How to make a declaration of love at the age of 12?

Love is a great feeling that will not come on schedule at exactly 18 or 20 years. People of all ages fall in love: boys and girls, boys and adults. Well, when you confess in love, but what if you first felt love in your heart?

It is especially difficult if you are only 12 years old, because this is the first love, so there is no experience of relationships and confessions. It is not surprising that many girls and young girls are worried about the following question: how to declare love to a boy of 12? It is necessary to overcome shyness, fear, because the attraction is stronger than any anxiety.

What is love in 12 years?

Every child wants to grow up faster, to become an adult. In kindergarten, the kid wants to go to first grade. Schoolchildren are already raving about student carefree life. But after becoming a student, boys and girls begin to understand that life is not very carefree. And many dream even to become a preschooler for a day and to arrange a dream.

In a love relationship, the situation is similar. The girl wants to become an adult, to impose cosmetics, buy shoes with heels and, finally, fall in love.And most often he becomes the first chosen one - the most beautiful, intelligent and courageous boy in the class, sitting at the next desk.

School love has some virtues, no matter what adults say.

What is love in 12 years

Now mom does not need to push you to send for lessons. You yourself are running to school, even since the evening having thought about what skirt you wear. Seeing your beloved boy, your heart is squeezed, and if he also looks at you, good mood is guaranteed for the whole day.

In such situations, there are negative sides. You are not absorbed in lessons, but in this boy and thoughts, how to confess your love. Evaluations and homework fade into the background. The call for a break rang, and you still watch how he is chatting with a nice little girl.

How to understand if you like a boy?

Usually the object of girlish love is sitting at a nearby desk. Therefore, a frequent question is how to understand exactly what a boy likes you in school? The main sign of sympathy and interest is the look of the boy. For example, during a break or just during a lesson, he constantly looks at you. And if during a conversation he focuses only on you, he is really interested in your personality.

Do you like a boyHowever, it should be understood that not all boys can so boldly look into the eyes of girls who are not indifferent to them.Modest guys often look down, but if the “chosen one” starts to look around, this is not a good sign. Perhaps he is looking for a more interesting interlocutor.

The tone of the conversation is important too. If a boy likes you, he will begin to tease and make jokes a little, but at this age the boys are already moving away from the rule - to pull a pretty girl by the pigtail.

Sympathy will manifest itself through stories about their hobbies, and possibly problems. But here it is important not to confuse friendship and falling in love. A boy in love will not load you too much with his difficulties, because he just wants to chat about various fun things.

Many guys are easier to demonstrate their love and affection through the phone or the Internet. How then to understand that you like a boy? He has a warm attitude towards you if:

  • you talk for a long time on your mobile phone about everything in the world, and he never the first to stop talking because he wants to hear your voice;
  • he sends sms or messages in social networks not just for training questions, but to find out your news or to cheer you up (for example, sends pictures with kittens);
  • in social networks, he puts likes to your statuses or photos, which means that he closely monitors not only your school life, but also the one that flows outside the cool walls.

In addition, a boy who has sympathy for you will try to help with the lessons. If a guy invites you to write off "homework", help in writing some school essay, you are not indifferent to him.

How to make a declaration of love at the age of 12? Effective ways

So, you nevertheless decided to make a confession and tell about your love to the main thing in a person’s life. How do you tell a boy that you like him a lot? There are several ways to confess and talk about feelings. However, each of them has both minuses and pros.

Method number 1. Message

It’s hard to tell a person right in the face that you love him. Try to do more cunning - write a small note, which describes your feelings. It is better to give the message in secret - through a proven girlfriend or independently put it in a textbook or school backpack.

How to confess your loveThe advantage of this method is that there will be no need to explain anything, the boy himself will read and understand. And to blush with a personal conversation is not necessary.


  1. A note can be read by a stranger and told to your classmates. There is a chance that they will laugh at your sincere love.
  2. You can not immediately understand what his attitude towards you. We'll have to wait for his actions, and in such a situation, waiting is too much anguish.

Method number 2. Verse

Love inspires a person, reveals such abilities that he did not even suspect. Probably the same thing happened to you - the gift of the poet manifested itself. Try to express your feelings beautifully - write a verse, telling in it everything that overwhelms you.

