How to make a stencil: instructions and tips

Graffiti has a long history. And for the time of its universal existence, it not only developed, but also improved. Bombing, tagging, rating - it all unites many loved art. And it can not do without stencils. They have become so popular that no one can imagine this kind of creativity without them. And many are interested in how to make the stencil itself. The new school of this movement, or rather, its representatives do not agree with the fact that the stencilled drawings have emerged from this kind of art. But still their relationship is undeniable.

how to make a stencilSo, before you make a stencil, you shouldremember that it carries a social orientation, a certain meaning. But, of course, without any framework, since no modern subculture welcomes them. For this reason, graffiti drawings can be funny, funny, a smile or just plain abstractions.

Very popular black and white stencils forgraffiti. How to make them, we will consider below. Usually these are small stylistic drawings and an accompanying explanatory inscription. There are also multicolored complex steynsils, hardly differing from graffiti, but they are very complex. So let's start small.

how to make stencils for graffitiMany newcomers are interested in how to make a stencildurable. After all, I want to use it more than once. The standard sheet (A4) is enough for no more than 1-2 times. Therefore, you need to use something more durable - thick cardboard (you can from shoe boxes or from the refrigerator). Next, you must draw a drawing directly on the cardboard. You can do this by hand using a gel pen or marker. And you can print a picture on the printer, glue it to the cardboard and cut it (it is more convenient with a stationery knife or blade).

With repeated use (due tonumerous application of paint), the stencil will become hard as plastic. On the one hand, it's good (for durability), but on the other - it can easily be broken in half. Therefore it is better to store in a folder. Another option - instead of cardboard use linoleum (which is much more difficult to do). Then it can be twisted, which is very convenient.

A little more on how to make stencils forgraffiti from the printed picture. First you need to upload the photo to Photoshop. Trim, if necessary, the background. Also correct if necessary the level of light and brightness. Next, the image needs to be discolored, but to make it clear what is painted. On the black background of white "islands" should be as little as possible. White space must be fully connected to each other. Then it will be easier to cut out the black main drawing. All is ready. We cut out.

stencils for graffiti how to makeNow do you understand how to make a stencil? The main thing is a good picture, accuracy, exact excision and quality basis (cardboard, linoleum). You can use them in other types of art (handicraft) - in scrapbooking (for masks and backgrounds), in card-making (for creating backgrounds for postcards), in wood burning and stained-glass drawing.

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How to make a stencil: instructions and tips How to make a stencil: instructions and tips How to make a stencil: instructions and tips How to make a stencil: instructions and tips How to make a stencil: instructions and tips