How to grow crocuses at home

Flower description

Crocuses at homeNow many people like to grow crocuses at home. This flower, which is also known under the name of saffron, is the representative of the iris. The largest distribution is typical for the Central Asian steppes and European meadows. The plant is propagated by bulbs. His beautiful flowers with bright petals can be seen from the first days of spring until the autumn frosts. The basal part of the stem is protected in the form of thin transparent scales. The bud has red, yellow or bright orange stamens inside. Drifting almost simultaneously with snowdrops, crocuses feel great in the garden soil. Moreover, they can be expelled in color even in winter. A stem with flowers and leaves grows from a single small bulb. The shape of the flower is a bit like a wild tulip. These plants are mainly traded Iran and India. Especially prefer to cultivate crocuses at home Spaniards, who are also engaged in this and for industrial purposes.

Creating conditions for growing

crocuses growingAs practice shows, your choice is best to stop on the Dutch hybrids, which are very picky. Moreover, from one bulb, with diligence, you can grow several flowers at once. In the event that house crocuses will be grown in one pot, you should not mix several varieties in it. We must not forget about the nuance that the larger the bulb is, the faster it will begin to bloom. Therefore, it is recommended to select them about the same size. These flowers prefer bright and at the same time diffused lighting, soil with good drainage and moderate timely watering. For good flowering, it is best to create such conditions for the plant that will be very close to natural.


To grow crocuses at home, the seeds need to cook in the summer. To this end, the existing flower must be dug out and the bulbs saved for several weeks at home. Then they need to move to a cool place. It should be noted that it is not always possible to ensure flowering on a specific date, but an approximate calendar number can still be calculated.For this purpose, it is necessary to plant prepared bulbs 90 days before the desired date in a container that has a low rim. It is very important to loosen and moisten the soil. Each bulb should not be located very deeply and do not touch adjacent specimens. Crocuses, which are cultivated at home, are then placed together with the tank in a cool place for a period of about two months. At about this time, shoots of five centimeters in length will appear, which symbolizes the need to move the plants to a windowsill, which is well lit.

Crocuses at home

Plant care

Crocuses at home develop very well, but only under the condition of bright light and a warm environment. The higher the temperature, the faster the shoot will grow. As for the bad light, in this case all the power will go to the stem, and not to the flowers, which in this case will be small. As the soil dries in the pot, it must be moistened. Under favorable conditions and the implementation of these recommendations, within two weeks the first flowers should appear, which can be monitored for several weeks.When the sprout with the leaves will die off completely, the remaining bulbs can be used for planting later.

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