How to cut a beard at home?

Today, the vegetation on the face of a man is a fashionable attribute. But in order not to scare people away, regular care is necessary. Specialized salon services are not cheap. Therefore, more and more men tend to cut their beards at home. How to do this procedure, so as not to harm and spoil the whole thing? You just need to follow simple recommendations and advice, then everything will go well.

Beard trimming tool


A beard is a generic name for hair on the face, including the mustache and stubble on the chin and cheeks. By most accounts, a mustache is an indispensable attribute of a beard, although there are other points of view.

A bristle is a hair covering with a length of up to 1 centimeter (the criteria for belonging are subjective and may vary). The bristles can be classified as follows: one-day, medium and long.

Thus, a beard can be of three types: bristles, a beard of medium size, a long beard.

Beard trimming by yourself

General tips and tricks

To care for a beard is better to use cosmetics on a natural basis. Even the most modern and fashionable haircut is not able to smooth out the negative impression of others from unkempt, greasy and knit hair on it. The pledge of a neat beard - constant monitoring of its condition and daily care. Moist hair on a beard and mustache is absolutely not recommended to cut. When drying the hairstyle will change beyond recognition, and hair will stand in different directions. Therefore it is necessary to wait until they are completely dry, and only then proceed to the haircut. For cutting the temporal lobe and mustache it is better to use a trimmer.

If there is no experience, then you should consult a professional. He will tell and show how to cut his beard and not spoil his hair, he will teach the basic subtleties and techniques of the procedure.

Shave or shave?

Preparatory activities

One of the main and primary tasks is to find and prepare all the necessary tools: a special comb, scissors, clipper, several towels and at least one auxiliary mirror (not counting the main large mirror).Where can I trim my beard? Any room with good lighting will do. But the best thing to do is in the bathroom. It is advisable to cover the floor, as well as the bottom of the bathroom or washbasin with paper (to avoid clogging of the drain).

When all the necessary tools are prepared, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the beard with shampoo. To cut it yourself, as with help, without this procedure is unlikely to work out well. Therefore, this step should not be neglected. Haircut will be much more accurate and take less time. It is important not to overdo it with shampoo, otherwise the skin may become dry and will be irritated.

The beard is blow-dried and combed in the direction of bristle growth. The trajectory of the comb - from ear to chin on the cheek. First, one side is put in order, and then the other.

Beard trim

How to cut a beard with scissors?

If you want to experiment with the shape and style of the beard, like Hollywood actors, then you must master the work with scissors. To cut a beard, as a professional master does, you need to train a lot. And even in this case, it is not necessary to count on the fact that the beard will look perfectly smooth.

Blades should be sharp, clean.It is recommended to purchase professional hairdressing scissors. Handling this tool requires skill or at least a lot of experience. From the first time is likely to spoil the haircut. This must be borne in mind. Scissors should be in perfect condition: no chipping and rust. Otherwise, they will deliver unpleasant pain, and indeed ruin the beard.

In order not to cut off the excess, you must use a special comb. The comb is applied to the temple and then slowly moves towards the chin. At the same time, the hair is cut off with scissors. The comb is not in contact with the skin in order to avoid unintentional removal of a large length of hair. How not to make a fatal mistake and cut your beard beautifully? For this you need to train a lot.

The mustache and chin area are clipped in exactly the same way. Neck trimmed last. Most often, the stubble on the neck is simply shaved off with a razor.

To properly trim the beard, as they do in specialized salons, you need to strictly adhere to the described sequence of actions.

Beard trimming at home

How to trim a beard with a machine?

Contrary to expectations, a haircut using a professional machine is no easier than scissors. Some people even find it harder.

Without fail it is necessary to use a nozzle. She is selected on the basis of her own ideas about the optimal length of the beard. It is recommended to first take a nozzle of greater length: the excess can always be removed.

Start cutting should be on the cheeks: smooth movements gently hold the machine for hair growth from the temples to the side of the chin. It is recommended to cut both sides of the face alternately. It is easier to cut the beard, as well as to ensure the symmetry of the haircut.

To trim the mustache, you need to start with the area above the upper lip. Excess hair is gently shaved under the nose, and then with gentle movements the machine is led to the corners of the lips, and down to the chin area. In the process of working with the machine, the lips should be tightly compressed, in order to avoid hair getting into the oral cavity.

At the last stage, when trimming the neck, the nozzle is removed. The machine separates the beard from the neck, on which there is no vegetation. It is allowed for the neck to use a short nozzle.In this case, the border between the beard and neck will not be so obvious.

Beard trimming at home

Using trimmer

The definition of this useful thing is not so simple. In the network, this device is characterized as something with which you can trim the beard and mustache, give them shape. Sometimes you can hear the opinion that the trimmer is designed for beard trimming. Not everyone agrees with this definition. But there is one weighty advantage - the trimmer cuts very. If the tool does not have nozzles, then mowing their beard becomes an incredibly difficult task, coupled with solving difficult geometric problems. And if the arm fails or a mistake is made as a result of fatigue, you will have to completely shave off the beard.

Trimmers cost quite a lot of money and this is their main drawback. Quite often in the kit to the trimmer no nozzles. In this case, the whole point is lost in the acquisition of such an expensive device.

Types of beard haircuts

The most popular types of beard

There are a lot of options for haircuts, the most common types of hairstyles are: Hollywood, Balbo, Russian, Canadian, Lincoln. They all have their own characteristics. Each hairstyle is recommended for a particular type of hair, face shape.Therefore, the choice of a particular type of beard must be based not only on personal preferences, but also on the individual characteristics of the physical structure.

Hollywood beard

It is characterized by an increase in the length of hair to the bottom, which creates a very peculiar effect. Therefore, during the haircut it is necessary to carefully measure the length of the hair and use smoothing agents.


Homeland hair is Italy. And Balbo really gives a man some excitement, a temperament of southern blood. A characteristic feature is the absence of sideburns. The length of the whiskers is different from the length of the beard itself. Therefore it is necessary to use two nozzles. The main requirement - a mustache should always look neat. For this reason, they cut their hair more often than the beard itself. How to cut balbo? Very simple. The actions are the same as with a regular haircut, nothing fundamentally new.

Russian beard

This is probably the easiest type of hairstyle. Differs maximum naturalness. Therefore, there is no need to use a variety of nozzles for beard cutting. How to cut? All that is needed is a comb and sharp scissors.Even if in the process of cutting the length of the hair will be different - it does not matter, because everything will be smoothed out due to the overall significant length.


This hairstyle is also popular. It can be described as follows: short beard hair and short mustache, sideburns shave off, a clear border around the chin. It looks very stylish and attractive, neat.


This hairstyle is not suitable for every man. The beard is square in shape, therefore it looks harmoniously on an oval and triangular face. Whiskers are not provided, but sideburns should be. The hair on the head is elongated.

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