How to transfer funds from “MTS” to “Tele2”: 3 universal methods

The transfer service between mobile accounts will help out in any situation. It is designed to send a certain amount to another number. You can transfer funds from the balance to any telecom operator operating in the country. How can this be done with a MTS SIM card? On what conditions is the translation made, who can use it? All these questions will be discussed in the current article.

how to translate from pay on tel2

How to transfer money from “MTS” to “Tele2”?

To share the funds on their balance sheet, MTS subscribers can use several ways:

  • make a USSD request;
  • send a text message;
  • visit the payment portal of the company "MTS" (for this will need the Internet).

Before transferring a certain amount from “MTS” to “Tele2”, it is necessary to become familiar with the terms of this opportunity.They are one, as when using the functions of the Internet, and when sending money through a mobile gadget.

how to transfer money from pay to tele2

Terms of Service

What are the conditions for transferring a payment from MTS to Tele2?

You can successfully make a mobile transfer only if you comply with the conditions set by the service provider.

  1. You can not transfer all funds from the balance to "zero." The account must remain after the transfer of at least ten rubles. At the same time, it is important to understand that a commission is also charged for using the service (this is unavoidable, no matter what method you use). For example, you need to transfer 150 rubles to Tele2. The commission for the operation will be 10 rubles. Thus, the balance must be before performing the transfer procedure of at least 170 rubles.
  2. Within one day it is impossible to complete more than five transfers. Even if you transfer small amounts, for example, 50 rubles, this rule will still be valid. Only with the advent of the new day will be given a new limit.
  3. Mobile transfer from “MTS” to “Tele2” does not imply the possibility of transferring more than one thousand rubles per transaction.Thus, the maximum amount that can be transferred in one transaction is one thousand rubles.
  4. You can transfer from the balance only your own funds. Thus, if there is a certain amount on the balance sheet that the operator issued to the subscriber as part of the trust payment, you will have to postpone the transfer of funds until its operation is completed.

How to transfer money from “MTS” to “Tele2” through the payment portal

In order to transfer a certain amount of funds from a mobile phone account, a Tele2 subscriber needs to perform the following actions:

  1. Visit the site operator.
  2. Go to the payment portal "MTS".
  3. In the left part of the form of the portal choose “Mobile communication”.
  4. In the appropriate field indicate the operator - the recipient of funds, selecting it from the list.
  5. Fill in other fields provided by the form, including the amount of the transfer.
  6. Confirm that the transfer will be made from the balance of the number by checking the box opposite the section of the same name.
  7. Confirm the operation in accordance with the instructions provided on the portal.

The funds are credited to the recipient’s account (a Tele2 subscriber) almost instantly. If the transfer amount is exceeded or other violations are present, the system will issue a corresponding warning.

transfer payment from pay to tele2

Redirection of funds from the account to the Tele2 subscriber through the USSD functionality

In the event that there is no possibility to use the Internet or it is not entirely clear how to transfer funds from “MTS” to “Tele2”, then you can use the functionality and send a USSD request of the following type * 115 #. By following all the recommendations consistently, you can quickly and easily transfer funds. A notification about the successful transfer to the subscriber from whose number it was made will be sent. In case of difficulties, the corresponding notification will also be received.

Money transfer via SMS service

How to transfer money from "MTS" to "Tele2" in another way? The MTS company also offers the opportunity to make a translation via SMS service. To do this, you need to send a text message of the form: “transfer” grid 250 to the number of the person who needs to redirect funds from the balance. For example, # Translation 250.At a time you can transfer at least ten rubles. For this operation, a commission will be charged, the amount of which is 10 rubles + 4% of the payment amount. Within one operation, no more than five thousand can be transferred.

A successful transfer will receive a notification from the number 6996. It is necessary to confirm the payment, how to do it, will be indicated in a text message that arrives at the number.

mobile transfer from pay to tele2


In this article, we looked at how to transfer money from MTS to Tele2. You can transfer between mobile accounts quite easily and quickly. You need to make sure before the operation that all conditions set for the service are met: there is enough money on the balance sheet , the number of allowed transfers is not exceeded.

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