How to disable services on Beeline? How to disable paid services on Beeline

Beeline is one of the largest companies providing cellular communications services. The number of subscribers of this network is measured by several million people. The company's specialists are doing everything for its development: they are developing new tariff plans and services, as well as introducing advanced information transfer technologies. All this is very cool. Today you will learn how to turn off services on Beeline if they are no longer needed. Take a notebook and write.How to disable services on biline

“My Country” service

Do you often travel in Russia? Want to share your impressions with friends and relatives on the phone? Then the service "My country" will be simply indispensable for you. Only recently clients with prepaid payment system could use it. But since July 2014, the option is also available for subscribers choosing the postpaid system.

Beeline has set uniform rates for calls and SMS throughout our vast country. The conditions of the tariff plan are extremely simple: for the first minute of communication, if the call is incoming, the subscriber pays 2.5 rubles, and starting from the 2nd minute, the conversation stops being charged.

Outgoing calls will also cost 2.5 rubles. The very use of the tariff does not imply a monthly fee. You simply activate the service. And you will only pay for messages sent and calls made. The option "My Country" will save money. It will make your holiday even more enjoyable.

So, you are back from the trip. The option is not needed yet. Above, we said that its connection is free, and money from the balance is calculated only on the fact of the calls made and the SMS sent. Despite this, many subscribers returning home want to turn off the “My Country” service. Beeline provides them with this opportunity. To do this, dial * 110 * 0020 # and send a call. After a few seconds, the option will automatically turn off.

Beeline how to disable the service highway

Service "Highway"

Many Beeline subscribers actively use the Internet. To access the network, they use a mobile phone, tablet and other devices.You just need to insert a SIM card and start the browser.

You are not satisfied with the data transfer rate? Then we recommend that you connect the option "Highway". You will receive high-speed Internet with a certain limit of traffic. It can be 3, 15 and even 30 GB. If the set limit is used up within a month, then an additional 200 MB package will be charged for 20 rubles.

Suppose you have found another Beeline tariff. How to disable the service "Highway"? Call the operator at 0611. You can also dial a special command. It all depends on the size of the paid traffic. If this is 500 MB, then dial * 15 * 030 #.

Other options:

  • 3 GB - * 115 * 050 #.
  • 7 GB of Internet traffic - * 115 * 070 #.
  • If 15 GB, then 115 * 080 #.

Turn off the service my country beeline

"Hi" service

Do you want people calling you to hear not boring beeps, but popular songs and jokes? Then connect yourself the option "Hi." You can install one or more compositions presented in the catalog. Before ordering something, listen to the song and get information about its value.


On the telephone keypad, dial * 909 and make a call. After that you will receive detailed instructions. Another option is to send a message with the word ON to number 909. After a couple of seconds you will receive a notification about the connection option. Boring beeps on the phone now will not.They will be replaced by a standard tune. If this option does not suit you, you can choose a paid composition from the catalog. Just dial * 909 and make a request.


Acquired melodies do not disappear anywhere. Even if you decide to turn off the Hi (Beeline) service, the ordered songs will be stored for another 30 days. To disable the option, dial * 909 and make a call. You can deactivate using SMS. To number 909 we send a message with the word OFF.Turn off the service chameleon Beeline

Service "Chameleon"

Want to make your phone a real entertainment center? Then you can not do without the option "Chameleon". How does she work? After the service is activated, messages containing sports, culture and other news will appear regularly on your phone’s screen. If a subscriber is interested in any information, he clicks on “OK”. After that, the news appears on the screen in expanded form.

Connection of the service, as well as its disconnection, is free. No monthly fee required. As for the cost of viewed and ordered content, it varies from 10 to 100 rubles. Background information is provided free of charge.But downloading melodies, pictures and videos on average costs about 70-100 rubles per day.

You can disable the service "Chameleon" ("Beeline") in one of the following ways:

1. Dial * 110 * 20 # and make a call.

2. Go to the phone menu. We are interested in the section "BiInfo". We select the “Chameleon” service in it, and then the “Activation” and “Disable distribution” items.

3. We call the operator at 0684 700 000. To deactivate the service, you need to provide passport information. After a few minutes the option will be deactivated.

4. If none of the above methods helped you, then you can go to the nearest Beeline office.Turn off the Beeline home region service

Service "Home Region"

Those who travel a lot around the country or make business trips need to think about a profitable cellular connection. Beeline offers various services for subscribers in roaming. One of the best offers is the option "Home Region". What does she give? Having connected such a service, the subscriber will be able to make calls, paying for them at the usual rate.


After activating the service, 30 rubles will be deducted from the mobile account. There is no subscription fee here.Calls will be charged in the same way as in your region. To activate the option, send USSD-command * 110 * 241 # and make a call. You can simply call the number 0674 09 241. Specialists of the Customer Support Center and employees of Beeline offices are also engaged in connecting the Home Region service.


Are you back from your trip? Or you just do not need the option? To deactivate the “Home Region” (“Beeline”) service, you need to dial * 110 * 240 # on the telephone keypad. Residents of the Caucasus and the southern regions should enter 340 instead of 240. Deactivating the service is free.Beeline services

Get rid of paid subscriptions

Subscribers who want to know how to turn off services on Beeline are usually unhappy that small amounts disappear from their accounts. But they do not understand that the problem is completely different. Money can be deducted not only for services, but also for subscriptions. How to get rid of them?

Option number 1

Contact customer service. To do this, dial 0622 or 0611. As soon as the answering machine says the phrase “contact a specialist,” press the number 0. We explain the situation to a “live” operator.

Option number 2

We go to the official website of the operator. If you do not have a "Personal Account", then you need to create it. We go back to the site by entering personal data and password. In the menu, select the item "Subscriptions". Remove those that are no longer needed and not interesting.

Block spam and intrusive ads

"How to disable services on Beeline?" - not the only question asked by subscribers. Many people would like to learn how to protect themselves from annoying ads and spam. We are ready to share the necessary information.

We first dial 0611. We contact the operator to check if there are paid services on this number. If the answer is positive, then you need to act immediately. We install services such as Content Ban and Advertising Ban.

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