How to plant strawberries? After what culture to plant strawberries? When to plant strawberries with a mustache?

Many gardeners are engaged in. This berry is not only very useful, its cultivation is quite a profitable business. Even amateur gardeners are interested in how to plant strawberries. This question is not too complicated, in the article we will answer it.

General information about growing crops

How to plant strawberries, at what time and after which predecessors, the final result will depend. The very first step is the selection of a site for planting seedlings. It is very important to dig up the soil, remove all extraneous roots and weeds. Also it is necessary to feed the soil with mineral fertilizers.

how to plant strawberriesBefore planting strawberries, you need to study the plant varieties. It would be good to buy those species that bear fruit twice a year. Such varieties will bring a great harvest. It is necessary to determine the period and time of landing.Basically, this process is carried out in early spring or autumn. If the gardener knows how to plant strawberries, then he will avoid the extra difficulties and troubles in the future associated with caring for her. In general, this culture requires constant attention and human labor.

Before planting strawberries in August, September or April, it is important to remember what grew on the site before. Ancestors can both increase the number of berries, and vice versa.

Landing in August

The best period for planting strawberry seedlings is the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. These days there is no strong heat, which contributes to the good formation of the rhizome of the plant. Let's figure out how to plant strawberries in August.

First of all, we determine the place where the culture will grow. She will live on this site for two or three years, this should be taken into account. Then we dig up the ground as small and deep as possible (somewhere on a full bayonet of shovels). It is important not to forget to fertilize the soil. All roots and weeds are extracted from the soil, it would be good to add a cure for diseases and pests. Often gardeners ask the question: "When to plant strawberries with a mustache?" So, August is the most suitable time of year for this, more precisely, from the twentieth. The main thing is to choose a cloudy or rainy day or to land in the evening.So the root system of the plant as much as possible will be able to pass the first adaptation and get well.

how to plant strawberries in augustA plot of land is divided into rows, between which you need to maintain a distance of about a meter. In the row among the bushes - twenty to thirty centimeters. Further in the ground do holes with a depth of fifteen centimeters and planted strawberry seedlings. The core of the socket should be left at ground level, it is important not to bury it and not leave it on the surface.

Positive and negative predecessors

To get a good harvest, you need not only to know how and when to plant strawberries with a mustache, but also after what crops. If this is your site, then, of course, you know that before that it was growing there, if not, then you should find out. So, what cultures contribute to the most comfortable well-being of the plant? After that, you can plant strawberries, and then you can not?

Useful predecessors:

- green beans;

- peas;

- garlic;

- radish;

- radish;

- parsley;

- mustard.

From the listed list it is clear that green crops contribute to better growth of strawberries. If you follow all the tips on growing this delicious berry, you can get very juicy and large fruits.

After what culture is it undesirable to plant strawberries? First, these are all species of the Compositae family (for example, a sunflower). Secondly, after some solanaceous (tomatoes and potatoes). And, thirdly, all types of buttercups are not particularly suitable as precursors.

Choosing a landing site

If strawberry has already grown on the plantation of your choice for more than three years, then you should not plant it here. Need to change the place. Indeed, in the earth there are no longer any useful substances for the root system of culture. Each gardener chooses when to plant strawberries in autumn or spring. It depends on the soil, weather and a number of other factors.

After the seedlings have been planted, the ground must be mulched. To do this, you can choose sawdust or manure, black film or peat. Then all the further time is constantly worth weeding and trimming the mustache (if there is no need for planting material).

when to put strawberry mustacheAfter the first harvest of fruits, mulching and loosening of the soil is carried out. It is also required to pour strawberries, this is done not from a watering can, but under a bush. Growing this delicious berry is quite a laborious process, but the result is worth the effort.

Landing methods

Now let's see what distance to plant strawberries? If you plan to grow a culture with a single-line method, then first make the beds about one meter in size. There must be a distance of seventy centimeters between them. You need to locate bushes close to each other, somewhere around fifteen to twenty centimeters.

It will depend on how much time he will have to devote to caring for the plant in the future, whether a person knows the answer to the question of how to plant strawberries correctly.

Even in practice, use a two-line method. This scheme is quite simple. Ribbons of meter length are made, the distance between them is about seventy centimeters, between the lines - thirty centimeters. These two methods of planting seedlings are the most common and popular among amateur gardeners.

Landing period

It is also very important to answer the question of when to plant strawberries in the fall. The most appropriate time begins on August 20 and ends on September 15. This period of twenty-seven days is the best. You need to choose the time is not very hot, better rainy. According to gardeners, it is easier for plants to adapt.But if you plant seedlings later on September 15, there will be a risk that it will suffer from frost and die.

when is it best to plant strawberriesHow to plant strawberries in the fall? Yes, just like spring or summer. Planting patterns are the same, the only difference is that the bush, planted in autumn, begins to bear fruit earlier. It is better to fertilize the earth, for example, to mix five kilograms of manure, fifty grams of superphosphate and twenty grams of potassium into two square meters.

