How to make a bouquet of fruit: detailed instructions and expert advice

A bunch of fruits is a new and exciting trend in the industry of gifts and souvenirs for the holidays. To build it, use both vegetables and berries. There are simple compositions, the production of which can attract the whole family and which can please the guests. Some types of bouquets are able to create only professionals. In any case, these designs always look elegant and unbanal.

What fruits, berries and vegetables are suitable for a bouquet?

Since exotic fruits have appeared on store shelves, fantasy suggests a variety of ways to decorate desserts. In the southern countries, where there is a great variety of fruits, it is customary to serve a beautifully sliced ​​assorted colorful pieces for each meal.

A bunch of fruits and vegetables

Tropical fruits are very unusual. Passion fruit, rambutan and pitahaya are like flowers without additional decorations.When thinking about how to make a bouquet of fruit, you should choose at least one exotic fruit, so that the effect of surprise is present.

A large ripe strawberry resembles rosebuds, and a mandarin with a figured cut of peel perfectly replaces the aster. Berries are also necessary for decorating the bouquet and decorating the heart of a tasty flower.

Sweet cherry tomatoes are combined with fruit to taste and size. Of them it is easy to collect a bush, planted on a toothpick, and then stuck in the base. Her role is successfully performed by strips of cabbage stalk.

Vegetables and fruits selected for the bouquet should not be too big and heavy. Otherwise, the design will not work out stable and will fall apart under the weight of the components.

Creating a frame for a fruit bouquet

The simplest and most suitable version of the frame is a shallow wicker basket with a floral sponge placed on the bottom. In it will keep well skewers with fruits and berries. A basket woven from twigs will emphasize the environmental friendliness of the gift.

Option with a basket

The frame is made as follows.

  1. From the sponge cut a piece exactly the size of the bottom and stick to it.
  2. The inner walls of the basket should be closed with wrapping paper with a protrusion outwards by 5-6 cm. It should also hide the edges of the sponge.
  3. The first to stick in the sponge skewers with fruit, evenly distributing the weight of the bouquet. Then add sprigs of grapes attached to shorter sticks.

The sponge can be replaced with foam plastic or a tight dough, and instead of a basket, take a cardboard box with a bright design.

The use of skewers

Bouquet of vegetables and fruits

Another great way to create a bouquet is to use long skewers on which unpeeled apples, peaches, pears and tangerines are placed. It is nice to add to them strawberries with a substrate of apple slices.

  1. Fruits are distributed randomly in height to give a bouquet of volume.
  2. Cut out the ends of the burlap cuts and twist tightly with wire, make a handle from its end.
  3. Wrap wrapping paper around the base.
Whole fruits will keep freshness in a festive composition longer. It will be possible to admire and decorate the interior of the house for several days.

Wire, thread and other items

More time-consuming options will require additional devices and elements, such as glue, threads, bowls with round edges and wire.

  1. Tightly wrap a bowl with cling film to protect against glue on its surface.
  2. Unwind the coil of colored threads or twine and thickly grease with white glue.
  3. Put the threads on a bowl turned upside down and continue to add layers of randomly smeared with glue.
  4. Twisting the wire in circles from larger to smaller, create a frame that repeats the size of the walls of the bowl.
  5. From the end of the wire to make a pen.
  6. Wrap the entire wire with corrugated paper, as close as possible to the color of the thread.

Fruits in this case are placed on a wire hidden by green corrugated paper. Its opposite end is screwed to the frame.

You can not use thread and glue, immediately erecting the basis of the wire. Its shape depends on the quantity and weight of the fruit. After the bouquet is created, the base inside is decorated with chips made of chips, and outside it is wrapped in gift paper.

Master class on making fruit composition

On the Internet there are videos with step-by-step instructions, clearly demonstrating how to make a bouquet of fruit with your own hands. These workshops are quite funny, because it is beautiful to cut the elements and pick them in color - it means to give pleasure and use creative abilities.

A bunch of fruits and vegetables

Basic rules for the selection of fruits and berries:

  • take fruits without flaws, not too overripe and not very soft;
  • cut the base of hard fruit for more delicate berries;
  • apple slices sprinkled with lemon juice to avoid darkening.

Instructions for making an elegant bouquet of vegetables, fruits, berries and flowers include the following steps.

