How to knit ribbon lace crochet. Crochet Irish Crochet Lace

Crocheted openwork items always look amazing. They have long gone out of fashion. At the same time, the audience is shaken with style and lightness Learning to crochet lace is a snap. The main thing is to have the desire and patience for such needlework.

crochet lace

Sometimes, looking at a particularly liked thing, even an experienced craftswoman doubts her abilities. How crocheted these laces? However, having understood, he understands that a unique technique of performance gives the unique charm of the thing you like. Initially knit certain motifs. And only then they were joined together.

Types of lace

Ways to make your own hands refined guipure great variety. They differ in knitting technology, used tools, devices, materials. Combines their elegant beauty and refined airiness.

Let us dwell on several techniques:

  • Ribbon Lace. Hook can be linked to true original things. This technique is characterized by the manufacture of lace ribbons. Their width varies according to the pattern and thickness of the thread used. The length depends on the planned product. At the discretion of the craftswoman tape can be placed along or across, and sometimes diagonally. Constantly breaking the thread with tape technique is not necessary. And it combines perfectly with Irish lace or loin. It all depends on the master's fantasy.
  • Irish lace.This technique refers to the virtuoso art. Crocheting Irish lace is both beautiful and difficult. Sometimes it is called "type-setting" technique. Knitting of individual motifs is typical for the openwork. Subsequently, a unique composition is created from them.
  • Bruges lace. Hook knit continuous tape. By the author's bends, it forms a drawing. This technique is akin to Vologda lace. Characteristic for the openwork closure braid. It can be sewn with a needle. Sometimes connections are made with a hook. The braid consists of rows made in two directions.The void formed as a result of bends is filled with a grid formed from complex columns. Typical circular connections, triangular or square.

crochet lace

Technique ribbon lace

Knitting openwork stripes does not cause difficulties even for beginning masters. The main thing is to strictly adhere to the scheme. As a rule, they begin to crochet ribbon lace with full motive. About 2/3 of the circle is added to it - a new petal. It is attached to the already finished motif in several places. While knitting it is important to take into account that the petal consists of an odd number of rows.

Difficulties may arise when joining manufactured strips. Therefore, initially it is worth thinking about this moment.

There are two options for solving the issue:

  1. Separately tie ribbons. Give them the desired configuration and sew for picot needle.
  2. Combine ribbons in a fancy pattern while knitting. This method is somewhat more difficult than the original. After all, the edges are quite asymmetrical. Often, it knocks the craftswomen and leads to errors. As a result, you have to dismiss the work. Despite the fact that it is somewhat complicated crochet, ribbon lace does not have a seam.

crochet ribbon lace

Therefore, initially you should carefully plan how you will connect them. Tie multiple tapes and match them. There will be many options.

Features Irish lace

This openwork refers to an unsurpassed standard of beauty and grace in the knitting technique. Initially, the individual motifs that make up the lace are made. Crocheted knotted openwork mesh, connecting the fragments together.

If for ribbon lace the main element is a strip, then the Irish pattern is characterized by natural motifs. These are leaves, flowers, clusters, insects, buds, rosettes. Get them, tying skeleton thick middle yarn.

Motives can be both flat and voluminous, much speaking above other elements.

Tools and materials

Before touching the necessary equipment, it is worth noting that today's yarn of various shades and sectionally colored fragments allowed craftswomen to create amazingly beautiful products. It is the color palette that allows you to give things true tenderness, lightness, or make them bright and unforgettable.

crochet lace

So, if you decide to crochet Irish lace, you will need:

  • thick yarn (it should be tied with dense columns);
  • middle thread (all elements of the pattern are made by it);
  • fine yarn (used for an openwork mesh, the purpose of which is to combine motifs);
  • a set of hooks (different sizes will be needed for threads of different thickness);
  • scissors;
  • pins, stupid needles.

Knit leaf

As noted above, quite a lot of different elements are used, of which lace is subsequently composed. Crochet knit a variety of motifs. But we will look at how the main fragments are created - the leaves.

There are many types and forms of this motive. And only depends on your imagination and desire, how the element will turn out. If the choice fell on a classic piece of Irish lace, then a few tips will help give it a beautiful shape.

  1. When knitting, use not common posts without nakida, but only through the half loop. Such a simple technique will give the leaflet the necessary "streaks".
  2. Knit the first row of columns as always. When finished, do not turn back. Tie the first row round.
  3. The leaflet will have nicks if each subsequent row will not be connected to several loops.

As you can see, there is absolutely no difficulty in this technique.Having dealt with the classic version, you will easily connect any trefoils, single or whole branches of leaves. It is necessary to pick up the necessary scheme.

Crochet Irish Crochet

Knit flower

Another important piece is the flower. It is impossible to imagine crocheting lace, if we are talking about Irish, without the above-mentioned motive. Varieties of flowers, like leaves, a lot. Relief and flat, half-closed, in several tiers, multi-colored and monophonic, small and huge - they are an obligatory fragment of lace.

Let us analyze how to create a three-tiered flower, which has six rounded petals.

  1. Tie a chain of 7 air loops (VP) and close it. Tie with 12 columns without nakida (Art. B / n). Close the first row of the connecting station.
  2. Start a new row with 4 vp Secure one Art. b / n for the second loop of the previous row. The following arches consist of 3 vp They need to be done 5 more.
  3. To form beautiful petals, tie all the arches (6). Use the following method: 1 tbsp. b / n, 5 tbsp. s / n, 1 tbsp. b / n
  4. Turn the flower over. Tie the base of the first arch over the ring. b / n
  5. The next row - the formation of new arches (start with step number 2). For a more regular form, the lower leaves should be knit one loop more. Make 4 vp
  6. For tying new arches should increase the number of art. s / n for one.
  7. Similarly, the third circle of petals.

crochet ribbon lace

Connection of elements

When all the fragments are connected, a crucial and at the same time quite difficult moment comes. It is necessary to create a magnificent masterpiece from individual elements. The classic version involves only crocheting lace. In other words, items are not sewn with a needle. Although, departing from the classics, skilled workers create no less elegant work.

For convenience, you will need to make a tablet. Take a hardboard. Apply thin foam on top. Sheathe the fabric. You will need such a tablet for unfolding the elements and fixing them with pins. Some use a foam or even a regular pillow.

All elements should be placed only face down. It is very important to remember that crochet should be crocheted from the wrong side. In this case, the junction of the mesh will not be visible on the front surface.

Spread out all the motifs and lock with pins. You can knit a variety of nets. The simplest consists of air loops.The main goal of such a web is to firmly fix the motives. And remember that it should be a thin mesh, not a powerful twine.crochet bruges lace


Amazing crocheted laces always remain fashionable and elegant. This is a unique way of self-expression masters. Gentle air things, made in the Irish or ribbon technique, emphasize the personality of the owner. A sophisticated weave of color palettes emphasizes femininity and elegance.

Inspirations to you, masters.

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