How to make a bike tandem do it yourself?

The word "tandem" has English roots and means "one after another." The most well-known word is applied to a tandem bicycle, intended for two or more people who sit one after another. Standardly it is the bicycle having one frame and two wheels. And each person has an individual saddle and his own personal pedals.


This unusual bike is driven by a man in the front, although there are models with an installed steering shift mechanism. If the steering wheel does not perform the control function, it is used as a manual support. Also, the brake system can be enabled or disabled. There are models with two wheels on the rear axle.

like a tandem of two bicycles

From the history: the first patented bicycle tandem appeared back in 1898 in Europe.

Advantages of use

  • To overcome the same distance on a tandem of forces is spent at least two times less than on a regular single bike.
  • If one cyclist gets tired, then for a rest it is enough just to switch places, because the last passenger can go, literally closing his eyes, and even lower his tired hands on even parts of the track.
  • The speed of cycling in tandem is much higher than the speed of an ordinary cyclist. It can easily reach 35 kilometers per hour.
  • The speed of descent is also higher. Although the torque remains unchanged, but the weight of the vehicle with passengers is at least twice as large.
  • Emotional features: team spirit, ability to work together, the feeling of "elbow".


Of the minuses can be noted three points:

  • Increased stopping distance.
  • Due to a significant increase in vehicle mass, brake pads wear much faster and require replacement.
  • If there is a turn of the road with a small radius, then at decent speeds it is quite difficult to fit into it without a certain experience and skill.

"Soviet" version of the bike tandem

This option differs from other improvised tandems with a high level of security and simplicity. As a basis, you can use two "Soviet" bike, for example, "Sputnik".How to make a tandem of two bikes? Connect them into a complete system.

Getting Started

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. An additional bracket for the steering column is added to the rear bike.
  2. In the front bike you need to strengthen the trunk and install on it a cruciform tube (hinge):
  • Weld to the trunk support.
  • We fasten the king pin to the welded support (it is possible to make a king pin from the front fork fork rod with the bicycle used for reworking).
  • We put the hinge on the bolt bolt already bolted.
tandems make

The advantage of such a semi-tandem in quick and easy assembly is that the frames are not sawn, the chains on each bike remain separate. If necessary, such a tandem is very easy to divide again into two separate bikes.

Metamorphosis of two broken bicycles

There is an option to make a tandem bicycle with your own hands, using two out of whack, two sticks and one skein of electrical tape.

Tools and materials for work:

  1. Hacksaw.
  2. Insulating tape.
  3. Adjustable wrench.
  4. A hammer.
  5. A tool that can squeeze a chain or chain links connected together.
  6. Screwdriver.
  7. Two any bikes that have a high upper tube frame (usually found in male models).
  8. The switch for gears in front should be with two smallest asterisks and an identical number of teeth (it can be removed from the old bike if it fits the parameters, or buy a new one on the market).
  9. Long cable for rear brakes.
how to make a tandem of two

Stages of work

Rear bike disassembly:

  • It is necessary to disconnect the steering wheel.
  • Disconnect the plug from the front.
  • Remove the cables (they are no longer needed).
  • Remove the knurled ferrule from the ball bearing on the steering wheel that supports the fork from the front.
  • The hacksaw is sawing a glass, which is located under the steering wheel, in such a way as to create a bowl for surrounding the seat tube in the front bicycle.

Dismantling the first bike:

  • Removed the wheel, which is behind.
  • Removed all the fixtures from the rear wheel, necessary to change the gear speed.
  • The pipes that supported the rear wheel are sawed off with a hacksaw. You only need to remove the feathers from above, we still need the feathers below.
tandems bicycles

Assembling a tandem bicycle:

  • We tie with the help of electrical tape the upper part in front of the last bicycle to the pipe under the saddle from the first bicycle.This should be done as carefully and firmly as possible, keeping the tape constantly with the adhesive inside.
  • In order to avoid bends in the middle of our tandem at the junction, it is necessary to take two previously prepared sticks and pull them tight to the frame tubes that are on top. Insulating tape is not worth saving. Then we make a binding of sticks to the pipe under the saddle or to the joint.
  • A fork that is set aside in advance from the front of the bike is cleared of all that is superfluous, until it turns from a Y-shape into a U-shape.
  • The plug will need to be mounted on the pipe. To center it on the pipe, you will need to cut two notches in the base (V-shaped).
  • The plug is installed in such a way as to twist the pipe under the saddle. The ends are fitted in the direction of the other two tubes on the first bike.
  • The tube should be where the chain is. This will help us continuous work with a hammer on the frame and fork, until the establishment of the free passage of the chain, not clinging to the pipe and plug. Rama obliged to complement each other.
  • We tie both ends of our already assembled tandem bicycle with electrical tape.For a start, the end of the fork is connected to the end of the frame from the front (this is done right next to it). Then the plug is attached to the pipe under the saddle and to any other frame part for additional hardening.
how to make a tandem of two bikes

What next?

To make a bike tandem (photo examples are in our article), you need to do a few more operations. So:

  1. We are approaching the extension of the chain. The front chain will have to be extended just as much as necessary so that it reaches the rear wheel. This is easiest to do with a special squeeze chain. If there is no such special tool, then purchase two links for connecting in a chain and cut off an additional necessary piece with a hacksaw. The whole chain should have no more than 37 links. Less is possible, but no more.
  2. So that the frame of the assembled bicycle of the tandem takes the form necessary for driving, it is enough to load it after the entire assembly by twisting the chain on various sprockets.
  3. Synchronize the pedals with each other. This is necessary to avoid kicking each other in the process of driving, as well as to maintain balance and pass the route on bends and races on the hill.
  4. Attach the brake to the rear with a long cable.
  5. Optionally, you can install the second wheel. However, it should be noted that this will interfere with the retention of balance.
tandems bikes make

Triple tandem

If in your family or company there are three people and all at once want to ride on one bike, then you will have to create a tandem tricycle with three seats. This option is perfect for a family with a child, for whom riding on such a rare and unusual form of transport will be a truly unforgettable adventure. However, it is worth considering that keeping balance on this model is much more difficult than on single or double.

The principle of operation in order to make a tandem bicycle with 3 seats with your own hands, the same as the two wheel option mentioned above. That's just to create you need three source bike, where the third joins the second, similar to the attachment of the second to the first.


Although tandem twist is easier than a simple bike, but the effort is worth it. After a couple of such trips, a dream appears, so that the pedals spin on their own. But is this really just a dream? If there are electric bikes, then you really can not create an electric bike tandem? Let's break it downhow to do it yourself.

bikes make

What you need:

  1. A wheel motor that simultaneously performs the function of both the wheels and the electric motor. You just need to change the native to the new tandem, motor.
  2. Battery-battery
  3. Console, which is a control panel.
  4. Various wires and fasteners for the battery.

All this can be purchased both individually and in the finished set. Instructions for making the same. The only difference is that on one of the bikes you need to install an electric wheel.

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