How to cook mackerel? What can be cooked from mackerel: recipes, photos

Mackerel is one of the most common fish in the world. It is found everywhere: in the Mediterranean, on the Baltic, in the Black Sea, in the Far East. This fact determines the particular popularity of this fish among various nations that are not so to cook mackerel

The use of mackerel in cooking

All the nutritional and healthy taste of this inhabitant of the seas and oceans has long been appreciated by chefs. What can be cooked from mackerel? Yes, all that your heart desires! This fish is also stewed, and fried, and also baked, pickled, salted, and dried. In general, they produce all kinds of invented culinary activities. In mackerel, there are very few bones (by the way, she also does not have an air bubble), so minced meat is best of all. It is great for cooking canned in its own juice or in vegetable oil.Mackerel goes well with all sorts of vegetables, root vegetables and even fruit (mostly - sour fruit and vegetable sauces). For its preparation, sea salt and olive oil are to cook in the oven mackerel

Beneficial features

The meat of this truly fantastic fish is rich in vitamins, trace elements, minerals. It is a source of the necessary human body acid, such as omega-3 (increases the body's immunological defense, speeds up the metabolism, increases the level of hormones). Mackerel is especially useful for children, people with cardiovascular diseases, pregnant and lactating women. There are almost no contraindications for its consumption. But traditionally, any smoked and salted fish is not recommended for people with diseases of the stomach, liver, kidneys, as well as allergies.

First dishes from mackerel

Of course, fish soup or hodgepodge can be “carved” from almost any kind of fish. But for those who think about how to cook mackerel, we offer several recipes for delicious first courses from this wonderful to cook mackerel

Mackerel Solyanka

We will need: two fresh-frozen mackerel; three potatoes; one small carrot; salty (not pickled!)cucumbers - three pieces; one onion; one hundred grams of olives; two tablespoons of tomato paste (preferably without preservatives and dyes, that is, natural); vegetable oil (it will be more tasty olive); greens, salt, lemon, bay leaf, and spices to taste.

  1. We defrost the mackerel, cut off its head, carefully clean the insides and black film. Thoroughly wash everything. Cut fish into small portions. We salt, we mix.
  2. Three-liter pot of water put on fire. While the water is boiling, clean and wash the potatoes, onions, carrots. Cut vegetables into cubes. Salted cucumbers also cut into cubes.
  3. Boil water. Throw potatoes there (cook for ten minutes). In the meantime, prepare the so-called roasting. Preheat pan and pour in a little vegetable (preferably olive) oil. In hot oil we spread onions, carrots, simmer on low heat for two or three minutes. There also cucumbers. Even let everything be extinguished a little. Do not forget to stir. Put the tomato paste in the pan, add another hundred grams of broth from the pan into which you have already put (after the potatoes have boiled for ten minutes) sliced ​​mackerel. Simmer on a small fire for another five minutes, stirring.
  4. Then pour everything into the pan, cook for another five to seven minutes. At the end of cooking we put olives and spices in a hodgepodge. Cover the pan with the dish and remove from the heat. Let insist half an hour. Delicious aromatic solyanka ready! Pour into plates. You can add greens and sour cream to taste - who likes as much (some, for example, prefer mayonnaise to sour cream). And this is just one of the recipes of how to make mackerel to cook mackerel in foil

Fishing soup

This seemingly simple dish for those who choose how to cook mackerel has several important advantages: it cooks quickly, is very tasty, inexpensive.

The ingredients are very accessible: two medium fresh-frozen mackerel, three medium potatoes, one carrot, one onion, a tablespoon of semolina, vegetable oil, herbs, spices - to taste.

We work with mackerel and vegetables in the same way as in the previous recipe, preparing them for stewing and cooking.

  1. Stew onions and carrots in a pan, cook potatoes in a saucepan until half cooked. Put fish and frying in the pan. Stir, wait until boil.
  2. Then, in a thin stream, pour semolina into the soup, while stirring constantly. Cook for another ten minutes.Throwing spices. Cover the pan with a lid. Let it brew for fifteen minutes. Delicious, thick fish soup is ready. Greens and sour cream put directly into the plate (to taste).

Second dishes from mackerel

There is probably a mass of recipes from the main dishes of this delicious fish for those who choose how to cook mackerel. Every mackerel is good: baked, boiled, fried, steamed, dried. And that is typical, in this fish there are very few bones (small), which means a lot of meat, which is cooked quickly, and has enough fat content in order not to dry out and not to burn on charcoal.

How to cook mackerel on the grill

This dacha-forest option is useful for lovers of outdoor recreation. Moreover, mackerel is low-calorie and goes well with coarse-cut vegetables and greens in field to cook mackerel on the grill

We will need: three kilograms of fresh-frozen mackerel (in fact, the calculation goes for two or three small fish per person); mayonnaise; soy sauce; spices for cooking fish; salt to taste; bow.

  1. We make marinade from mayonnaise, soy sauce and spices first. Add the onion, cut into large rings.
  2. Fish, thawed beforehand, we clean the entrails. If bought with a head, then we cut off the head. Cut along the body. You can pull the ridge.
  3. Marinate the fillet for about an hour (all this work can be done at home, in the kitchen and take with you to the nature already prepared fish folded into the pan).
  4. Cooking grill, as usual for kebabs. When the wood has burned down to the formation of coal, we extinguish an open flame from the "brystal".
  5. Lay the pieces of mackerel, onions on the rack. Close the grill and put it on the grill. Fry the mackerel, from time to time turning the charcoal around for an average temperature of about fifteen minutes (until a golden brown crust forms). Served with vegetables, large-cut, and various greens.what can be cooked from mackerel

A few notes

If someone does not like mayonnaise, you can “soak” mackerel in any marinade or in diluted wine, or in beer. How to cook mackerel in the form of a barbecue on the grill? It's very simple: do the same thing, only cut the fish itself in portions. String on the skewers in the middle of the piece, near the ridge bone. You can alternate with sour tomatoes and bittersweet onions.

How to cook mackerel in foil

This wonderful fish dish is cooked easily and simply, but in its preparation has its own subtleties that must be taken into account.

We will need: three kilograms of mackerel (it is better to take without a head); greens, garlic; salt, spices; lemon juice.

  1. How to cook in the oven mackerel, you can read a lot of tips. But let's not go deep and do it quickly and easily! So, we stuff the defrosted, washed, peeled fish with greens and garlic.
  2. We lay out each fish on a piece of foil belly up, wrap it in foil, leaving some room.
  3. On moderate heat, bake for twenty minutes. Pull out of the oven. Open the foil on top. We put some lemon juice on the fish. Then, in the open form, we leave “reach” in the already turned off oven.

The recipe for the lazy - finally

If you have a slow cooker that has been extremely fashionable lately, you can try cooking in it a tasty and healthy fish with mayonnaise and onions.

We will need: two small mackerel, onion, mayonnaise, lemon juice, Provencal herbs, salt, pepper to to cook mackerel in a multicooker

  1. How to cook mackerel in a multicooker? We defreeze the fish, clean it from the viscera and head, salt, pepper, cut into portions.
  2. Onions clean and cut into half rings.
  3. Mix mayonnaise, spices and lemon juice. With this mixture we coat pieces of fish. Leave mackerel pickle for half an hour.
  4. We spread mackerel in the bowl of the slow cooker. Top put the onion, chopped half rings.
  5. Cooking in the "Steamer" mode (about half an hour). Tasty fish is ready!
  6. Serve hot. Garnish - rice and vegetables. Decorate with lemon wedges. Bon Appetit!

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