate secretions, bacteriological culture of glandular fluid, bacterioscopy, ultrasound, DNA diagnostics of various infections, inflammatory agents in the gland;
  • After the initial diagnosis, the doctor may prescribe a special individual study, such as semen, X-rays, urethroscopy, prostate biopsy or uroflowmetry, as well as other types.

Traditional methods to help patients with prostatitis

prostatitis tabletsTo traditional methods of treatment of the disease include such means of prostatitis, such as drugs, physiotherapy, massage. The main result, which seeks to achieve experts in the fight against the disease, is to improve blood flow in the body, no matter what means.This result is very important, because with blood the body receives oxygen, decreases the rate of development of the inflammatory process and decreases the number of bacteria in the tissues of the gland that cause prostatitis in men. Treatment, medications in particular, should be prescribed only by a doctor, since he knows the form of the disease and the adequate methods used in a particular case.

If all test results are available, a follow-up therapy program can be made. If infections are found in a patient, then a complex of specific antimicrobials is prescribed. Together with them, treatment of prostatitis in men with antibiotics is applied, if the disease is neglected and chronic prostatitis progresses. The complex also assigned alpha-blockers and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The victory over the disease is achieved by a comprehensive solution to the problem, that is, not only the inflammatory process reduces or restores blood flow, but also removes pain when prostatitis tablets are used.

Massage of the prostate gland also has great success in treatment. Authority developmentpressing it helps a person to feel less pain and to observe the improvement of his condition.

Physical therapy along with the first two methods is also effective. The process of warming the prostate stimulates blood circulation.

The effectiveness of unconventional methods in combating the disease

For many, traditional medicine is often the only salvation in solving health problems. But each prescription also needs to be coordinated with the attending physician. There are situations where it is urgently necessary to begin treatment for prostatitis in men. Drugs are either not yet prescribed or are ineffective, so you have to turn to proven "grandmother" recipes. If the onset of symptoms of the disease took you by surprise, then at least you need to take an anesthetic and make a chamomile bath, plunging into it while sitting. Without popular recipes for treatment can not do. How to treat prostatitis in men using the method of alternative medicine?

prostatitis remediesAttention should be paid to loyal treatments. For example, the use of kerosene or peroxide, acids can not only not cure the disease, but also significantly aggravate the patient's condition.Attention can be paid to herbal medicine, the use of food or fruit plants.

Herbal medicine can be used as an independent method, and in some cases as an additional method (for acupuncture). Most often, herbs and fruits rich in zinc, selenium, vitamins E, D, C are used to fight inflammation of the prostate gland: these are ginseng, calamus, nettle, St. John's wort, burdock, licorice, plantain, peony. Broths and infusions can be used for swimming and drinking. These sources of trace elements can be found in the natural environment or in a pharmacy.

Acupuncture is a method used in Tibetan medicine. The main thing is to use biologically active places and points on the body. When this disease is used, points on the lower back The procedure is painless.

Dietary supplements are also popular in the treatment of prostatitis in men, signs of which for many are already stressful. They do not directly affect the blood flow or decrease the inflammatory process. But they can significantly strengthen the immune system and improve the condition of a man. The most commonly used drugs are Lycopene, Duovit for Men, Prosta-Tech, Selcink Plus, Prostamed, as well as homeopathic remedies Aloe, Beladona, Mercury, Brionium ".

Folk treatment of prostatitis in men is not limited to the above methods. There are some more effective and affordable ways to overcome the pathology:

  1. For therapeutic infusion, you will need: medicinal calendula flowers (30 g), field horsetail (25 g), elecampane root (15 g), nettle leaf (10 g), medicinal sage leaves (10 g), mint leaves (10 g) , 2 or 3 tablespoons of the entire mixture pour in boiling water in a thermos. Insist in a thermos for 2-3 hours, then drain off the grass, dissolve the honey to your taste and drink 1/3 cup 20 minutes before meals 3 times a day.
  2. The following recipe also consists of several herbs: juniper fruits - 40 g, licorice root - 15 g, fennel fruits - 15 g, parsley root - 15 g, chamomile flowers - 15 g. As in the first case, pour 2 tablespoons in a thermos boiling water (0.5 l), insist, strain, dissolve the honey and drink half a glass after a meal 2 times a day. If you use this infusion for the treatment of prostatitis in men, the signs of it go away: the pain subsides, the inflammatory process resolves.
  3. As a liquid for microclysters, you can use chamomile - pour 100 ml of boiling water over 10 grams, leave for 20-30 minutes and strain.
  4. Very good blood flow increases the decoction of the red root: chopped root (25 g) pour one liter of boiling water, then insist an hour and drink 3 times a day for 1/3 cup before eating. This tool is deservedly considered one of the best in the treatment of prostatitis.
  5. Also known is another method for treating a disease of the prostate gland - pumpkin seeds. They contain zinc, which is vital for men. For recovery, you need to eat 30 seeds a day before meals.

There are many more recipes for the treatment of prostatitis using parsley, pumpkin, propolis, hazelnut, aspen bark.

Intimate life during the course of the disease

With acute prostatitis can not talk about a rich and vibrant intimate life. After all, a man feels pain in the groin, and sex can only aggravate the condition. Much less discomfort arises from a chronic disease, but do not reassure yourself with this, since subsequently the functions of the reproductive system can be reduced to zero. During intercourse, the main thing is ejaculation, since it excludes the possibility of secret secretion in the gland and stimulates its functioning. In order not to worry later on how to treat prostatitis in men, it is important to adhere to a certain way of life.

A little bit about how to avoid prostatitis

prevention of prostatitis in menFor men, it is important to remember that their lifestyle directly determines the diseases with which they later get sick. Prevention of prostatitis in men is the following rules:

  • do not overcool, do not overheat;
  • do sport;
  • avoid constipation;
  • in time to treat the diseases preceding prostatitis;
  • periodically come for a visit to the doctor;
  • full rest;
  • full sexual life with one partner.

Psychological problems of patients with prostatitis

For a man it is very important to feel like a full-fledged male. When problems arise with the second "heart" of the man - the prostate, many start to panic. Begin to study what are the prostate in men, the symptoms, look at the photo on the Internet and even more immersed in their problems. In this case, it is important not to delay the visit to the doctor, the observance of his appointments, as well as the support of a loved one.

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