How to care for a Yorkshire terrier? Yorkshire Terrier - care, food, character, reviews

Many people know a little dandy, a haunter of secular parties - charming "Yorkshire". Today, this kid doesn’t know that his distant ancestors lived in peasant houses and fished to care for yorkshire terrier

From the history of the breed

Decorative dog Yorkshire terrier bred in England, in the counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire in the late XVIII - early XIX centuries. Her ancestors were sky-terrier, Manchester terrier, Maltese. They mostly lived in peasant houses. Small dogs reliably guarded the home of their owners from small rodents and often accompanied the owners on trade trips.

Some experts believe that the Maltese wolves were the ancestors of the “Yorks” This version has the right to exist - it is quite possible that the "Yorks" were crossed with lapdogs.It was necessary to improve the quality of animal hair.

In those days, the Yorkshire terrier had a longer body. And in general, she was much larger than the current "Yorks" - her weight reached 7 kg. In 1940, the first puppy of this breed was born. It happened in Germany.

Yorkshire Terrier in Russia

The Yorkshire Terrier breed appeared in our country in 1971. The puppy was presented to an outstanding ballerina Olga Lepeshinskaya. Then in large cities began to appear separate instances. In 1991, the first kennel in Russia appeared in Mytishchi near Moscow, in which dogs were brought from England, Spain, and later from France. Today, there are 75 nurseries in the National Breed Fund, 60 of which are located in Moscow and the Moscow Region.

Everyone who wants to have such a tiny four-legged friend needs to know how to care for a Yorkshire terrier. But most importantly, they must be aware of their responsibility - after all, they are not buying a toy, but a real dog, with their own, not always simple character.

Standard and varieties

Wool "York" absolutely straight, fine structure, silky.On the head it is long, golden, reddish-brown. From the nape of the neck to the base of the tail, the animal is covered with a long hair of a bluish-steel, silver color. The presence of bronze, dark or yellowish-brown hair is not allowed. There are two varieties of "York", which differ in the structure of the muzzle - the classic type and "baby face". The latter have large bulging eyes and a short, slightly flattened face. He is very fond of dog lovers, but experts value the classic type more.Yorkshire terrier puppies

In Russia, “Yorks” are subdivided into subspecies in size: up to 1.5 kg - super-mini “York”, up to 2 kg - mini, from 2 to 3.1 kg - standard. There is another variety - "Biver york." These cute dogs owe their appearance to German breeders Gertrude and Werner Beaver, who bred this species in 1984. From the usual "York" differ light color.

Parenting "York"

It is necessary to know not only how to care for a Yorkshire terrier, but also what should be his education. It starts from the very moment when you bring this little lump home. We should not assume that the upbringing and training of animals is cruelty and punishment.Only a person who loves animals can deal with this difficult matter, but at the same time is quite solid.

Many owners of Yorkshire terriers ask: "Is it worth it to raise this baby?" It is necessary to do this. From a curious little puppy can grow a real rogue.

dog yorkshire terrier

First of all it is necessary to show the puppy who is the owner of the house. The new tenant will try to win leadership in the family. You will notice this on walks - he will pull you by the leash for a walk where he wants. Remember, this is you walking the dog, not her.

In addition, Yorkshire terrier puppies can demonstrate their leadership in feeding. Do not let them beg for food. The first in the pack eats the leader, which for your pet you are.

If you allow your little friend to get into your bed at least once, he will always sleep there. The owner must learn to control the behavior of his dog. She must know and unquestioningly carry out the commands "Fu" and "Near". This is necessary so that you are not afraid to lower your pet off the leash.

Puppies "York"

Anyone who wants to have a beautiful, purebred and healthy animal,I would like to advise - do not buy it from resellers. It is more expedient to do this with professional breeders or in a nursery.

Yorkshire terrier puppies are born with short black hair and a few bright specks above the eyes, on the paws and on the chin. First of all, inspect the baby's paws - they should be straight. The hind limbs should not be crossed or with turned knee joints.

Inspect the jaw of a puppy. They must be flat and scissor-like. To represent the future size of the animal, look at its paws. In addition, it would be useful to meet his parents. One of the signs of the breed "York" are standing ears. But this is not the main thing. There are also lop-eared puppies. The ears are sometimes lowered during the period of teething, but if they are elastic to the touch and dense at the base, then most likely they will recover in time.

