How to hold contests?

Parents of any child try to do eachthe day of his life is interesting and memorable. Birthday is one of the most important days for any kid. To make it fun and interesting, you need to create an entertaining children's program in advance. Conduct competitions for the birthday and organize a children's holiday so that everyone is satisfied, some simple rules will help.

Preliminary preparation

Like any other event, birthdaymust be carefully planned. It is necessary to make a list of guests in advance. In the event that a holiday is organized for a teenager - a list of friends whom he wants to invite. The exact number of guests is necessary to compose an entertainment program and choose suitable competitions for the company.

Many parents do not know which competitions can bespend on a birthday. There are many scenarios of children's holidays and recommendations on how to hold competitions. In order for the holiday to taste, it should be borne in mind that competitions for kids and adolescents not only do not look like contests for adults, but also have their own distinctive features.

Team Competitions

Contests that provide for the division ofteams, suitable for organizing a birthday for a teenager. You can hold a contest in the form of a relay race, where the team that wins the task is the fastest. The tasks can be any - transfer from hand to hand a scoop with water, no spillage or drop, or lay down the pyramid from improvised means.

For the youngest

Babies are interested in one speciesshort time, this should be taken into account when drafting the scenario. You can play a fairy tale or arrange a disco where children will need to repeat the movements for the host.

Games for the winner

Contests where one person wins is betterinclude in the entertainment program of the holiday for the teenager. The desire to be better and "stand out" is exactly what the guys of this age are passionate about. You can play "who will jump higher", "who will do the most push-ups" or "who knows more words for the letter B." To hold a contest "for the winner" it is necessary to prepare not only the main prize, but also incentive prizes, so that no one is left without a present.


One of the important stages in the planning of children'sholiday, regardless of the child's age, is the preparation of prizes. It can be symbolic gifts - homemade medals, small toys, or "edible" prizes - fruits or sweets.

End of the holiday

An excellent end of the holiday will be a jointviewing a cartoon or movie for children. After noisy games, children, especially younger children, need to calm down and relax, and switching from moving contests to watching the film will be a smooth transition to the end of the holiday. An alternative to watching a cartoon can be a joint reading of fairy tales, a contest for the best drawing, and for teenagers - a small buffet with a festive cake.

In order to hold children's competitions andorganize a holiday, do not necessarily have special skills. Planning an event will help to avoid surprises on the day of celebration. It is important to remember that even if the holiday did not go by script, do not worry, because the main thing is a good mood and positive emotions.

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