Plot use

Before planting strawberries need to find a suitable place. The main thing is that it should not be darkened and marshy (i.e., too wetted). It would be a good site with young vineyards. Between their rows, seedling bushes will be comfortable. Until the vineyard grows to large sizes, it will take three or four years. Just after this period of time you will need to transplant strawberries to a new place.

In the first year of growing this sweet berry, a lot of empty space between the rows remains. It can be planted with green onions or garlic. This neighborhood is allowed. We regularly need to weed the soil. Strawberry weed does not pose a big threat, because it is a wild berry.However, the presence of unnecessary grass will affect the size of the fruit. The more it will be, the smaller the berries.

What soil is suitable for growing strawberries

It is very important to learn about the soil in your area. From this will depend on the yield of berries. If the soil is sod-podzolic or sandy, the result will be good. This is good soil for strawberries.

how to plant strawberries in the fallIf the plot is acidic soil, then you need to proizvestkovat in advance. It is advisable to do this for two or three years before landing. For one square meter of land you need to make about three hundred grams of dolomitic lime. Strawberries are a crop that does not tolerate salt, so before planting you should not fertilize them. It is best to do this in advance and in the excavated land. You can add rotted compost or manure.

The place where the strawberries will grow should be protected from the wind. It is better to plant it on the slope, there is less chance of freezing.

Feed solution

Every person who grows strawberries wants the harvest to be rich. Of course, you can try to increase it yourself. It is necessary to conduct foliar feeding with the following microelements: zinc and molybdenum, manganese and boron.They contribute not only to the number of berries, but also their quality. The plant also becomes more resistant to drought and disease.

Calculation of a mixture of trace elements for feeding on a ten-liter bucket:

- 2 grams of ammonium molybdate;

- 50 grams of potassium permanganate;

- 15 grams of boric acid.

after which to plant strawberriesThis solution is suitable for tillage and leaf spraying. Processing should not be in cloudy weather. If the plant is planted in August, then it is necessary to fertilize it. You can still prepare the following solution: ten liters of water - thirty grams of urea.

Pluses of mulching

In the summer time it is especially important not to miss the moment with watering. When there is a drought, you need to moisten the soil almost every day. At the bushes themselves do not pour water, it is better to put a hose under the bush. How you care for strawberries in August will determine the result, that is, the yield for the next year. It is during this period that the plant forms the buds. It will be good to mulch the soil, for this purpose, straw, sawdust or film is perfect. This method will help keep moisture on hot days and warm in cold.

It is also important to trim the mustache and dry red leaves. Plot with strawberries, which is not mulched, you need to regularly weed and treat pests and diseases. Red leaves should be removed from the bush, so the plant can turn green again and rejuvenate.

Healthy seedlings

To successfully grow strawberries, you need to regularly deal with pests and viral diseases. The main thing - to get a healthy planting material or grow it yourself. The safest seedlings are seed grown, but this is a very laborious and lengthy process. Not every gardener is able to devote his valuable time to him.

In the second half of summer (especially in August) you can see spots that appear on the leaves. This disease usually stays with winter and ends up on old branches. These leaves need to break off, this is the most effective way to combat the virus.

You can also plant seedlings in film. Thanks to her, the berries will always be clean and unbeaten. Another plus is that there are no weeds and it is easy to trim the antennae (they have no place to put their roots). When the culture ceases to bear fruit, you need to remove the film before the next use.

Choosing a healthy outlet

Strawberries are easy to propagate. The main thing is to know a few important steps. When the plant is abundantly fruiting, you need to follow which bush is the most healthy and strong. All the fruits on it grow approximately the same size.

It is worth choosing the first outlet, it is the strongest, it feeds from the mother bush. The rest is better to cut. The first outlet is transplanted into the pot. There it is before the appearance of five or six leaves. This will mean that the root system of the plant is fully matured and can be sent to open ground. Then, along with the native land, you can land the seedlings on the designated place. It is necessary to water it by sprinkling from a small watering can. The transplant process is best carried out in overcast weather or in the evening, as mentioned earlier.

Tasty berry

In the strawberry is a very large amount of nutrients. This juicy and tasty berry is loved not only by children, but also by all adults. The exception may be only allergies.

at what distance to plant strawberriesStrawberries can be eaten without fear even to people who watch their weight. The berry contains folic acid and carotene, pectins and fiber, vitamins of groups B and C, fruit sugars and organic acids, calcium, iron, potassium, iodine, phosphorus, manganese, and many others.

Strawberries - a storehouse of vitamins.It has a beneficial effect on vision, has anti-cancer properties. The unique therapeutic capabilities of strawberries are used to eliminate intestinal disorders and inflammatory processes. For diabetics, this is the best way to lower blood sugar. Jam from these berries - a favorite sweetness for children.

Now, perhaps, there is not a single summer cottage on which strawberries would not grow. Tasty and healthy berry is to the taste of every person. Therefore, all gardeners and gardeners should know how to plant strawberries.

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