How to make a fairy tale about animals? Tales of own composition

Often, both parents and schoolchildren face such a problem as writing a fairy tale. Very young children may require their mom and dad to tell them an interesting story. And schoolchildren can get such a task in a reading or literature class. Of course, not everyone knows how to write stories or invent fantastic plots. However, to come up with a little story about animals - everyone can do it.

Everyone can invent a fairy tale.

Consider some secrets with which you can write a fairy tale about animals. These tricks will help even the narrator without experience to understand all the subtleties and brilliantly come up with his own story about little animals. Creativity and fantasy in fairy tales there is no limit. It doesn’t matter if you don’t immediately make a blockbuster. The main thing is to try your hand, and over time it will be easier for both the kids and their parents to create new stories.

a fairy tale about animals compose

Writing techniques

To compose a fairy tale about animals, it is not necessary to try to invent fundamentally new ideas. This is much simpler than it might seem at first. A fairy tale, for example, may be:

  1. Repeat those cartoons or tales that are already known to all.
  2. You can slightly convert the already familiar plot. For example, in the famous fairy tale “The Fox and the Pitcher”, the red-headed crook began to steal chickens from the peasant. He hung a jug on the wall, she fell into it, and, trying to free herself, began to drown him. But together with the jug she herself sank. You can change this tale, for example, in this way. Fox began to offend the hare family, to take away their sweet turnip. Zaychikha decided to teach a wretch a lesson, and put her turnip on a hunting trap. Then the whole hare family lurked, watching the fox. She jumps out of the thicket to grab a turnip as soon as possible, and falls into a trap. Hunters come, the fox tries to escape and loses the luxurious tail as a punishment for its greed.
  3. It is also useful to use a variety of characters and images. For example, an apple is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge; Phoenix bird - a symbol of restoration, resurrection; star - the image of a dream.
  4. In the fairy tale, the busy parents often play up to the events that took place in real life. For example, preparing for a holiday, the birth of babies, the beginning of the school year.

"Bean" fantasy

This technique, which was proposed by Gianni Rodari, will suit anyone who wants to write a fairy tale about animals. The famous writer said that the story cannot be born from homogeneous elements, such as “horse - wolf”, “bear - fox”. Such combinations are only associations from the same conceptual domain. Imagination in the use of such words is unlikely to be able to play out and generate a fairy tale of his own.

fairy tales of his own


It is much more efficient to use the following technique: concepts should be separated by a certain distance. It is better if one of them is alien to the other, and their neighborhood may be unusual. And only this way fantasy can be activated. For example, you can take the concept of "dog" and "cabinet." The easiest way to link them together is to use a preposition. Then get the phrase: "a dog in the closet," "dog with a closet," "dog on the closet," and so on. Each of these pictures can already serve as a basis for the development of the plot.For example, a dog with a cupboard tied on its back runs along the streets of the city. She has to drag him along with her, as he performs the function of her booth.

write a short fairy tale about animals

Random concept method

Creating a fairy tale, you can start by writing down several nouns, preferably from different areas of life. This technique, which is similar to the Binom Fantasy method, can also be used by those who do not know how to compose a fairy tale about animals themselves. Examples of these associations are given below, but everyone can come up with their own conceptual series. Here is an example:

  • Sugar.
  • Leaves.
  • River.
  • Tablecloth.
  • Beard.
  • Whistle.

After that, you can try to write a small fairy tale about animals, using these concepts and adding the main characters. For example, once in the world there lived a Wolf. His enemy was Bear, who constantly threatened him to get even with the whole wolf pack. Once, a wolf accidentally wandered into a village and stole sugar from a hut. While he was running back to the forest, hunters found him, as he was rustling leaves.

