How to do a poem analysis

What is the analysis of the poem

This is a directed analysis of the lyric work, in which a certain scheme is used to identify the characteristics of the verse.

how to do a poem analysis

What is the analysis of the poem?

It is used, as a rule, by critics and literary critics to create an objective characteristic of a work. A special algorithm was also created for how to analyze the poem. It is also used as a means of "conveying" the ideas of the author to the masses.

How to do the analysis of the poem. Step one

Although the scheme for constructing an analysis exists, it is very approximate, and there is a lot of subjective information in it. First of all, you need to carefully read the work. How to analyze the verse without understanding it? After that, you need to identify the main idea, the "grain" of the work. And this means that it must be objectively formulated in a short and understandable verbal form. Ask yourself the question: "What does the author want to say?". After you find the answer to it, everything will be much easier. Next you need to detect the microtemes of the text and determine how they are interconnected.

how to do a work analysis

How to do the analysis of the poem. Step two

After you understand what the author is saying, refer to the way he says it. Here we will talk about his techniques, syllable and expression. All this cannot be revealed otherwise, except for how to analyze the poem correctly. Pay attention to the overall composition, rhyming, the presence of lexical repetitions. Then proceed to a more detailed consideration: look for the means of emotional expressiveness, paths and other techniques. In this case, pay attention to how they relate to the micro-themes and the super-task of the work itself. Simply put, the analysis consists of two stages: identifying the goal that the author wants to achieve, and identifying the means that he uses for this. And here everything is equally important: from the main idea to the modest epithet. Since, determining the direction of the analysis, you need to understand that all the details of the poem must correspond to it.

how to do verse analysis

Study difficulties

Many people, faced with the fact that an objective assessment of the author's position is often much more difficult than it seems at first glance, tend to subjective analysis.It comes down to describing personal impressions and thoughts about the poem. Such analyzes would be more correct to call reviews. But there is nothing wrong with them, on the contrary, in some areas (for example, in journalism) such descriptions even simplify the task of the analyst and work for him. But students of schools do not have to choose how to do an analysis of the work - only from the generally accepted point of view.

Let's sum up

The analysis of any artwork is an integral part of communication between the author and people. After all, many do not understand the meaning of a poem, so critics have to interpret it, putting it all on the shelves. But since their opinions often diverge, the analysis of the work becomes a way of understanding the author’s influence on various people rather than himself. But despite this (or because of this), the analysis of poetic works for a long time will be the actual way to evaluate them.

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