  1. Wash fruits and vegetables and dry or blot with a napkin.
  2. Grapes divided into twigs and green corrugated paper to fasten to long skewers.
  3. Seasonal fruits - apples, apricots, peaches - put on skewers. If possible, add strawberries.
  4. Decorate the edges of the basket or box with a layer of lettuce leaves.
  5. Stick the skewers with fruit into the base, then between them put a sprig of grapes, strawberries and a few flowers, shortening their stems to the desired length.
  6. Hide the skewers with tinsel or lettuce leaves.

If the bouquet is going to just before the event, the fruit is better to cut and turn them into pieces of flowers. For such an ensemble, it is better not to use real flowers.

Step-by-step instruction is as follows.

  1. Wash and dry the fruit.
  2. Pineapple peeled and cut into slices.The outer edges of each circle are wavy to resemble flower petals. Attach any red or dark berry to the middle with a toothpick.
  3. Tangerine skin gently incise into four parts and twist it down, without removing from the fruit completely.
  4. Green apples divided into circles. Their edges around the perimeter with a short knife to turn into sharp teeth. Put them on long skewers, adding strawberries on top.
  5. Skewers to gather together, so that the fruit occupied different levels: on top of the pineapple, below the tangerines and apples with strawberries.

Bouquet options

The stylization of a useful bouquet containing vitamins differs depending on the holiday or celebration. The pattern of wrapping paper, the type of frame, candies in golden candy wrappers, flowers and exotic fruits - all this gives individuality and symbolizes a holiday or a memorable date.

To the wedding

A bunch of fruits and vegetables

The interior of the hall, where the most important event in the life of lovers takes place, is usually decorated with white and pastel colors and ribbons. The question of how to assemble a fruit bouquet appropriate for a date has a logical answer: it is worth finding sweet fruits of delicate color and be sure to complement them with white or pink flowers.

Roses combined with apples, pitahaya and Chinese pears will do.Clusters of bright grapes look good in the composition. Let us assume a bright accent in the form of a skewer stuck in the middle with a shaggy rambutan, implying a heart and good sincere wishes to the newlyweds. A silk ribbon or a bow is tied to the bouquet handle.

On September 1

Kids love sweets. Given this well-known fact, in a bouquet you need to add bright lollipops or delicacies tied to skewers in multi-colored candy wrappers. The rest of the fruits and berries, too, should be picked up in contrasting juicy shades, in order to please even more little sweet teeth.

Unlike adults, they will not wait for several days, but will begin to eat the components of the bouquet right away, and peeled fruits will fit perfectly.

On March 8

Women's holiday can not be imagined without flowers. It is not necessary to buy roses. After a long winter and cold weather it is pleasant to get a bouquet of variegated gerberas or touching irises. Fruits are best left whole, if the bouquet is supposed to be given in the office.

If the gift is going to a close friend, you should know her preferences and include her favorite fruits in the bouquet.

Fruit Cutters

In addition to knives of different lengths, innovative tools and devices constantly appear, accelerating and facilitating the cutting of vegetables and fruits.

A bunch of fruits and vegetables

  1. Apple separator.Plastic device with metal inserts allows you to instantly release the apple from the core and cut it into even slices. The device must be taken with both hands and strongly press on the apple from above. The only drawback is that it is not applicable to apples of a non-standard size.
  2. Banana Slicer(slicer). After removing one strip of peel from a banana, press a long knife with transverse metal strips to it. Banana in one motion divided into even pieces.
  3. Peach Pitter(pitter) The device resembles an apple separator with one difference - it squeezes a bone from the fruit, at the same time cutting it into slices.

Ways and techniques of decoration

The most affordable methods of decorating fruits and vegetables include their division into slices, circles or cubes. The edges can be cut at an angle to create a fringe effect. It is also worth working with the core, complementing it with a contrasting berry or a piece of another fruit.

The most courageous and experienced cooks will be able to remove the skin from the fruit or cut the pattern on it.Master classes are able to teach the creation of vegetable flowers with petals or animal figures, but this is unlikely to be mastered the first time.


There are many techniques and rules explaining how to make a bouquet of fruit. The combination of its tasty ingredients is also a lot. This bouquet is beautiful, as well as collected from flowers, but much more useful, especially in winter and spring.

Turn the fruit into an original souvenir that will be remembered for a long time both by the one who received the gift and the guests.

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How to make a bouquet of fruit: detailed instructions and expert advice 85

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