How to connect iPhone to TV via USB?

Products from Apple every year more and more happy people around the world. Smartphones from this manufacturer are in special demand. They have a lot of different interesting features. For example, you can connect your phone to a TV and watch videos on the big screen with it. This opportunity is used by many. But how to connect the iPhone to the TV? What does that require?how to connect iphone to tv

Ways to solve the problem

It all depends on the situation. Modern phones from Apple are equipped with various functions. And the current TVs are also very functional. There are models that easily connect to Wi-Fi. Therefore, the method of connection depends on the desire of the person and the capabilities of the TV.

What scenarios are there? How to connect the iPhone to the TV? You can use the following methods:

  • via USB;
  • with the help of a special console AppleTV;
  • by working with HDMI;
  • via VGA-wire;
  • with the help of "Wi-Fi".

Next, we consider all of these techniques in more detail.To understand how to connect iPhone to TV, even a schoolboy is capable.

Universal solution

Let's start with the simplest approach. It is about using a USB cable to bring ideas to life. With it, you can connect any device to TVs and computers. And Apple devices are no to connect iphone to samsung tv

How to connect iPhone to TV via USB? Required:

  1. Buy a TV with USB-connector. Almost all modern TVs have a corresponding socket.
  2. Plug one end of the cable into the iPhone, the other into the TV.
  3. Wait for a while.

As a rule, it now only remains to set the display of a picture from the USB port in the TV settings. And on this all manipulations cease. Thus, you can answer how to connect the iPhone to the LG TV or to any other TV.

HDMI to help

The following trick also works with almost all devices. We are talking about connecting the phone using HDMI-wire. The advantage of this technique is its versatility. Users who have ever connected a computer to a TV via HDMI will easily cope with the task.

What needs to be done? How to connect iPhone to TV "Samsung" and not only with the help of HDMI?

You will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Insert the lighting digital adapter into the iPhone.
  2. Plug one end of the HDMI wire into the adapter.
  3. Insert the second part of the cable into the TV. HDMI jacks are on all TVs.
  4. Select in the TV settings a picture from the corresponding port.
  5. Go to one or another menu on iPhone.

If everything was done correctly, then when you open a picture or video, a similar effect will occur on the TV. Nothing more is needed.

VGA and TV

At this possible scenarios do not end there. If you are interested in how to connect an iPhone to a TV, you can use a VGA cable. As practice shows, such a solution is not in special demand. However, it must be taken into to connect iphone to tv via usb

In general, the instruction for connecting “apple” devices on the TV via the VGA-wire will be similar to the actions with “AshDiEmAy”. One end of the wire connects to the iPhone, the other to the TV. After that, the appropriate settings are made on the last device. Done! The image from the "apple" phone will be transmitted directly to the TV!

It is best to connect the iPhone to a computer or projector via VGA. Otherwise, it is recommended to use USB or HDMI-wires.

Apple TV

We now turn to the newer techniques.All previously proposed connection methods can be considered universal. But progress does not stand still. And therefore, every year there are more and more answers to the question of how to connect the iPhone to the TV.

Now every owner of an "apple" device can use a special prefix. It is called AppleTV. The device supports the AirPlay function, which allows you to display an image from a device on TVs.

It is proposed to act as follows:

  1. Enable AppleTV.
  2. Connect a TV to the device. This is usually done either via Wi-Fi or via Bluetooth.
  3. Connect iPhone to AppleTV. If you use Wi-Fi, TV and Apple gadget should work within the same network.
  4. On the iPhone, press 2 times on the "Home" button.
  5. Click on "Volume and Brightness Control".
  6. Choose AirPlay.
  7. Specify the prefix by clicking on the appropriate line.
  8. Click on the "Mirroring" task.

That's all. If everything was done correctly, in a few seconds an image from a mobile phone will appear on the TV. This technique works great, but it has several disadvantages. For example, you have to spend money on AppleTV. Otherwise, there are no disadvantages to this solution.The console is compatible with almost all modern to connect iphone to lg tv

Preparing for a wireless connection

There is another rather interesting, but not so simple scenario. How to connect the iPhone to the TV? "Smart Share" - this is the application that will help to realize the idea. It works on LG TVs. Samsung offers the program Smart TV.

Before you connect the iPhone to the TV without wires, you need to install on the last corresponding application. Otherwise, to realize the idea will not work. It is advisable to invite the wizard to initialize the program. Often the software is already included in the assembly of the TV. It remains only to use it for its intended purpose.

In addition, you will have to download certain programs to your phone. They can be found in the AppStore. For example, Samsung Smart TV Now. They will allow to display photos and videos on the TV to connect iphone to tv via wifi

Wi-Fi Connection Guide

Now you can take decisive action. How to connect iPhone to TV via WiFi? Once the previously listed programs are installed, you will need:

  1. Turn on smart TV on TV.
  2. Connect TV to Wi-Fi.
  3. Run the appropriate software on the iPhone.
  4. Connect with the "apple" device to the Internet.
  5. Go to the settings of the application for iPhone and select the TV model.

Perhaps that's all. If the user acted correctly, the image from the "apple" device will appear on the TV display. All the techniques offered to attention work with the iPhone, and with the iPad, which greatly simplifies life.

Wireless Features

It is worth paying attention to two nuances of connecting via Wi-Fi. First, the TV must support a wireless network. If the function "Wi-Fi" is not, you can forget about the reception. But there are universal solutions to the task set before us. And the owner of the "apple" phone will still be able to connect it to the computer.

Secondly, you have to carefully choose the Wi-Fi, which is joined by a smartphone. It must match the one to which the TV was connected. Otherwise, the wireless network will not work, the image from the iPhone will not be transmitted.


We figured out how to connect the iPhone to the TV. As practice shows, some users are trying to implement the idea using Bluetooth.

Such a decision also takes place in practice.Usually, all actions are reduced to the following steps:

  1. Connecting a Bluetooth receiver to a TV.
  2. Establishing a connection between the TV and the adapter.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth on iPhone.
  4. Search TV (adapter) on the phone.
  5. Establish synchronization.

Done! A few minutes - and it's done. If you believe the users, then this technique is not too to connect iphone to smart tv


We figured out how to connect the iPhone to the TV. As you can see, this problem has a lot of solutions.

What exactly to use in this or that case? Experts advise to give preference to wired methods of connection. They do not require any special skills, are versatile and display the image on television without surprises. There are often various kinds of problems with wireless methods.

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