How to remove system applications on "Android": instructions

When buying a new device with the Android operating system, you probably noticed that some applications are already installed on the phone. As a rule, these are standard applications that are installed by the manufacturer. These utilities are not always used by users, and removing them is not so easy. It also happens that the user himself installs programs that cannot be removed. How to get rid of these applications? Is it possible? Of course, it will be quite difficult to do this, you will have to install additional software and install ROOT rights, but as a result you will be able to achieve your goal. How to remove system applications on "Android"? Let's answer this to remove system applications on android

How to remove unnecessary system applications on the "Android"

When the user tries to remove any standard programs, he is faced with the problem of lack of rights.Of course, everyone immediately asks the question: "System applications can be removed (" Android ")?". But before answering this question, you need to figure out what these rights are and why the developer did not give them to us? As a rule, the manufacturer provides people with ordinary user rights, which, as you have already noticed, do not allow to completely change the device. You can delete the standard application only if you have administrator rights, usually called ROOT rights. The administrator has the ability to completely change the mobile phone, delete standard utilities, change them, etc.

How to remove system applications on "Android"? First get ROOT rights. Before you get them, you need to understand why the developer has hidden them from ordinary users. The fact is that the administrator can remove all standard applications, this can lead to the fact that the phone simply turns into a useless device. If you do not want this, you should first think whether you need it? And here we have a problem that needs to be solved. There are several ways. Let's look at them.

1. The first is, of course, to leave everything unchanged.You need to understand that if the manufacturer has hidden applications, then it is necessary.

2. Get all the same ROOT-rights and remove unused programs.

3. You can also try searching for workarounds that may help you to remove standard utilities.

Before we answer the question: “How can I remove and which system applications can I delete on Android?”, We need to understand what programs can be used for and perhaps it should not be done at all.

System applications

The operating system "Android" is very closely connected with Google. That is why most system applications are associated with this company. We are talking about Gmail, Google Play, Google Music, YouTube, Play Market and other applications that are related to the functionality of the device. The phone also contains other standard applications: alarm clock, calendar, scheduler, etc. All these programs cannot be removed without administrator rights. If you remove these utilities, then your device simply ceases to be a telephone. To protect the device from all sorts of risks, you need to back up data before deleting standard applications.

Should also be rememberedthat different versions of the Android operating system contain a different number of standard applications. As a rule, the older the version, the more utilities in it. Of course, many applications add comfort and increase the reliability in using the device, but still there is a small amount of useless programs that you should get rid of.

Remove standard applications without administrator privileges

remove system applications android 4.4.2

If there is a way to remove standard programs without obtaining superuser rights, then why not take advantage of this opportunity? How to remove system applications on "Android"? Unfortunately, this is not so simple, you will need to install additional software on your computer and connect a phone to it. Before you do this, you must make sure that there are drivers on the computer in order to identify the phone and connect it. There are many such programs, the most common is Debloater. It allows you to trick the system and remove standard programs without administrator rights. What should I do to remove unwanted programs?how to remove unnecessary system applications on android

1. Turn on the computer, after checking the driver, and run the necessary utility.

2. Only after that we connect the mobile phone.

3In the program, you must click on the button "Display all applications" and select unnecessary ones.

4. Next, click on the "Delete" button and wait for the system to fulfill your request.
Unfortunately, this utility is able to remove the system applications "Android" 4.4.2 and in newer versions. Owners of Android smartphones with earlier versions need to get administrator rights.

Getting admin rights

It is worth remembering that ROOT rights lead to the loss of manufacturer’s warranty. If this does not bother you, you can proceed to obtaining superuser rights. There are many applications that allow you to do this, since every year their demand only grows. It is recommended to use a computer for this, since utilities on the “Android” sometimes lead to crashes. What should I do to remove unnecessary utilities?

remove system applications android 4.4

1. Remove the system application "Android" 4.4 using the program SuperOneClick. Install the selected program and driver for your mobile device.

2. Turn off the antivirus, as it will “swear”, and run the utility.

3. We connect a mobile phone. After that, go to the settings and in the "Development" directory select the item "USB debugging".

4.Now we return to the computer and click on the "ROOT" button. After that, you can turn off the device and fully use it.

How to remove system applications on "Android" with ROOT-rights

ES Explorer

system applications can delete android

1. First, run the file manager and open the menu by making the swipe to the right. Find the item “ROOT-rights” and click on it, then you need to confirm your actions.

2. Go to the internal memory of the device and go to the / system / app folder.

3. Select an unused program with the extension “apk” and “odex”, if it exists. Starting with Android 5.0, all standard applications are scattered in folders. Find the right directory and delete it.

4. Go to the path / data / app and delete the updates of unused programs. In new versions of Android they are contained in the folder with the application.

5. It remains only to delete the cache and databases of standard utilities. They are contained in the / data / data directory.

Programs with the Android icon should not be touched, as they can cause problems with the system.

Root uninstaller

what system applications can be removed on android

With the help of the Root Uninstaller utility you can quickly and easily remove unused programs. How to remove system applications on "Android"?

1. Install the necessary program and grant it superuser rights.

2. Select an unnecessary system application and select it.

3. Click on the "Delete" button.

4.With the help of Root Uninstaller, you can freeze the utility. It will stop working, and the shortcut will disappear from the menu, but it will not be completely removed.

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