How to connect 3G on a mobile gadget?

It is difficult to meet subscribers who have not been able to use the mobile Internet: viewing news, communicating in social networks and monitoring e-mail is only part of the actions that customers of mobile operators perform daily. How to connect 3G on your mobile gadget and get high speed connection? Is there a difference between setting up the Internet for different telecom operators? In the current article, these issues will be discussed in detail.

how to connect 3g

Customization options

In modern mobile devices, there is no need to manually configure the Internet, since the installation of the parameters necessary for connecting is performed automatically at the time of installing the SIM card in the appropriate slot and registering with the network. All the user needs to do is make sure that the mobile data is connected to the phone and the type of connection is established. The connection type is the type of network - 2G / 3G or LTE. You can connect 3G Internet to your phone without problems by setting the appropriate value in the settings of the mobile gadget.If the telecom operator to which the SIM card belongs, supports the new and high-speed 4G Internet mode, then you should use it, after making sure that the device supports work in this mode.

Connection procedure

How can the subscriber start using the Internet?

• Check if the “Internet” service is connected to the SIM card - we are not talking about specialized options and tariff plans that provide traffic packages. The Internet service is basic and is present on every number by default.

• Ensure that the necessary settings are present on the device. To do this, go to the general settings of the phone, find the section with the settings of the cellular network and find the access point of the corresponding operator in the list.

• If there are no settings, then they should be set manually.

• Test the Internet connection by downloading a web page or opening an application that uses the network.

how to connect 3g on the phone

How to connect 3G to MTS subscribers

The principle of setting up the Internet is not much different from different telecom operators. How to connect 3G on MTS number? Very simple! Set the parameters in the standard menu of the gadget "Settings",Select the items "Cellular network" - "Cellular data" - "Network settings" - depending on the type and version of the operating system, the names may be different. In the section “Access points” it is necessary to create a new one and fill in the indicated fields with the corresponding data. For each company providing communication services, the values ​​are different. We give information about the operator MTS.

3g internet to phone

• Access Point (APN) -

• For the fields “Login” and “Password” specifyidentical values ​​are MTS.

• Authentication type - PAP /.

• The parameter “Type of access point” does not need to be edited - Default.

That is quite enough. After specifying the data, you must save the setting.

How to set up 3G on the phone for Megafon subscribers

The setting of parameters for the Internet of a white-green telecom operator is carried out in the same section. When installing a SIM card in a new gadget, you should create a new mobile access point. If the Megafon access point is already available in the phone settings, you should open its parameters and adjust them according to the data below.

• Access Point (APN) - Internet.

• For the “Login” and “Password” fields it is not necessary to fill in the data - the fields can beleave blank (in case the gadget does not accept empty fields, you can specify the following values: gdata

• Type of authentication (leave valuespecified in the settingsdefault) - PAP.

• Access point type - Default.

How to connect 3G on the phone after creating an APN? After the access point has been created or “adjusted”, you should check the type of network - making sure that the priority of the 3G network is set. Then you should turn on mobile data on your phone and test the work of the Internet by downloading the page through a browser or through an application that functions only when the network is turned on.

how to set up 3g on the phone

Setting up the Internet for other cellular operators

Beeline subscribers are not less concerned about how to connect 3G than they are customers using other company's communication services. Go to the settings section, you should set the following parameters

• Access Point (APN) -

• For the fields “Login"And" Password»Specify the same value - beeline.

• Authentication type (keep the default value) - PAP.

• Access point type - Default.

For the SIM cards of the operator Tele2, the Internet setup is performed as follows

• Access point (APN) -

• You do not need to fill in the login and password, as well as other parameters set by default.

The article was about how to connect 3G on the phone for various telecom operators. Please note that the difference in setting up the Internet is only in the values ​​that are prescribed for the corresponding access points in the settings of the mobile device. Otherwise, the actions are performed similarly.

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