Yorkshire Terrier - owner reviews

Despite its miniature size, the Yorkshire Terrier has retained all the qualities inherent in larger terriers. According to the owners, the baby is benevolent towards people and other animals, and besides, it is infinitely devoted to its owner.

"York" is brave.As many owners say, when they talk about how to care for a Yorkshire terrier, these babies are in dire need of increased attention. They can be in the hands of their master for days or follow on their heels.breed Yorkshire Terrier

These are naughty and funny dogs - they love to play ball, “catch” sunbeams, “hunt” birds. At the same time, they always very closely monitor the reaction of the beloved master. All owners note the amazing persistence of the "Yorks". This applies to all - the attention of the owner or portions of food. They perfectly feel the mood of a person and diligently adapt to it.

“Yorks” are smart dogs, but the most important thing is that they (according to the owners) have a sense of humor! When the owner becomes sad, a little rogue, who is cunning like a fox, and dexterous like a monkey, will try to attract the attention with funny mimicry and unusual grimaces and leaps. He will definitely make him smile - after all, the pet will always achieve its goal.

Yorkshire Terrier - Care and Nutrition

The pride of the Yorkshire Terrier, and perhaps its owner, in the first place, is a luxurious head of hair.It can be cast in silver or gold and looks like gorgeous silk. By the way, this beauty grows in “York” all his life. How to care for a Yorkshire terrier to make his coat all the more beautiful?

Dogs participating in exhibition activities usually do not shave their hair. But one should not think that only mother nature gives such wealth. 50% of success in obtaining such a coat is on the owner, who makes a lot of effort to his kid shone at the exhibition. Wool should be regularly washed with special shampoos and balms, rub in it vitamin mixtures and oils. Here, of course, it is worth noting the restraint and patience of this tiny creature who can withstand all the procedures for the care of his fantastic fur coat for yorkshire terrier

Caring for teeth

The Yorkshire Terrier needs regular treatment of teeth, ears and eyes - it has a tendency to conjunctivitis. Therefore, it is important to carefully monitor their condition and daily wipe the eyes with cotton swabs moistened with water.

Improper nutrition of the Yorkshire Terrier instantly affects the quality of its wool. You can build his diet on dry food - less trouble with cooking, it is convenient to use them and on trips.However, experts believe that this is not the best choice for babies. Quite often, animals have problems with digestion, tartar appears, diseases of the teeth are common. Therefore, veterinarians around the world prefer ready-made canned food.

yorkshire terrier care and nutrition

Much more useful for the Yorkshire Terrier natural products - healthy food without harmful synthetic additives and flavors. Cooking for this kid is easy. It is important to keep the balance of vitamins and nutrients.

Products harmful and useful

Yorks regularly need to get raw or boiled beef, chopped vegetables, natural cottage cheese, cereals (oatmeal), milk, boiled sea fish, egg yolks.

Bones, fatty meats, sweets, raw river fish, legumes should be excluded from his diet. Avoid foods with a high content of spices, do not indulge your baby with sausage, smoked meats and sausages.

"Yorks" tend to be overweight. Do not overfeed your pet. Obesity will negatively affect his health. With age, the diet of the Yorkshire Terrier changes. The first 2 months of life puppies receive food 6 times a day, the next 2 months - 5 times, then up to 10 months the dog is fed 3 times a day. From 10 months feeding becomes two times.

Do Yorkshire Terrier Need Clothing?

Despite the luxurious fur coat, these babies are very sensitive to low temperatures. The fact is that their wool does not have undercoat, and therefore it warms no better than the hair warms a person. When we talk about how to care for a Yorkshire terrier, it means not only maintaining his health and proper nutrition (which is indisputably important and necessary), but also protecting the baby from drafts and hypothermia. Many people think that funny costumes, dresses, overalls are just a whim of wealthy owners of these dogs. Perhaps this is true, but only in part. Clothing for Yorkshire terriers is necessary, especially for autumn and winter walks.clothes for yorkshire terriers

Taking into account the special structure of york wool, many manufacturers make for them clothes lined with silk, viscose, satin, which prevent the wool from rolling.

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