The main advantage of this method is your sincerity. The boy will certainly appreciate honesty and beautiful words. However, downloading and printing a verse from the Internet is not necessary!

There is a way and a disadvantage. The guy can not appreciate your poetic gift and laugh, not bothering to even ask about the content. Worse, if he lets his friend read it. Jokes and ridicule in this case can not be avoided.

Method number 3. Internet communication

The World Wide Web is a proven helper for a shy person. Social networks will give you the necessary support in communicating with the object of love.

Benefits of social networks and email:

  1. You can think carefully and write down your message and not worry about embarrassment.
  2. If a boy laughs at you, you can always say that this is just a mistake - you messed up the window (because you communicated with several guys) or an email address. By the way, you can refer to the error in the case of recognition by SMS.
  3. If you are confident in his feelings, you are supported by all friends and classmates, you can make a loud confession. Write about your love on the wall or put the status: "In love with ...". It's romantic.

Method number 3. Internet communication

However, this method has disadvantages. “Electronic” communication is not suitable for confessions, because:

  • you do not see the eyes, the emotions of the interlocutor;
  • the message may simply not reach the addressee or strangers will read it (for example, the boy’s mother).

Method number 4. Help girlfriend

Surely you have a brisk friend, who will not refuse to join the lovers. How to declare love to a boy of 10-12 years? Ask a friend to tell about your feelings. He will know his mood and location, and then he will tell you everything in detail. This is where the plus of the method lies, since the girl will catch the emotions.

The downside is that perhaps the love object will not tell the whole truth. Relationships are an intimate question, so the boy will either laugh it off, or even keep silent. And then you have to think that he doesn't like you. The chance of failure also increases, because the guy might decide that you are laughing at him.

Method number 5. Hint

The hint in this case is not a whirl around, but purposeful behavior. You can hint about feelings in different ways:

  • ask friends about his hobbies, favorite movies, books, and then tell me in conversation that you also like the main movie character (of course, you need to look at the picture);
  • Sign up for a foreign language course or sports section, depending on where the guy goes. So you will see more often, he will understand the closeness of your interests;
  • Ask for your biology or mathematics or offer your own help.

Method number 5. HintIf you hint at a common interest, you will communicate more. Perhaps very soon he will understand or guess that he is in love with you. In this case, you will not have to wrestle with the question of how to tell the boy that you like him very much.

Method number 6.Recognition at a personal meeting

The most difficult, but also the surest way - heart-to-heart talk. However, remember that everything must be done correctly. We do not recommend speaking for all, because the recognition of feelings is not for the public. Suddenly someone wants to make fun of your love?

You do not need to admit in love when the guy is in a frustrated state, busy with exciting activities, because your confession can irritate him, distract him from something. Even if he feels similar emotions, but you need to choose the right moment.

Also prepare the words in advance. Clearly imagine what you want to tell. Improvisation in this case is not the best option.

Starting to invent a speech on the go, you will become agitated, stumble, and the moment will be ruined. Pre-rehearse the words in front of the mirror, imagining that instead of reflection is your boy.

How to behave after recognition?

Of course, you would like to wait for mutual confessions after telling your feelings. Then go for a walk in the park, go to the movies and just have a heart-to-heart chat, holding hands and eating ice cream. Then you would call and talk about various trivia.

However, the reaction may not always be positive. The boy may refuse - you are not like him or he is in love with another girl. Well, it is impossible to make you love yourself, so you need to accept any scenario. In a pinch, you can always be just friends.

How to behave after recognition

If the object of love laughs in response, do not cry, and also smile. Imagine the situation in a completely different light - they say, I was joking, but you got caught! Or say you just rehearsed a confession for another person. Just do not show your tears! Otherwise, he will begin to laugh and constantly make fun of you.

The above methods of declaration of love are suitable for a girl who can not decide how to confess to a cool guy in love at the age of 12. However, remember that the above is only general guidelines that are not suitable for everyone and do not always work.

If you yourself came up with something interesting, try to use your own invention. After all, these boys are so different and incomprehensible. Someone behaves like an adult, and someone is frantic, like a kindergarten student. But remember that love is a great value, and if you are not lucky this time, the next one will surely succeed!

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