Running away from the hunters, he meets the Bear. The hunters whistle, the more they scare the comrades. Learning from the wolf that chasing him, the clubfoot runs along with him. The wolf tells the Bear about his unusual trophy.But he accuses the satellite of the fact that because of his theft, they risk their lives. The bear enters the fray and falls under the ice. They are overtaken by hunters, but the wolf manages to escape. The wolf brings sugar to the wolf pack, and the wolves learn to bake pies, and honor the brave wolf.

how to make a fairy tale about animals

Story plan

For those who do not know how to make a plan for a fairy tale about animals, we offer the following sequence of narration:

  1. The beginning of the story is usually the words “Once upon a time”. At this stage, you need to introduce the audience to the acting heroes.
  2. "And suddenly ..." - the emergence of difficulties.
  3. "For this reason ..." - you need to specify what the main character cannot achieve due to the occurrence of the problem.
  4. The culmination of the story - a period of the most intense struggle with difficulties.
  5. A happy ending.

how to make a fairy tale about animal samples

The main character's line of conduct

This is one of the most important components in the drafting of a fairy tale. Describing his main character, the narrator has the opportunity to tell the world about himself. Of course, students will perceive the image of the hero holistically. But for the convenience of writing, it is possible to distinguish several components in it, with the help of answers to the following questions:

  • How does a character feel about himself? Is he evil or kind, handsome or ugly, brave or fearful?
  • What is the basis of his actions? What is his motivation?
  • And how does the main character approach the solution of difficulties? What are his methods for achieving the desired goal?

Analyzing the hero of a fairy tale in the image of an animal, one can understand a lot about who the narrator himself is. In different situations, people behave differently. These same behaviors can be metaphorically depicted with the help of images of animals, which will be the personification of various characters from the human world. Also when writing a fairy tale, it is important to pay attention to how adequately the main character relates to other characters.

Take the real difficulties as a basis

Mini-tales about animals, invented by children, is a good way to develop figurative thinking and imagination in a baby. However, when such a task needs to be completed as soon as possible, they become a real headache for parents. What can be done in this case? If you urgently need to help your child with the creation of a fairy tale, the basis of its plot can be put to the problem that is of most concern now.For example, mom or dad, having seen his homework, clutches his head: what fairy tales can one think now, if there is not enough money in the family?

Just this problem can and be the basis of his story. For example, the plot may be so. There is a family of hares living in the forest who constantly lack money, as rich wolves and bears take almost everything away. They take food from rabbits during the cold season, and in the end they have nothing left. In the end, because of the fear of starvation, the hares do not stand up and begin a rebellion against the evil inhabitants of the forest. Although the oblique have no special physical abilities, they defeat the oppressors with their dexterity. Hares set traps throughout the forest, and then scatter, and the insoles fall into a hole. Hunters come and catch evil beasts.

mini fairy tales about animals invented by children

Children's Writer Technique

Writer Gianni Rodari, whose works are loved by children all over the world, highlighted several examples of creating magical stories. They will help everyone who wants to create a fairy tale of his own. A good legend, according to Gianni Rodari, should contain the following elements:

  • The ban on certain actions, or strict prescription.
  • Violation of this prescription.
  • Wrecking one or more heroes in relation to others.
  • Temporary departure of the main character.
  • Meeting with the one who presents the hero with magical gifts.
  • Unusual, supernatural skills possessed by the enemy of the protagonist.
  • The struggle between good and evil.
  • The victory of light forces.
  • Return of the main character to his home.
  • A false hero, an impostor, who ascribes other people's services to himself.
  • Difficult tests, a path filled with difficulties.
  • Exposing the impostor.
  • Punishing the guilty.
  • Happy wedding.

Method J. Rodari: an example

To compose a short fairy tale about animals, you can choose several of these elements - from 3 to 5. The fairy tale should encourage listeners to help the main character, empathize with him. For example, you can come up with a fairy tale about the Hare, whom Lisa illegally accused of stealing festive toys. All the inhabitants of the forest, headed by a judge, the Scientist Cat, gathered to find out who was really guilty of the fact that the New Year decorations had disappeared.

small tales about animals

Clues testify against the Bunny, because near the place where the toys disappeared, there are his tracks. The listener should ask: how can one help the protagonist? Perhaps you should ask everyone if he has not seen how the toys disappeared? Or,Perhaps, use the services of the Magpies, which sees everything brilliant and will be able to find out where the jewelry is stored? Or say that if the toys are not returned, then the New Year will not come? Such a fairy tale will contain elements of sabotage, the struggle between good and evil, difficulties, punishment of the guilty.

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