How to open port 25565 for Minecraft: basic solutions

Not all fans of the popular online network game Minecraft, which in the form of a preinstalled game client is part of the standard Windows 10 applications, realize that in order to correctly start and play the game on the computer and the router, a dedicated port must be opened. How to open ports 25565 for Minecraft both in the system and on the router, read on. Immediately, it is worth noting that such actions are necessary only if the game does not start with standard settings and access parameters, since in most cases (in the same tenth version of the system) such actions are usually not required.

How to open port 25565 for the server "Minecraft" with a wired network connection?

Let's start with the recommendations that will be useful to those players who use cable, rather than wireless connection, to access the Internet. The fact is that it is not always possible to activate this port independently, as some providers may block it, based on their own security concerns.If there is such a need, it is better to immediately contact the support service and apply for the opening of port 25565. Experts will do it quickly.

How to open port 25565 in Windows 10: disabling the firewall

If you use a wireless connection based on a router or an ADSL modem operating in the appropriate mode, you can open (forward) the port yourself. But here it should be noted that it can often be blocked by protective means of the system itself.

Disable Windows Firewall

How to open port 25565? Just turn off the firewall, the port after the lock is released will become active. To do this, simply go to the “Control Panel”, select the appropriate section, and in the settings for enabling / disabling the firewall, activate two disconnect points (as shown in the image above).

Creating a rule for a port without disabling the firewall

The solution proposed above may be unacceptable, since it is not recommended to completely disable system protection in the form of a firewall (this is indicated even in the settings for enabling / disabling this tool). In order not to disable the firewall, you can use another method.

How to open port 25565 in this case? To do this, you will need to create a special rule, according to which the necessary port will not be blocked.To do this, call the firewall settings section, by entering the command firewall.cpl in the Run console, go to the additional parameters, where you create a new port rule using inbound connections.

Create a port rule

You select TCP as the protocol, and you specify 25565 in the port field. Then you allow the connection, leave the profiles section unchanged, specify the name of the new rule and click the “Finish” button. After this, you perform similar actions with respect to the UDP protocol.

Disable anti-virus blocking

How to open port 25565 for "Minecraft" using the parameters of the firewall, sorted out. Now a few words about the settings of anti-virus programs. In the package Dr. Web, for example, you need to use the built-in firewall settings and set permissions for all settings related to Java, and then set the "Allow all" parameters for the Minecraft_Server.exe file, placing it in the list of trusted applications.

Setting exclusions for ports in Kaspersky Anti-Virus

In Kaspersky Anti-Virus, firewall settings are usually used, for which the packet rules add permission for incoming and outgoing UDP connections, and for local and remote ports, the value 25565 is specified.

Port forwarding on the router

Now let's see how to open port 25565 directly on the router.In this case we are talking about the so-called port forwarding. First, enter the router interface through any browser by entering the appropriate data indicated on the nameplate on the back of the device.

Forwarding port 25565 on the router

In the parameters go to port forwarding (Port Forwarding), enter an arbitrary connection name, specify 25565 as the external and internal port, select the “Both” protocol, enter your IP (you can find it out via the command line by executing the ipconfig / all and remembering the IPv4 address), tick the Enable checkbox (Enable) and save the installed options (Apply).

Third Party Software

Finally, a few words about how to open port 25565 using simpler methods, using third-party utilities.

Simple Port Forwarding Program

For example, in the free Simple Port Forwarding program, it is enough to add a port through the file menu, choose to add a “non-standard”, specify an arbitrary name, and enter 25565 as the starting and ending port. The application will make the necessary settings on its own.

You can also use the Tunngle utility, install similar parameters with it, or use it as a network game client (server).However, due to the complex interface, an ordinary user will find it difficult to understand the application, although the program itself has a very wide range of capabilities that are a cut above the tools presented in other similar applications.

Short summary

To summarize, you can make some final conclusions. To set the correct settings, you need to create a rule in the firewall (in order not to disable it at all), add the port and the corresponding program to the antivirus exception lists and perform port forwarding on the router. In the event that access to the Minecraft game server is not initially blocked, all the above steps are not needed (this applies to Windows 10 with the game client preinstalled and activated by default).

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