How to cook a crab salad? and what is needed?

How to cook a crab salad? and what is needed?

  1. Crab sticks, corn, egg, fresh cucumber, rice, mayonnaise, greens, and I still lay onions, deliciously obtained
  2. Very simple-boiled rice (about a glass of boiled), boiled carrots, a packet of crab sticks, a can of canned corn, 3 boiled eggs. who loves a single onion. Season with mayonnaise.
    Another simpler option is the Little Head of Peking cabbage, a corn can, and 200 grams of crab sticks. 3 of the battered eggs. Season with mayonnaise.
  3. Crab salad-in Chinese

    crab sticks -1 pack,
    Corn Canned - 1 Bank,
    fresh cucumber - 1 pcs,
    boiled egg - 5 pcs,
    rice boiled - 0,5 glass,
    mayonnaise "Calvet-olive" - ​​1 pack,
    onion green, dill, coriander (coriander) - along the 1 beam.

    all the ingredients listed shall be finely chopped and dressed with mayonnaise.


    125 g of boiled crab meat,
    125 g of boiled chicken meat,
    3 chopped green onion stalk,
    1 finely chopped celery stalk,
    0,25 a glass of finely chopped green sweet pepper,
    0,25 a glass of finely chopped red sweet pepper,
    1 a glass of yogurt,
    1 st. l. lemon juice,
    0,5 hours. L. salt
    0,25 tsp. freshly ground pepper,
    by 1 tsp. sugar, dill, basil,
    6 large tomatoes,
    2 glass of alfalfa shoots (if any).
    6 leaves chicory (if any).

    Finely chop the meat and mix with the vegetables. Mix yogurt, lemon and spices. Cut off the top of the tomatoes and take out the contents using a spoon. Cut the tops of tomatoes and mix them with meat and tomato pulp. Put half of the sauce in a salad, stir and stuff this mixture with tomatoes. On the chilled plates put the leaves of chicory, on them arrange the shoots of alfalfa in the form of a nest, put on top of the tomato and add a spoonful of sauce.

    SALAD Crab super

    crab sticks,
    boiled eggs,

    Salad is puffed. Crab sticks finely chopped, boiled eggs, cheese grate, butter freeze.

    1 layer: squirrels grate proteins
    2 layer: crab. sticks
    3 layer: mayonnaise
    4 layer: frozen butter grate 5 layer: cheese on grater 6 layer: mayonnaise 7 layer: yolks on a grater

    The salad turns out very delicious and is not done for long!

  4. boiled rice, crab sticks, canned sweet corn, mayonnaise
  5. I do not cook it and I do not advise you to spoil your stomach because natural crab sticks are not on sale and chemistry in water and in the air is enough.
  6. 2 potato pieces.
    3 carrot pieces.
    stalk of celery 1 pcs.
    meat crab 150 gr.
    mayonnaise 100-150 gr.
    Method of preparation

    To make a salad of crabs, you need to boil potatoes and carrots in a uniform until ready. Cool, peel and cut into cubes. Stem the celery and chop it into cubes, mix with potatoes and carrots. Crab meat cut into slices (you can use canned, surimi or meat crayfish) and mix with salad.

    Serve the crab salad with mayonnaise and sprinkle with chopped parsley.

  7. and I took a fashion recently in salads apples to cut - sour - absolutely new taste at usual salads
  8. my recipe is crab. salad:
    crab meat (it is more tender and tastier)
    greens (onions, dill)
    tomato, cucumber
  9. Crab sticks, fresh cabbage, canned corn, fresh cucumber and lots of greens!
  10. Crab sticks, canned corn, fresh tomatoes, fresh cucumbers
  11. Salads from crab sticks are bribed, above all, by the simplicity of cooking. First, crab sticks do not need any additional processing, since this is a finished product consisting of surimi-dense white mass, prepared from fillets of white fish, more often than the cod family. Secondly, crab sticks are combined with many products, which makes it possible each time to prepare a new salad. Confirmation to that, countless recipes of salads with crab sticks on the site and in the network in general. By the way, crab meat in most sticks is only in the name, and not in the composition. Still from sticks it is possible to prepare not only salads, but also snacks, for example, stuffed crab sticks. To do this, you need to select special sticks that you can untwist, then spread on the resulting strip of suitable stuffing and roll back. From the same crab sticks you can make balls with a stuffing: just grate the sticks on the grater, mix with mayonnaise, roll them with this mass, put the olive inside, and tamp the ball in grated cheese.

