How to send large files by mail - practical tips

In the modern electronic world, where letters topaper and parcels in cardboard boxes are not in vogue, the actual question remains how to send large files by mail. Even despite the very rapid progress of computer technology, the transfer of large volumes is sometimes difficult. Let e-mail have certain drawbacks, but with its help, data is transmitted much faster.

how to send large files to mailCurrent limitations in the amount ofmaterials do not allow one more file to be sent by more than 25 MB of information. Therefore, before sending large files by mail, check out some of the nuances that will help you simplify this process.

The first way: you can send files in parts.To do this, the necessary data should be archived. However, this method may seem too long. For archiving you can use any standard program (WinRAR, WinZip). In the process of file splitting, you will have to specify certain settings: the size of the parts, the location of their saving.

send a large file

Before sending large files to the mail,You need to know how to split the archive into parts. It's best to do this with Total Commander. Subsequently, the sent data on another computer is reassembled into one file. First, select the folder in which the archived archive will be stored. Now on the top panel we look for the word "File", and then "Split files ...". Clicking on this command, you will see how in the window will begin the process of partitioning the archive.

You can send a large file to anotherway. To do this, the data must be downloaded to any service or file sharing service and get a link to them. To begin with, you need to find a site where you can fill in the information and access it. And on such services do not necessarily pay for the downloaded data. At the same time, you can not register at the exchanger. After downloading, you will receive a link to your file, which you can send by mail.

how to transfer a large file

However, the second method of transmission also has its ownlimitations. For example, on the file hosting it is necessary to wait for some time and to enter captcha in order to download the file. Moreover, on these sites you can always find a huge number of ads and so annoying, and it is not always a decent content.

Before you transfer a large file,it is desirable to learn about other services on which you can store your data. This is the so-called "cloud storage". The most popular and often used service is Google Drive. They work on the same principle as file hosting, only they are more convenient to use, and the interface is much more pleasant for them. Moreover, there is no advertising here. The only drawback of such a system is that it must be registered.

Now you know how to mail bigfiles. The presented methods are very simple, understandable and convenient. So now you can easily transfer any amount of data without leaving your home.

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