How to calm the dog?

Many of us have pets, such as dogs. How to calm the dog, our article will tell.

If the dog is hyperactive, it bark a lot and hinders you and everyone around. There are several ways to stop this.

  • Just do not pay attention. Dogs tend to get your attention. If you pay attention (even negative) to the dog at such a time, you will only strengthen the behavior that you want to eliminate. Just try not to talk, do not look into your eyes and touch it.
  • Find a dog some kind of work. It is proved that the hyperactivity in dogs comes from psychological needs no less than from physical ones. After giving the dog a lesson, you will lead her out of hyperactivity and direct this energy into a convenient and necessary channel for you. Such work must have a beginning and an end.
  • Go for a walk. If your dog has a lot of energy, then fast and energetic walking is a great way to "calm down" the dog. After such a walk the dog will be satisfied and will not want to play with you.
  • Check your own energy. Any energy projected on the dog will be reflected back to you. After all, your anxious and nervous state is translated into an anxious and nervous tone of voice and body language, and this affects the behavior and energy of the dog. It is proved that for a dog any dialogue is a language of tone and body. Do not assume that the dog is more stupid than us, because it does not understand our language. She only speaks a different language, which we are obliged to learn, if we love her.
  • Try aromatherapy. It should be remembered that the dog reacts strongly to the smell. As the smell of lavender relaxes us, it can also relax our pet. On this issue, you should contact the veterinarian to find out which smells to choose for your dog. The doctor will recommend you sedatives for dogs.

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