How to look like a vampire. Vampire in the modern world

Most people believe that you can only face face to face with a “terrible bloodsucker” on Halloween. Those who plan to create this image are interested in how to look like a vampire to impress everyone. In the literature of the heroes who drink human blood, a lot. They were reported by the ancient Sumerians, Assyrians, Greeks, and each people had their own descriptions of their appearance. This image has received the greatest popularity thanks to Bram Stocker and his novel Dracula. In the cinema, there are about three hundred films about vampires, in which the directors portray them as completely different - from creepy monsters to quite lovely charming people who are no different from us. Therefore, preparing for a masquerade has a lot of options for how to look. How a vampire actually looks like, nobody knows. We offer detailed instructions for creating an irresistible image of an immortal bloodsucker.We will also tell how these people look in real life. How to look like a vampire

Vampire Costume

Popular wisdom, known to all since childhood, says that they meet on clothes. How to look like a vampire, for example, going to a carnival? Of course, come up with a spectacular costume! It is best for males to choose for themselves dark (preferably black) pants, the same shoes, a shirt with ruffles on the sleeves or other details that were popular many years ago (vampires live for thousands of years).

Dark, but not necessarily black dresses, black gloves, stockings and shoes are ideal for women. A Cape, red, burgundy or purple inside and black outside will complete the outfit. This is a classic suit of an elegant vampire who knows his own worth, unpredictable and treacherous. You can complement the image with accessories such as a necklace, pendant or ring with vampire symbolism, a bow tie and a cane would be appropriate for men, an unusual hairpin in hair and a choker for women.


How to look like a vampire? You can not focus only on clothes. The appearance of a person is also very important. Argued that vampires skin is thin and pale.Going to the masquerade, it is not necessary to destroy this stereotype. Pale skin with the current variety of cosmetics is easy to make. It is only necessary to cover it with a light foundation or powder. More clearly emphasize the eyes will help stroke them with a black pencil. You can add gloom with the help of dark shadows applied to the upper eyelids and light bruises under the eyes. Complete makeup bright red lipstick on the lips. If desired, characteristic vampire fangs can be inserted into the mouth, and contact lenses corresponding to the image can be inserted into the eyes.what real vampires look like

Attention must be paid to the hairstyle. Classic vampires are always neat, men often have hair that reaches the shoulders, women have beautifully styled hair. Such an appearance is necessary for vampires in order not to scare away, but to attract potential victims.

What does a vampire look like on Halloween

If the image of a vampire is chosen for this holiday, it is not bad if there are some deviations from the “classics” in the outfit and appearance. On the face to the skin lightened with cosmetics, eyes with black eyeliner, red lips and teeth-fangs, you can add blood drops around the mouth, and make manicures with long false nails covered with black or bright red varnish on the hands. But the stylish hairstyle "vampires" on Halloween is not necessary to do.In this case, any dark hat or wig is more suitable.what a vampire looks like in our timeThey are sold before the holiday in many stores. Since the celebration of Halloween often takes place on the street and involves numerous movements, you need to take care of comfortable shoes. High heel shoes are unlikely to fit here. Clothing "vampire" should match the weather, which will be the night of October 31. Both boys and girls can dress in black pants, dark sweaters, add to along with a belt with a spectacular metal buckle, a pendant on an iron chain, drops of blood on clothes. Complete the image of a classic vampire cape.

Real harmless vampires

Believe it or not, real vampires really live among us. Some of them are not dangerous for society. These are people suffering from a disease of porphyria in the 3rd degree. Want to know what real vampires look like? It can be said very badly. When porphyria in the blood is synthesized too many porphyrins, which are destroyed in the light. Suffering from this sunshine from the sun's skin is covered with blisters and ulcers, so they have to lead a nightlife, and during the day carefully cover the whole body with clothes.Often, destruction affects not only the skin, but also cartilage, which leads to ugly deformities of the nose and limbs. In addition, patients with porphyria do not produce hemes (non-protein hemoglobin), which makes their skin pale and thin. Porphyria is inherited. That is, it is impossible to catch it from a vampire bite. Such patients are treated only with medication.what energy vampires look like

The second group of real vampires are people who believe that they need blood. They create closed groups in which they do not hide their essence. In society, they do not give themselves anything, no clothes, no makeup, no behavior. Such vampires necessarily drink blood, for which they use volunteers (donors) or buy blood in medical institutions. They don't kill anyone either.

Real Dangerous Vampires

There are people among us who aspire to be vampires. For the reasons that led them to adopt such a lifestyle, they are divided into three types:

1. I like the essence of vampirism.

2. Believe in immortality with the help of human blood.

3. They love the thrill.what a vampire looks like on halloween

What does a vampire look like in our time, if he belongs to one of these three types? Usually,such people in every possible way maintain their image - they sleep in coffins, are active at night, aggressive, wear dark clothes (without a cape), do "vampire" makeup and tattoos, some even sharpen their teeth under their fangs. These vampires are extremely dangerous, because their rituals often include killing and drinking the blood of the victims.

Energy Vampires

Even official science has recognized that such people exist. They feed your body with energy sucked from others. What do energy vampires look like? Just as non-vampires, that is, usually. You can calculate them by behavior. Such people try to inflate quarrels and scandals out of nothing, so that their opponents start to get nervous and become an excellent source of energy. After talking with the energy vampire (even if the quarrel did not work out), fatigue, incomprehensible anxiety, despondency, apathy, weakness, loss of strength, and sometimes headache and lack of appetite are always felt.

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