How to become a mystery?

As is known, men prefer women, inwhich there is some mystery, a mystery. Such women always conquer, inspire men. They never get bored, because a mystery woman can not be fully understood. Every woman can become mysterious. Let's talk in more detail about how to become a mystery for your man.

A mystery woman: who is she?

This is a real woman with a capital letter. She knows how to be different and always remains herself. Do not be a man for an open book. After all, by nature, man is a conqueror and explorer. To become a mystery for your chosen one, follow our advice:

  • Do not try to tell your man all the smallest details of his life: about your ex-men, work, problems, etc. You can tell something important, but he does not need to know everything.
  • Do not control a man, do not seek to conductwith him 24 hours a day. If he is at work, do not call him every half hour, do not send SMS messages. Do not tell yourself where and with whom you were, what you did. If he asks, you can tell, but not in all the details. It is useful for some time to disappear from the life of a man, doing his own thing - this will greatly warm his interest.
  • You should have your own personal space - your owninterests, hobbies, hobbies. No matter how you love a person, you can not dissolve in him, live his interests, desires, aspirations. A woman who constantly looks at a man in the mouth and catches every word of him can not be enigmatic.
  • Learn to listen more than to speak. If you talk incessantly, do not give a man a word and say, it is unlikely to become a mystery to him. The best interlocutor is the one who can listen.
  • Change. Do not stay long in one image. Be different - change your style of dress, hairstyle, behavior. A woman can have different roles: a girl, a mother, a seductress, a warrior, a muse, etc. If you combine different female archetypes, you will always be desirable and mysterious for a man.

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