How to draw a Pokémon?

Many children sat down on the cartoon "Pokemon". Most of them even make attempts to draw it. Particularly popular was the Pokémon named Pikachu. Many children are wondering how to draw a Pokémon so that it looks as similar as possible. And it's quite simple, and you can do it with a simple pencil.

Drawing Pikachu

First of all it is necessary to designate by linesthe main body parts of Pikachu. You need to start by drawing an egg-shaped shape that lies sideways. Then draw a large "+" sign and a wide "W", which will be the upper part of the mouth. Next, draw a rectangle for his body. Now draw the lines along which the ears and hands of the animal will be drawn.

The next step is to draw smallMugs on the cheeks in which Pikachu stores his electric charge. Then we start drawing a small nose and an open mouth with the tongue inside. Then, on the right side of the head, you need to finish the conical ear, and then a long elongated line in the form of a lightning for the tail of Pikachu. And now we need to finish the line of the left hand, to get a tiny limb, and draw his left leg.

After this, we start drawing two middlecircles that will be his big eyes. On the left side, draw another conical ear, and then the right arm, leg, and one more arm. Then we draw the other side of his tail. Then you can delete all the auxiliary lines drawn first, and draw a contour with a thick line. Pikachu is ready, and it can be painted, if desired.

How to draw Pikachu

Drawing Pokemon Ivi

It is worth noting that the drawings of Pokémon, are obtainedquite cheerful and unusual, and besides Pikachu the child, for certain, will want to draw still any small animal. Encourage him to draw a Pokémon named Ivi, who is a very rare Pokémon.

In order to draw Ivi, first thing,it is necessary to draw a circle and 2 curves in fine lines. Next, a contour of the head and ears of the animal is drawn. Then you can erase the circle with an eraser. Then, draw the eyes, mouth, nose, eyebrows and draw the ears. And then erase the two guiding curves. Then the fluffy wool and pokemon's legs are drawn. After that, you need to finish the back paw and fingers of Ivy, and then draw his tail. The final stage of drawing will be painting over his ears. That's it, Pokémon Ivy is ready. Since the child can not always catch the smallest detail, one should take care of the image of the Pokemon, then it will turn out to be more realistic, and the child can be proud of his drawing.

How to draw Ivy

Now you know how to draw Pokemon, andyou can explain the principle of drawing to your child, who, for sure, will like this activity, and he will be able to draw not one or two Pokémon, but all available in this popular anime.

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