    1.Canned corn - 1 Bank
    - crab sticks - 200
    - Egg (boiled) - 3 pcs.
    - onion - 1 pcs.
    - mayonnaise to taste
    - crab chips - 1 pack.
    Crab sticks cut into pieces, eggs and onions chop. Mix everything, except for crab chips, with mayonnaise. Put in a salad bowl and top with crab chips.

    2. corn - 1 Bank
    - crab sticks - 200g
    - Rice - 1 glass
    - eggs - 3 pcs.
    - onion - 1 pcs.
    - Salt
    - ground black pepper - to taste
    - mayonnaise.
    Rice, boil eggs. Drain the corn juice, add finely chopped crab sticks, eggs and onions. Mix everything. Add boiled rice, salt, pepper, season with mayonnaise. Salad ready.

    The advantage of this salad is its ease of preparation and extraordinarily tender, light taste

  12. Vegetable crab salad "Gentle"
    5 boiled eggs, a packet of crab sticks, Peking cabbage (I used 6 leaves), 1 cucumber, dill, 1 small onion, 1b. corn, light mayonnaise, salt to taste.
    Crab sticks cut into cubes. Cut the cucumber into small cubes. Cut the eggs also. Cut cabbage with straws
    Onions are finely chopped and scalded with boiling water
    Crab sticks, cucumber, eggs, onions, cabbage and corn (water pre-pour) to mix. Dill finely chop, add to salad. Salt and mix.
    In the salad, add mayonnaise. The main thing is not to overdo it. Take a clean sheet of Peking cabbage. Put it on a plate.
    Put a salad on the sheet.

    Crab salad with cracker
    1 a packet of crab sticks, 2 hard-boiled eggs, mayonnaise
    100-150 g cheese, 100 g cracker
    Crab sticks finely chop, cheese and eggs grate. Mix crab sticks, cracker, eggs and cheese. Season with mayonnaise. Put on a dish, form a dome, decorate on top of finely grated cheese, dill, and cracker. Lettuce is better to eat as soon as you put it .... until the cracker is wet.

    Crab salad
    crab sticks - 200 g
    cream cheese - 1 pcs. (100 g)
    pickled cucumbers - 1-2 pcs.
    Boiled egg - 2 pcs.
    Corn Canned - 200 g
    mayonnaise - 4 st. spoons
    How to prepare the recipe:
    Rice the cheese on a large grater, clean the eggs and chop. Crab sticks and cucumbers cut into small cubes.
    Place on the dish cheese, eggs, crab sticks, cucumbers. Add corn and finely chopped dill, leaving a piece of greens for decoration. Season with mayonnaise. Before serving, decorate with greens.

  13. crab salad prepared very simply for this you will need:
    crab sticks
    rice1 / 2stakes
  14. Crab sticks, corn, eggs boiled and mayonnaise nothing more. 15 Mint is being prepared (10 cooks eggs from them) - and it's ready !!
  15. Bank of corn (drain water), crab sticks, 2-3 boiled eggs, 1 sweet and sour apple (eg seed), light mayonnaise (to taste). Sticks, eggs and apple cut into cubes. mix everything with corn and season with mayonnaise. I'm not salting.
  16. It is very simple.
    Take: Rice 1 / 2 glass, eggs 3-4 pcs. , crabs canned 1 pot.
    Eggs hard boiled, cooled and finely chopped, mixed with rice and finely chopped crab. All fill with mayonnaise.

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